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Zerceas Angart (ゼルセアス・アンガート, Zeruseasu Angāto) is the head of Angart family and is involved in the administration of Midhayes, a city in Dilhaide. The Angart family are the direct descendants of one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors.




When the Demon King of Tyranny Anos Voldigoad abolished the nobility system, Zerceas was part of the few royals who opposed the change in secret. While seeking to recruit more members, Zerceas is introduced to Anosh Portikoro by Ramon Aiber, not knowing that it was Anos in disguise. Since Anosh was very knowledgeable about magic, Zerceas asked him to demonize a restrained dragon and have it rampage in Midhayes, but the demonized dragon went out of control and had to be down by Anosh. Because Zerceas' plan broke one of Dilhaide's three rules, Anos revealed himself and put <Nedonerias> on Zerceas and his men. Under the effect of the collars, they would be in a dream where they are killed over and over by Anos, unless they worked for him to convert all the other rebels. After experiencing the effects multiple times, the sect finally knelt to Anos.


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  • He is the second most powerful man in Midhayes, after the Demon Lord Elio Ludowell.[1]


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