Rivest Aynie (リーベスト・エイニー, Rībesuto Einī) is a student of Class 3-1 at the Demon King Academy.


Rivest has brown hair and light-colored eyes. He is wearing the royalist version of the demon school academy uniform.


He's very kindhearted and doesn't want to hurt anybody, initially refusing to develop his <Guys> or any offensive magic for that matter. After being taught by Menou, Rivest began having immense respect for the Founder, to the point of becoming a Royalist and developing a more confident and arrogant personality on the outside. Despite that, his kindhearted nature is still present.


Rivest was an underachiever when he first enrolled in Demon King Academy, in fact, he was close to dropping out. He hated the founding ancestor for all the atrocities that he had committed, but even more so the fact that he shared his blood. Since the academy was combat-focused, Rivest even thought about quitting. It wasn't until Menou Historia talked to him that he began to see the founder in a different light. She told him that the founder might've been similar to Rivest. If it wasn't to protect the demon kind, why would the founder use a spell that shares out his power and weakening him? After that, he gained a respect for the demon founder far more intense than anyone else and took pride in his own lineage. This is why he can't forgive Anos Voldigoad for claiming to be the founder, even though he doesn't know the truth.


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Anos Voldigoad

Though Rivest absolutely detests Anos, he respects him as a fellow demon. Confessing to him that he felt satisfied when Anos created a Holy Sword and shut up the hero class after they humiliated their school. Showing that he is able to put their differences aside for a common enemy. In fact, during the Inter-Academy Exams, he offered to go first with his class despite knowing that the hero academy had planned something foul, saying that the demon founder fought to protect the weak and that he didn't mind sacrificing himself for a misfit like Anos.

Menou Historia

Rivest shows a large amount of affection and respect to his teacher even in public, even to the point of wanting revenge thanks to Diego insulting her. Both share a close bond as Menou had acted like a mother figure when he was struggling in school.





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