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Zeshia Bianca (ゼシア・ビアンカ, Zeshia Bianka) is the Hero Academy's Rank 1 and a student from the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon". Her true identity is a massed produced humanoid magic created by Eleonore. She's now an exchange student at Anos's class.


Zeshia has long hair that reaches to her back. She is wearing the Hero Academy's uniform.


She is a quiet girl who rarely speaks.

Because she was specially made for high combat ability, her ability to express emotions is very limited.


Zeshia is a root clone created by Eleonore, specialized in fighting ability, but on the other hand, emotions and words were lost.



Root Destruction Light Burst <Gavuel>: A powerful self-destruction magic. It destroys not only the user's body but also their root. Due to her status as a root clone, even if she uses this magic, another clone, indistinguishable even in her root, can take her place.[1]

Weapons and Equipment

Holy Sword of Light <Enhale>: A sword that rejects all demon power. Its characteristic is to duplicate the holy sword so that it emits light using one of the originals as a light source. It is due to this characteristic that 10,000 Zeshia all have the same holy sword.

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Eleonore Bianca

Although Zeshia's ability to expression emotions is limited, she deeply loves Eleonore as she views her as her own mother.



  • Zeshia wants to be a big sister to Anosh Portikoro to protect him.
  • In the WN, Zeshia is fifteen years old.


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