Seven Elder Demon Emperors (七魔皇老, Shichima Kōrō) are the seven demons created from Anos' own blood 2,000 years ago, just before passing away. Their existence was created and given life by magic, not by reproduction. It was prepared because Anos needed a body to inherited his own blood when he reincarnated.


The Seven Elder Demon Emperors created by Anos

The Seven Elder Demon Emperors are the 7 demons created from Anos's blood. They inherited the traits and talents of the Founder. Before Anos reincarnated he commanded these demons to have children and expand their bloodlines. These 7 demons started the Demon King Academy Delzogade to raise the next generation of Demon Emperors. Their followers and subordinates started calling them Seven Elder Demon Emperors since Anos didn't give them names because he was too busy with his reincarnation. 

During the the 2,000 years before Anos reincarnated, the Seven Elder Demon Emperors collaborated with the Hero Kanon to replace Anos as the Demon King of Tyranny in order to create a decoy for when the human race exacted their revenge. As part of their plan, they had their roots fused with Kanon's six other roots, leaving Melheis Boran out as Kanon's remaining root belonged to himself. They all agreed to have their memories wiped out since they couldn't lie to Anos if they ever met after he reincarnated.


As the direct subordinates of the Demon King of Tyranny, the Seven Elder Demon Emperors held considerable power in Dilhaide. Their names commanded respect and honor, with many looking upon them.


  • All Seven Elder Demon Emperors agreed to fuse their sources with Kanon's, except Melheis because Kanon had no source left.



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