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A drop in the beginning will soon become a pond, a mother ocean. My sweet child, wake up. Life Birthing Shield Avolherian.
~ Wenzel

Wenzel (ウェンゼル Wenzeru?) is the Goddess of Birth (生誕神 Seitan-Shin?), as well as one of the Four Fundamental Gods that represents and governs the aspect of life's existence.


Wenzel is described as a woman with long straight hair and light green divine eyes and white skin emitted a divine radiance, as she wears an unusual outfit that looks like a long piece of cloth wrapped loosely around her body.


Unlike most other gods that merely live to fulfil their own order, Wenzel is shown to have emotions as she has demonstrated great kindness and compassion to others, similar to her best friend Militia. Like other gods, she is shown to have an belief in the fact that order is important to the balance of the world, though unlike other gods, she is shown to be open-minded enough to accept different beliefs from other species.


Wenzel is one of the Four Fundamental Gods, as she came into existence soon after the world was created as she became the god that governed birth from her realm in the Azure Sky of the Gods. During that time, she became acquainted and befriended the Goddess of Creation; Militia. before Militia departed the Azure Sky, she told Wenzel that the Demon King Anos would come to the Azure Sky of the Gods. Some time after Militia departed the Azure Sky, Wenzel encountered Ennesuone, a young girl who was in fact a living order created by Milita, who was transported to the Azure Sky by the use of Militia's powers. Knowing that Militia wanted Wenzel to help Ennesuone, she used her authority to stabilize the young girl's condition, as Ennesuone's birth stabilized although she was still unable to be fully born. However, the other gods would soon learn of Ennesuone's existence as they deemed her an abomination and a threat to order, as they set out to destroy her. Wenzel tried to protect Ennesuone while also trying to figure out who to have her be completely born, but she was soon captured by the other gods as she was able to delay the other gods enough for Ennesuone to escape from their pursuit.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a god, she possesses immense magic power, having a near bottomless magic pool that can only be used up when doing something of extraordinary magnitude.
  • Authority of Birth: As the Goddess of Birth, Wenzel has control over the order of birth, which governs the governs the creation of life, as she is capable of creating various kinds of life by the use of her own authority, including sources.[1] She showcased the ability to transform objects into living creatures by using her power.[2] She demonstrated the ability to continuously create an army of gods to an endless degree.[3] However, while her order is close to Militia's, it is revealed that she cannot create the world, as Wenzel's role is to create living beings that inhabit the world.[4]
  • Conceptual Existence: Gods maintain and embody the order and laws of the world.[5]

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Militia was Wenzel's best friend as the two were close in order and weren't as dogmatic as the other gods, as they deepened their friendship while in the Azure Sky of the Gods. Wenzel often worried about Militia as she knew that her friend was troubles due to the chaos that existed in the mortal world and how she blamed herself from creating an unkind world, as Wenzel would try to reassure her. She later took custody of Ennesuone after she was sent to the Azure Sky due to believing that Militia wished for Wenzel to help Ennesuone be born with the power of her authority.


Wenzel is shown to care for Ennesuone as she wishes to help the young girl be born, as well as treating her as her own child.






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