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Ricardo Arbishas (リカルド・アービシャス, Rikarudo Ābishasu) is a member of the Dragon Knights and Sylvia's adoptive father.


Ricardo is described as a young man wearing red knightly armor and clothes.


Ricardo is a courageous and honorable knight. He is shown to value chivalry and honor, as he originally refused to accept the dragon remains that he was hunting because Anos defeated them and as such in his eyes, they belonged to Anos. He is shown to have great loyalty to Agaha and its Sword Emperor, Diedrich Kreizen Agaha.


Ricardo is a Knight of the Agaha Dragon Knights order. He was entrusted by Diedrich to raise one of Agaha's Dragon Children, Sylvia, whom he raised as his own daughter. After Sylvia got sick, he would try to help her by making medicine to heal her by hunting dragons.


  • Great Magic Power: Ricardo demonstrated a great amount of magic power. While originally his disease weakened his magic power, he was able to regain his strength after Anos healed him.
  • Expert Swordsman: Ricardo showed great swordsmanship prowess, as he was able to defeated countless dragons before succumbing to his previous injuries.

Weapons and Equipment

The Red Blade God <Gaguna>: A divine sword granted by the gods. It specializes in slaying dragons.


Sylvia Arbishas





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