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A fate like this, I will destroy it!
~ Sasha to Misha Necron

Sasha Necron (サーシャ・ネクロン, Sāsha Nekuron) is Misha’s older twin sister and the sixteenth-generation heir to the Necron family. Known as the Witch of Destruction, her Magic Eyes of Destruction has the ability to make anything in the universe self-destruct. She is one of the main female heroines of the series along with her sister Misha.


Sasha has long blond hair with ribbons and twin tails along with blue eyes as well as a fairly short and petite frame. She is also slightly shorter and leaner than Misha.

Sasha's school uniform consists of the standard black uniform for pure-bloods and a Hexagram badge. She also wears two hair ribbons that are colored black with yellow highlights, long black socks that leave her upper thighs expose and a linked by a red strap, as well as black high-heel boots.

When combining with Misha, she has long white hair and long bangs, and their attire becomes a long white dress.


Sasha initially comes of as arrogant and haughty as she takes pride in her lineage as a a direct descendant of the Demon Emperor Ivis Necron, and displays great confidence in her power and abilities. She tends to get aggressive to those who she thinks are belittling her efforts and mocking her talent as she was initially hostile to Anos, due to thinking that he was looking down on her.

However, despite her temper and impulsiveness, she is shown to be a very competent leader and skilled strategist, as was demonstrated in her team match against Anos, with her subordinates greatly trusting in her and even managing to perform Jio Graze despite initially having doubts in doing so.

Initially it appears that she has a negative relationship with her twin sister Misha, as Sasha would often verbally abuse her by calling her a "junk doll" or other insults. However, it is later revealed that the two sisters were close during their childhood and that Sasha has protective feelings towards her, as she got angry when other students insulted Misha. In truth, Sasha didn't hate Misha at all as it is revealed that all of Sasha's previous abusive behavior towards her was a long-term plan by Sasha to get Misha to hate her so that Misha could survive their merger on their fifteenth birthday due to the effects of Dino Jixes, which was mean to forcefully re-fuse Misha into Sasha in order to increase the latter's power. It is shown that Sasha truly loves Misha as her sister as she was willing to accept sacrificing her own life and having Misha hate her in order to save her.

Sasha is shown to have a tsundere side to her personality as she has great difficulty being honest about her own feelings, initially in regards to Misha but that became far more apparent in her relationship with Anos. Sasha is shown to have fallen in love with him due to him being the first person who could withstand her Magic Eyes of Destruction, commenting that they were "beautiful". She is very grateful to him for saving Misha's life while also allowing her to live alongside her sister, as she had accepted that he was the true Demon King of Tyranny and showing great pride in being his subordinate.


15 years ago, in an attempt to create a proper vessel for the Demon King to reincarnate into, Ivis Necron used Dino Jixes on a newborn Sasha and split her into two. The other half of Sasha would take the name of Misha Necron and grow as her younger twin sister. Because Dino Jixes was a separation and fusion magic, Misha would eventually return to Sasha and become whole again, effectively ceasing to exist on their 15th birthday.

When Sasha was a child, she couldn't control her Magic Eyes of Destruction. Only Misha could look into her eyes and stay by her side. Misha helped her practice controlling her eyes and because of that, she ended up being able to control her eyes and stopped hurting people. She, however, did not acknowledge the fact that Misha would disappear, so she would be always researching magic in an attempt to find a way to save Misha's life. She created the Zexis spell to change the source of her power to match with Misha so that Dino Jixes would not know who was the original person. Then with Delt, she would make Misha the original person. But for Delt to work, Misha had to reject her, so Sasha pretended like she hated Misha and mistreated her in order to make Misha hate her.


  • Great Magic Power: At the start of the series, Sasha was already a very powerful demon, being recognized as a prodigy even amongst the Chaos Generation. After gaining a complete source, Sasha's latent magical abilities were brought out, strengthening her even further. After a week of training under him, Anos was confident that she shouldn't lose to any modern demon.


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Weapons and Equipment

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Sasha wearing the Phoenix Robe

  • Phoenix Robe: A robe made from knitting the feathers of the bird god Phoenix. Although it grants the benefits of immortal flames to its wearer, it is said that those that are unsuitable will be burned out. The robe grants immortality to the wearer, healing their wounds as many times as needed as long as there is enough magic power. It was given to her as a present from Misha from Anos' vault.


  • The "ネクロン" last name possibly from ネクロ (necro - related to the corpse) and ン (could be understood as "the") It may explain why the first Necron, Ivis, looks like a corpse himself, as his magic focus on life and death theory. Sasha's name could be used from Slavic's baby name: man's defender.
  • Sasha is 16th generation descendent of the Necron family.[4]
  • Sasha's magical aptitude increased after she gained a complete source, by fusing the source of her present self with the source of her past self.[2]
  • Sasha isn't a morning person, as Misha's has difficulty waking her from her sleep.[5]
  • Sasha is weak to alcohol.[6]
  • Sasha and Misha can combine with each other by using Dino Jixes into a being referred to as Aisha.
  • She is the reincarnation of Abernyu, the God of Destruction, and even retains her affinity for Destruction Magic. When Abernyu manifests in Sasha, she can also wield Venuzdonoa. And with Anos' permission, she can return it to its original form, <Sargeldonave>.


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