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Zeke Ozma (ジーク・オズマ, Jīku Ozuma) is the subordinate of Eldemade. After losing to Anos, Zeke became his familiar.


Zeke is a dark-skinned man with a fearless look. His hair is swept back and he has golden eyes.


Zeke is an extremely loyal person that would even trade his own life to accomplish his master's orders. Even when Anos offered him to become his subordinate, Zeke replied that he would only serve Eldemade until the day he died.



Great Spirit Arc

Zeke first appeared in the Union Tower trying to kill Melheis Boran, but was met with opposition from Anos, who kept using magic to prevent Melheis from dying. However, Zeke cut through Anos' time-freezing magic with Gablaid and left Melheis' body at the 3-second mark (any longer would make resurrection ineffective). If Anos tried to kill Zeke, he would make sure to use that moment to let 0.1 second pass. At a stalemate, Zeke proposes a duel, not of power, but of wits.

Zeke explains the rules of the game and establishes a <Zecht> contract with Anos. However, partway through their game, 4 demons working with Zeke appear to destroy Melheis' root. Zeke also sets up barriers that Anos cannot destroy until the game ends because of the contract, so Anos forfeits the game, sealing his magic for 5 seconds as a result of losing.

After destroying Melheis' root, Zeke ordered his allies to kill Anos since his magic was still sealed. But to his surprise, Anos had already killed them using nothing but his physical prowess. Melheis was then revealed to still be alive, with Anos explaining that he had used Root Womb <Eleonore> to make a decoy of Melheis' root and secretly switched them out.

With nowhere else left to run, Zeke commits suicide using Reincarnation <Silica>. However, Anos alters the magic circle into Demon Training <Azheb>, reviving Zeke in the form of an Ural Owl, thus becoming Anos' familiar.



See: Equipment
Gablaid: An anti-magic sword can cut through magic formations. It is even stronger than Lay's Initio.


Eldemade Dityjon

Zeke is very loyal towards Eldemade.





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