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Zepes Indu (ゼペス・インドゥ, Zepesu Indu) is a demon duke from the Indu family.


Zepes is a young man with darker skin and lighter hair. He wears three earrings on his left ear and two on his right.


Due to being born of a noble household, Zepes is very arrogant, as he likes to act mighty and enjoys picking on people whom he considers beneath him. Although he said that he wouldn't give up even if he died, he easily admitted defeat after being killed and revived many times by Anos and began fearing him.



Demon King Academy Arc

Zepes met Anos Voldigoad and Misha Necron at the academy entrance ceremony and tried making fun of them for coming with their parents, but got completely ignored by Anos, who told him it was because of the low magic power he had. Zepes then created a demon flame, which shocked Anos of how weak it was, but Zepes thought he was being shocked by its power. Anos easily then blew the flame away and infused his words with magic, making Zepes back down and regretting what he had done.

A bit later, they were placed in the arena and had to fight. Zepes had brought a family sword passed from generation to generation, Demon Sword Zefreed, and tried attacking Anos, but he was easily dodging. With ease, Anos again put the sword flame out. He then told Zepes that he will give himself a handicap and won't move, and infused his heart with magic and hearing Anos's heartbeat, Zepes suffered great injuries. Zepes told him he will never surrender and that he can only make him surrender using compulsion magic, to make things interesting Anos told him he won't use such magic ,and then with a finger flick, he made Zepes head fly. Anos then revived him and kept killing him, until Zepes started fearing him and accepted his defeat.

Following his defeat, Zepes's brother, Leorg enters the arena. Zepes, who believes that Leorg will help him, mocks Anos, only for Leorg to grab him by the face and kill his brother with lighting magic. Following his death, Zepes is then revived by Anos as a zombie. Overwhelmed with pain and hatred, Zepes attacks his brother. Leorg responds by attacking Zepes, leading to them both killing each other. Anos revives both of them, and tells them to get closer to each other before leaving.



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  • Magic Flame <Gresde>

Weapons and Equipment

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  • Demon Sword <Zefreed>: A heirloom that was passed down in the Indu family. It was said to be a relic from the Mythical Age, born from ancient flames, and whose flames won't die out until the end of the world.[1] It has the ability to increase its user's magic power by tenfold. Upon seeing it, Anos notices that Zefreed isn't a real demon sword, as any stick on the ground from the Mythical Age would have more magical power. A true demon sword would also have a will of its own and magic power so great that it will overwhelm its user.[1]


Leorg Indu

Despite Leorg refusing to acknowledge someone as weak as Zepes as his brother, and even killing him without thinking twice, there was a time where they were very close. In the past, the two of them would train together using a wooden stick, something which made Zepes let out a happy smile.



  • The reason why Anos turned Zepes into a zombie in order to strengthen their brotherly bonds was because during the Mythical age, demons would try to protect their siblings even after turning into zombies.


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