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Nousgalia (ノウスガリア, Nousugaria) is the Heavenly Father God and the pillar of the gods.



Nousgalia is a man of complex personality. As a god, he possesses different values then humans and demons. He is able to continue teaching normally immediately after having his origin sealed and being threatened by Anos. He believes the world is governed by order and that everyone shall follow said order. If they refuse to, the wrath of the Gods shall befall them.


2,000 years ago, Nousgalia was the mastermind behind the Avos Dilheavia incident. He took advantage of the Hero Kanon's plan to create the fictional Demon King, and made Misa the spirit of the traditions and rumors of Avos Dilhevia; all in order to defeat the Misfit Anos Voldigoad and retrieve the God of Destruction from him but fails.

Nousgalia also turned Jerga's source into magic, resulting in the creation of <Eleonore> and <Jerga>.

Learning of Anos's reincarnation he possessed the demon Eldemade Dityjon in order to meet him.


Great Spirit Arc

He first appeared while possessing Eldemade Dityjon, acting as the new teacher in Anos's class, and told the class that Anos was the real Demon King. Not convinced, the students are shown a <Zecht> stating that Anos was the real demon king, signed by many prominent demons including the Seven Elder Demon Emperors.

Even though Anos saw through Nousgalia's disguise with relative ease, he let Nousgalia continue teaching the class about the gods, but the royal students just brushed off his teachings as fairy tales. Having enough of their ridicule, Nousgalia formally introduces himself as the Heavenly Father, and through his words alone they realize that he's a god.

The royal students suddenly find themselves suffocating, causing Anos to step up and protect them from Nousgalia. Anos then summons <Venuzdonoa> and stabs it into Nousgalia's source. As he struggles, he tells Anos that he is the Order of this world, and that if he dies, even if temporary, there will be no order to sustain the world, and it will die alongside Nousgalia. But Anos just pushes <Venuzdonoa> deeper into his source, stating that he won't overlook Nousgalia's actions even if he uses the world as a shield.

Anos then revives Nousgalia through <Agronemut>, but only 10% of his source, just enough to maintain the world's order while sealing away his power. At a loss of words, Nousgalia continued with class as if nothing happened.

Since the gods honor their promises, even to humans and demons, Anos suspected that in exchange for Eldemade's body, Nousgalia promised to teach the Demon King Academy so he could meet Anos.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a god, and the Heavenly Father God no less, Nousgalia possesses immense magic power, having a near bottomless magic pool that can only be used up when doing something of extraordinary magnitude.
  • Order: Nousgalia can order and control any magic, and it is even able to turn magic against their casters. But more magic power is needed in order to hijack the magic of people like Anos Voldigoad.[1]
  • Weapon Summoning: The feathers on Nousgalia's wings can be transformed to the God Sword <Lord Yuie>.
  • Conceptual Existence: Gods maintain and embody the order and laws of the world.[2]

Weapons and Equipment

See: Equipment

God Sword <Lord Yuie>

  • Secret 3 <Mugen>: Divides the source.[3]


Anos Volodigoad




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