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Reno (レノ, Reno) is the great spirit that is the mother of all spirits.


Reno has amber-colored eyes. long light green hair that reaches her waist a rather big bust and a beautiful face. She wears a white dress with jade-colored patterns. On her back, there are six floating crystal-like structures.


Reno is a friendly and honest woman who only shows malice to those who threaten her home or close ones and kindness to those who are kind.


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Before the grand meeting at the Demon King Castle Delsgade, Reno was attacked by the Heavenly Father God Nousgalia, who intended to make her the mother of the "Child of God". Fortunately, Reno was saved from Nousgalia by Anos, who arrived looking for her answer regarding his proposal. Anos then left his right-hand man, Shin Reglia, as her bodyguard until she was safe.[1]

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2,000 years ago, Reno, along with the God of Creation Militia and the Hero Kanon, met with the Demon King at his castle to end the Great War. The four worked together to cast Four Worlds Wall <Beno Yeven>, using Anos' life force as magic power to active the grand spell. The walls would divide the world and isolate the four races until their hatred for each other faded away.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a great spirit and the mother of all spirits, Reno has an incredibly large amount of magic power. She was able to injure the Heavenly Father God; Nousgalia, who commended her power.[1] Anos remarked that she was one of the most powerful beings that were active during the Mythical Age.[2]
  • Spirit Creation: Due to possessing the lore of the Great Mother Spirit, Reno is capable of giving birth to various spirits. However, it is stated that she cannot determine what kind of spirits are born due to the fact that they are born from various rumors and traditions, which then become the basis for those spirits' existence.[3]
  • Spirit Magic: As the mother of all spirits, she possesses the ability to utilize spirit magic, as she has demonstrated the capacity to emulate the magic of other spirits.


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