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Zabro Gaze (ザブロ・ゲーズ, Zaburo Gēzu) is the aide of the Scarlet Monument King Gilisiris Dello.


Zabro looks like a small boy whose gaze and mannerisms give off a feeling of shrewdness.


Zabro places his research above everything else, including the lives of people, and has dismissed peace as uninteresting. He even voiced his interest towards dissecting Eleonore and Zeshia for his research.

Despite his appearance, Zabro refers to himself as an old man and calls Eleonore a little girl, possibly hinting that he was reincarnated.



Great Spirit Arc

First appearing inside Elio's castle, Zabro poisoned the three students from the Hero Academy in order to retrieve his magical tool. When Eleonore appeared, he used the tool to control her unconscious friends into attacking her. However, they fall back down after she uses magic to seal the tool. Intrigued, Zabro reveals Eleonore her true purpose - to create a vessel strong enough to hold the power of a God.

Zabro then summons his scarlet monuments to zombify the people at the castle, causing them to swarm at Eleonore and Zeshia. Since the girls kept resisting, Zabro used the monuments again to absorb their magic. However, Eleonore uses <Asc> to recover her magic and destroys the main monument powering the spells. Shocked, Zabro is in disbelief that a human-type magic was able to destroy the Scarlet Monument King's monument, but Eleonore corrects him - she's the Demon King's magic.


  • Dark Area <Greanas>
  • Rotten Demon Soldier <Gore Gulum>: Improved magic from Zombie <Iglum>, created by Zabro. It turns people into ghouls, makes them stronger and loyal to the master. Thanks to that, the soldiers' roots will be rotten.
  • Absorptive Dark Area <Gino Greanas>: Absorb the magic power of the enemies inside the dark area.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Unnamed Stone Monument: A magical tool that was created from his research into the hateful magic of <Jerga> and <Asc>. Similar to how <Asc> filled people with hatred in order to make them attack Anos, this magical tool was used to control the unconscious Ledriano, Laos, and Heine into attacking Eleonore.
  • Scarlet Monuments: Magical tools that contain the magic of the Scarlet Monument King Gilisiris Dello, and have magic formulas inscribed into them. When a spell is cast, a beam shoots out to connect every monument in order to form a magic formation.






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