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Unitary (統一派 Tōitsu-ha?) is a faction of demons that seek true unity without discrimination between royalty and mixed bloods in Dilhade.


Unitary consists of people who have been driven into the shadows of the Royalty's peaceful rule, never even being able to meet their own parents due to the fact that royal demons are not allowed to have mixed-blood children.[1]

They believe that Anos Voldigoad is the Demon King of Tyranny due to his overwhelming power and extensive magic knowledge. But even if he wasn't the Demon King, they would still continue rallying under Anos because they need his strength[1], and because his pedigree is irrelevant in Unitary. They would be prepared to fight even the Demon King himself if it meant they could achieve equality.


When Dilhade became a country that favors blood relationships over merits, mixed bloods became powerless and were threated as inferior by the pureblooded royalty. As a result, Unitary was formed to end the discrimination and bring back Dilhade together. But without strong backing, they would've just been branded as a rebel organization.[2] Fortunately, one of the Seven Demon Elders, Melheis Boran, sympathized with their cause.


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