Underground World (地底世界, Chitei sekai) is a huge cavern that is as huge as Dilhaide and Azeshion combined together. It is cohabited by 3 great countries in conflict with each other.




Name Country Status
Gorroana Dero Giordal Giordal Active
Diedrich Kreizen Agaha Agaha Active
Viaflare Wips Gadesiola Gadesiola Inactive

Notable Places

Dragon God's Country Giordal

The country ruled by the Pope and followers of God.

Dragon King's Country Agaha

The home of the Dragon Knights.

Dragon Overlord's Country Gadesiola

A land without faith, those who enter must abandon it.

Holy City Gaelahesta

The holy city that does not belong to any of the 3 underground world's great countries.



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