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Shin Reglia (シン・レグリア, Shin Reguria) is the right-hand man of Demon King Anos Voldigoad and the most powerful swordsman among the demons.

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After married Reno, he became the Spirit King. Shin is also the leader of the Unitary.
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Shin has gray hair and colorless eyes and usually seen carrying a sword with him. He has a large vertical scar over his left eye.


Shin is rather a composed, calm and strong man who is usually level headed he cares for his family and master.


Shin is the strongest swordsman among the demons and Anos' right hand swearing him eternal loyalty even when he reincarnated.

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2,000 years ago, Anos ordered Shin to stay at Aharthern and protect the Great Spirit Mother Reno; since Nousgalia intended to turn her into the vessel who will give birth to the "Child of God".

After he married Reno and a child was on the way, he came back to Delsgade to reincarnate. However, as he was preparing to do so, Titi spirits came from Aharthern to tell him that Reno was in danger. Shin immediately rushed back, only to find Nousgalia with a dying Reno, causing him to attack and severely injure Nousgalia. Shin then embraced Reno's body as she was about to disappear.

Reno thanked Shin for protecting her, and asked him to put an end to their daughter's life if she ever threatened the world, as she was born from the story of the Fictional Demon King of Tyranny Avos Dilhevia. Despite being the right-hand of the true Demon King of Tyranny, Shin refused, saying that he would create a world for their child to live in. After Reno's death, Shin continued to live without reincarnating, spreading the rumors about Avos for his daughter to continue living.

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Master Swordsman: Mastered every sword in existence.

Weapons and Equipment

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  • Unique Sword <Sigshesta>: A demon sword that can change as you wish, but it can't cut anything unless concentrate your mind on it.
  • Severance Sword <Deltroz>: A double-edged demon sword with a sharp blade that cut off anything if touch and a curse that consumes the magic power of the user. Among the thousand swords that Shin possessed, this is the most powerful sword.
  • Looting Sword <Gilionojes>: A curse demon sword that takes away your voice when cutting in the neck, takes away your vision when cutting your eyes, and takes away your life when it slits your heart. Even if the wound in the neck heals, the voice that Looting Sword has stolen would never return.
  • God-Slashing Sword <Guneodros>: It's blade kills Gods and destroys order. [2]
    • Mystery 2: <Grim Reaper>


Anos Voldigoad

Shin is extremely loyal and respectful to his master.


He loves and cherishes his wife.

Misa Ilioroagu

Likewise, Shin also cherishes his daughter and does absolutely everything to protect her. This led him to waver between being loyal to Anos or saving Misa's life by spreading the rumors of the fake Demon King.




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