Sasha Necron (サーシャ・ネクロン, Sāsha Nekuron) is Misha’s older twin sister and the sixteenth-generation heir to the Necron family. Known as the Witch of Destruction, her Demon Eyes of Destruction has the ability to make anything in the universe self-destruct.


Sasha has long blond hair with ribbons and twin tails along with blue eyes as well as a fairly short and petite frame.

When combining with Misha, she has long white hair and long bangs.


Sasha is a little aggressive and confident. Even though she acts awful towards her twin sister, she actually deeply loves her and does it with a purpose. In dangerous situations, Sasha is always ready to neglect her life in order to protect Misha.


15 years ago, in an attempt to create a proper vessel for the demon king to revive into, Ivis Necron using <Dino Jekses> on Sasha to split her into two. <Dino Jekses> is a magic made by combining fusion magic and <Delga>Misha was originally a part of Sasha, but even the body and soul were divided, they will gradually return to their original form, so she would eventually disappear on her 15th birthday.

When Sasha was a child, she couldn't control her Demon Eyes of Destruction. Only Misha could look into her eyes and stay by her side. Misha helped her practice controlling her eyes and because of that, she ended up being able to control her eyes and stopped hurting people. She, however, did not acknowledge the fact that Misha would disappear, so she would be always researching magic in an attempt to find a way to save Misha's life. She created the <Zeksis> magic and changed the origin of her power to match with Misha so that <Dino Jekses> would not know who is the original and who is not. Then she would use <Dert> to swap their roots. But Misha must reject her otherwise <Dert> would not work. So Sasha has to act like she has a deep hatred toward Misha in order for Misha to hate her.


At the start of the series, Sasha is already a very powerful demon, being recognized as a prodigy, even amongst the chaos generation. After gaining a complete origin in volume 1, Sasha's latent magical abilities are brought out, strengthening her even further. After a week of training under Anos, he is confident she shouldn't lose to any modern demon.


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  • Fire Magic: Sasha is skilled at Fire Magic.
  • Demon Eyes of Destruction: Sasha possesses a special pair of eyes. When channeling demonic power into them (or when she loses control of her emotions) anything that she looks at will begin to break apart and self-destruct[1]. She can also use them to put people to sleep or to nullify magic[2][3]. As she shares her Origin with Misha, the eyes do not affect her. While powerful, these eyes can be countered and neutralized by another pair, such as Anos's[4].

Weapons and Equipment

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  • Phoenix Robe: A robe made from knitting the feathers of the bird god Phoenix. Although it grants the benefits of immortal flames to its wearer, it is said that those that are unsuitable will be burned out. The robe grants immortality to the wearer, healing their wounds as many times as needed as long as there is enough magic power. It was given to her as a present from Misha from Anos' vault.


  • Misha and Sasha can combine with each other by using Separation and Fusion Reincarnation <Dino Jekses>, referred to as Aisha.
  • Sasha's magical aptitude increased after fusing herself with her source.
  • She is the reincarnation of Aberneyu, the God of Destruction, and even retains her affinity for destruction magic. When Aberneyu manifests in Sasha, she can wield Venuzdnor and by permission of the Demon King, Anos, she can return Venuzdnor to its original form, <Serge El Donave>.


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