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Shin Reglia (シン・レグリア, Shin Reguria) is the right-hand man of Demon King Anos Voldigoad and the most powerful swordsman among the demons.

He is the husband of the Great Spirit Reno, and the father of their daughter, Misa Ilioroagu. He became the Spirit King after Reno's passing and founded Unitary to create a better place for Misa due to her mixed-blood status.


Shin has gray hair and colorless eyes as well as possessing a large vertical scar over his left eye. He dresses in black armor and a black coat, usually seen carrying a sword with him.


Shin is rather a composed, calm and strong man. According to Anos, he is a man of great strength but low ambition as he faithfully served Anos during the Great War. Due to his stoic nature, he often seems emotionless as he has great difficulty adjusting to things that do not involve swords or battle.


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Originally, Shin was a demon sword created by the ancient demons to fight against the gods, as it gradually gained its own will during the battles against the gods. However Shin's last wielder noticed the limits of his own power, as he was not able to destroy the gods. So he endowed Shin with all of his strength, as he had hoped that in the future someone else could wield Shin to defeat the gods, as the demon disappeared. After that, Shin was somehow able to gain the physical form of a demon and become a living being, though he wasn't able to understand feelings or emotions as his source was still that of a demonic sword.

During the Great War, Shin met and challenged various famous demons to test their strength but easily defeated them with his own superior strength and swordsmanship skills. Eventually, he met the leader of the demons; Demon King Anos Voldigoad. Shin challenged him to a fight, but Anos was able to repel all of his attacks, regardless of the fact that Shin had used over a hundred different demons swords. Growing interested in Anos, Shin asked him why he was so strong, as Anos replied that "the weak cannot help anyone", as Anos countered and asked Shin why he was so strong, as Shin couldn't come up with a proper response, simply stating that he was strong because he was strong, as he was an ordinary sword. Anos asked Shin to become his subordinate, as Shin accepted as he had finally found a master worthy of his loyalty, eventually rising to become Anos' right hand and most trusted subordinate.

As the Great War continued, Shin would encounter his master's rival, the Hero Kanon, as the two would have swordsmanship fights that would end in a draw. However, Kanon would eventually win against Shin once, as that defeat would spurn Shin into training himself to become even stronger.

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Shin accompanied Anos and his army to invade Aharthern, as all of Anos' forces were wiped out by the Great Water Spirit; Liniyon. As Anos moved to deal with her, Shin knelt and asked Anos for permission to deal with her, with Anos accepting on a condition of a wager. If Shin dispatched her in a single blow, Anos would grant him any reward he wanted and if Anos won, Shin would be forced to drop his formal tone of speech with Anos, as Shin accepted the wager and moved to attack her. Shin managed to use his sword to slice her into pieces in a single blow. When asked about what he wanted as a reward, Shin asked Anos permission to be reincarnated so he could once again serve Anos, which Anos readily agreed to. As Anos noticed Hero Kanon approaching, he ordered Shin to find the Great Spirit Reno while Anos himself would face Kanon, as Shin teleported to carry out his orders.

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2,000 years ago, Anos ordered Shin to stay at Aharthern and protect the Great Spirit Mother Reno; since Nousgalia intended to turn her into the vessel who will give birth to the "Child of God".

After he married Reno and a child was on the way, he came back to Delsgade to reincarnate. However, as he was preparing to do so, Titi spirits came from Aharthern to tell him that Reno was in danger. Shin immediately rushed back, only to find Nousgalia with a dying Reno, causing him to attack and severely injure Nousgalia. Shin then embraced Reno's body as she was about to disappear.

Reno thanked Shin for protecting her, and asked him to put an end to their daughter's life if she ever threatened the world, as she was born from the story of the Fictional Demon King of Tyranny Avos Dilhevia. Despite being the right-hand of the true Demon King of Tyranny, Shin refused, saying that he would create a world for their child to live in. After Reno's death, Shin continued to live without reincarnating, spreading the rumors about Avos for his daughter to continue living. Due to Reno's disappearance, he also took over her role as protector and leader of the spirits in Aharthern, becoming known as the Spirit King.

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  • Immense Magic Power: Shin had an incredible amount of magic power but according to Anos, he wasn't very good with spells.[3] Anos remarked that he was one of the most powerful beings that were active during the Mythical Age.[4] He can also put magical power into his sword to launch powerful blasts and cutting wind waves.
  • Master Swordsman: Shin is the most powerful swordsman of the demon race, as it is stated that he mastered every demon sword in existence and has a thousand sword techniques. He is considered as Anos' most powerful subordinate from the Mythical Age, as he was able to battle against even gods and win. He demonstrated his swordsmanship prowess by defeating the Great Water Spirit; Liniyon, in a single blow.[5] According to Lay, he could even fight against the Four Evil Kings simultaneously and still be the victor.[6]

Weapons and Equipment

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  • Unique Sword <Sigshesta> (Formerly): A demon sword that can change as you wish, but it can't cut anything unless concentrate your mind on it.[7]

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  • Edgeless Sword <Cadenareios>: A demon sword that boasts an unparalleled weight and strength.[8]
    • First Secret <Moment>: A sword slash that slices the target from the past.[8]
  • Severance Sword <Deltroz>: A double-edged demon sword with a sharp blade that cut off anything if touch and a curse that consumes the magic power of the user. Among the thousand swords that Shin possessed, this is the most powerful sword.[9]
    • Second Secret <Cleave>: Deltroz turns into a cold and beautiful blade, as it unleashes a slash that can cut down the enemy with a single blow.[10]
    • Third Secret <Absolute>: A sword secret that absorbs the magic power of the user (which can include the source itself) and turns it into a blade. This secret can shorten the lifespan of a source if used to an excessive degree.[9]
    • Fourth Secret <Ten Thousand Deaths>: Unleashes a flurry of slashes that constantly increase, reaching up to 10000 slashes at once.[11]
  • Looting Sword <Gilionoges>: A curse demon sword that takes away your voice when cutting in the neck, takes away your vision when cutting your eyes, and takes away your life when it slits your heart. Even if the wound in the neck heals, the voice that Looting Sword has stolen would never return.[12]
    • First Secret <Deprivation>: The tip of Gilionoges' blade transforms into a whip-like form, which allows it move at great speeds akin to a living being, allowing the user to make several attacks at once.[13]
    • Seventh Secret <Stolen Night Splendor>: It is a secret that cuts day and night, the weather, and natural magic circles using them.[14]
  • God-Slashing Sword <Guneodros>: A demon sword that is lethal against Gods, and that cut only gods and beings that possess the attributes of gods such as divine beasts.[4]
    • Second Secret <Grim Reaper>: It's blade kills Gods and destroys order.[15]
    • Third Secret <Continuity>: It continuously splits and divides the source of a god, inflicting great pain to their source.[16]
    • Seventh Secret <Non-Entity Doom>:: This secret will continue to slay and destroy forever until the source is reduced to nothing. As long as the target is being destroyed, the secret can preserve the opponent's divine body, which should disappear once the source is destroyed.[17]
  • Stream Breaker Sword <Altcorasta>: A mysterious demon sword with a beautiful blade pattern. Its true identity is that of the Demon Sword God Halejiend, who controls all the demon swords in the Militia world, and is wandering around in search of a worthy wielder.[18]
    • First Secret <Ripple>: Creates a thin water mirror that reflects an object on its surface, as the object reflected will be destroyed down to its source.[18]
    • Second Secret <Wind Pattern>: This secret makes Altcorasta slashes at fast speeds, like a speeding wind, and destroys the target's source.[17]
    • Fifth Secret <Sword Crest>: This secret severs a target in half after three sword patterns appear at his feet.[17]
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  • Shin is bad at source magic, as Anos stated that if he reincarnated, then he would lose his memories and skills, which Shin confirmed as he stated that he might start over with a new sword if he is reincarnated.[5]


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