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Ottlulu (オットルルー, Ottorurū) is the God of Arbitration. She judges membership to the Pablohetara Alliance and helps new worlds join.


Ottlulu is a woman in a silver dress. She wields a large clock key that looks like it could wind a human-sized spring doll.[1]




  • Immense Magic Power: As a god, she possesses immense magic power, having a near bottomless magic pool that can only be used up when doing something of extraordinary magnitude.
  • Conceptual Existence: Gods maintain and embody the order and laws of the world.


  • Arbitrage Contract <Gizet>: Contract magic that is used by Ottlulu. It is used in signing of agreements between small worlds in Pablohetara, such as the implementation of the "Silver Water Ranking Battles".
  • Otherworld Lecture Hall <Gozot>: Magic that creates an isolated auditorium using the magic power of the Pablohetara Palace. Exercising magic inside the auditorium has no effect on real space, but it is possible to see, speak, and exercise group magic from outside. The magic is used to create an auditorium where it is possible to use magic to perform baptism without damaging the Pablohetara Palace.
  • Entanglement Abyss Board Silver Water Shogi <Radina Ned Esra>: Magic that creates a silver-water chess board on the "Entanglement Abyss Board" at the bottom of the Pablohetara Palace.


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