Unitary (統一派, Tōitsu-ha) is a faction of demons who seek true unity without discrimination between royalty and mixed blood.

Anos Fan Union (ユニオン, Anosu fan'yunion) is a temporary figure to endure the world of the Unitary. Here, there are serious discussions every day on how to defeat the oppressive royalties. However, before being aware of it, everyone has been fascinated by Anos's charm.




Known Members

Name Uniform Badge Status
Misa Ilioroagu White Quadrangle Active
Elen Mihais White Unknown Active
Jessica Arnet White Unknown Active
Maia Zemut White Unknown Active
Nono Inota White Unknown Active
Xia Minsheng White Unknown Active
Himka Houra White Unknown Active
Carsa Kurnoah White Unknown Active
Shelia Nijem White Unknown Active

Anos-sama Supporting Song

  1. The second chorus "Give me noble Anos-sama's honorable sword"



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