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The Selection Judgment (選定審判, Sentei Shinpan), also known as the Selection Court, is a event that is held in order to determine which mortal would become an Acting God.


According to Ahid, it is possible for the world to lose order that keeps it balanced if the gods that maintain order are truly destroyed. In order to prevent the loss of order, one mortal is chosen by the "Almighty Brilliance" Eques, to act as God's Chosen and becomes an Acting God, to maintain order. To select a mortal to act as the Acting God, a Selection Court is held and 8 mortals are chosen by a respective god, which then becomes a God of Selection, and bestowing their Selected with a Selection Allied Bead, which allows the Selected to summon their God of Selection. Despite the fact that it is possible for a Selection God to be destroyed in battle between another Selected and their selection God, their orders are preserved in the Selection Allied Bead of their respective Selected, thus preventing any fallout and damage to the world's order, as the order isn't truly lost.[1]

According to Viaflare, the current Selection Judgment that involves the Selected and their Selection Gods fighting each other was created as a consequence of the fact that the Destroyer Goddess Abernyu and the Sun of Destruction, which represents her order were sealed away by Anos into Delsgade, thus affecting many orders of the gods. As a result of the fact that the order of destruction was distorted, the Selection Judgment is going to be repeated numerous times to replenish the order of destruction and bring about the "Day of Disaster", in which the Underground World is fated to be destroyed, thus ending the Selection Judgment.[2][3]

After the winner of the Selection Judgment is decided, the Balance God Elrorarierom appears before the winner, and bestows the title of acting god upon the victorious Selected. The Selected is granted all of the orders that their Selection God managed to accumulate throughout the Selection Judgment, as well as any orders that happen to be lost in the world due to the destruction of other gods.[4]

Eight Gods' Selected & the Selection Gods

While there were initially eight people selected for the Selection Judgment, the number of them increased to ten after Graham used the power of his Selection God; the God of Frenzy Agazon, to distort the order of the God of Balance Elrorarierom.

Selected Title Selection God
Anos Voldigoad Misfit Militia
Graham Fool Agazon
Ahid Alobo Agatse Oracle Arcana
Gazel Apt Ageila Saint Geoseria
Gorloana Dero Giordal Savior Dordired
Diedrich Kreizen Agaha Prophet Nafta
Viaflare Wips Gadeisiola Predator Galvadrion
Kasim Corrector Catenamira
Bomiras Heros Champion Gehedvich
Eges Code Inquirer Afrasiata
Gilisiris Dello Searcher Janeldfock


  • Acting Gods are different from standard gods, as their name does not represent order.[5]
  • It is shown that an Acting God can manifest their own individual authority, as was demonstrated when Arcana manifested Six Flowers of Disobedience <Levihelluota>.[6]


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