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Zeshia Bianca (ゼシア・ビアンカ, Zeshia Bianka) is the Hero Academy's Rank 1 and a student from the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon". She was known as Zeshia Kanon Ijaysica, a reincarnation of the Hero Kanon, before it was revealed that she was actually a mass-produced source clone created by Eleonore Bianca.


Zeshia has long hair that reaches to her back. She wears the "Jerga Kanon" Hero Academy uniform, as well as wearing silver greaves on her legs.


She is a quiet girl who rarely speaks due to the fact that her speaking ability was offset in order to make her more combat-oriented. However, it is later revealed that Zeshia does have the ability to speak although in a limited manner.

Because she was specially made for high combat ability, her ability to express emotions is very limited. Eleonore later started teaching her on how to interact with others and express herself, as well as to help her develop her own sense of self.


Zeshia is a source clone created by Eleonore, specialized in fighting ability, but on the other hand, emotions and words were lost. She was developed as a combat clone to be incorporated into the Demon King Subjugation Army to be used to attack the demons.


  • High Magic Power: Zeshia possesses prodigal human talent in wind attribute holy magic. According to Ledriano Azeschen, he and Zeshia are special existences in the Hero Academy, compared to the other students.[2]
  • Enhanced Speed & Agility: Zeshia demonstrated great speed and agility in her confrontation with Anos.
  • Enhanced Durability: Zeshia was able to remain completely unharmed after Anos slammed her into the ground, with him commenting that she is pretty sturdy. Her natural durability is further enhanced by anti-magic and her holy sword.
  • Expert Swordsman: Zeshia demonstrated great sword skill as she was able to destroy several of Anos' magic barriers with her holy sword.


  • Hero Troops <Asla>: Troop magic which combines the power of ones subordinates and transfers it to the leader to strengthen them.
  • Sanctuary <Asc>: Great magic that can unite people's hearts and transform their hopes and wishes into magic power.
  • Four Attribute Barrier Seal <De Igelia>: A powerful warding magic. It enhances your allies power while also draining the power of demons by utilizing the power of elemental attributes, such as wind in Zeshia's case.
  • Source Destruction Light Burst <Gavuel>: A powerful self-destruction magic. It destroys not only the user's body but also their source. Due to her status as a source clone, even if she uses this magic, another clone, indistinguishable even in her source, can take her place.[1]
  • Duplicating Magic Mirrors <Regalomitin>: A spell that duplicates an object that is reflected in the mirrors. Zeshia uses it to make numerous duplicates of Enhale, which are then hurled at the enemy.[3]
  • Reflecting Magic Mirrors <Regalonatin>: A spell that creates magic mirrors that reflect attacks back towards enemies.[3]

Weapons and Equipment

See: Equipment

Zeshia wielding Enhale

  • Holy Sword of Light <Enhale>: A sword that rejects all demon power. Its characteristic is to duplicate itself using the holy light from the original. It's because of this that the 10,000 Zeshia all have the same sword.[4] Zeshia can also pour magic power into Enhale in order to make it shine brighter and greatly increase in length.[4]
  • Soaring Scarlet Light Sword <Enhaletia> A sword that is a retrained version of the Holy Sword of Light <Enhale>, which was retrained for Zeshia by Bellamy Standad. Unlike the Enhale, the Enhaletia replicated by the "Duplicating Magic Mirror" move as if they each have a will of their own.[5]


  • While there are over 10,000 Zeshia clones, the one accompanying Eleonore and Anos is the one that first spoke to Eleonore, calling her "Mama".[6]
  • The rest of the Zeshia clones live in the underground of Midhaze, in a artificial city that Anos developed to resemble Dilhade from 2,000 years ago.[7][8]
  • Zeshia wants to be a big sister to Anosh Portikoro and protect him.[9]
  • She considers Ennesuone as a younger sister and wants to help and protect her, such as aiding in her efforts to be born.
  • In the WN, the older Zeshia's are fifteen years old[8], while the one accompanying Anos and Eleonore is ten years old.[6]


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