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Naya (ナーヤ, Nāya) is a student in Anos's class.



Naya is a friendly and compassionate person who greatly enjoys attending the Demon King Academy. However, she suffers from a lack of confidence due to her less then average magic abilities. Despite that, she continues to try her best to improve as she eagerly listen to the advice of the Blaze Death King.



  • Unique Source Constitution: According to Eldemade Dityjon, Naya's source in unique in that it barely has any magic power flowing through it. While this is normally a disadvantage, it is revealed that the unique nature of her source allows her to hold a vast amount of magic power from external influences and store it in her source. She demonstrated the ability to summon four Guardian Gods at the same time and still maintain unoccupied space in her source.[2]
  • Summoning Magic: Naya has a talent for summoning magic since she is able to use it to summon her unique pet dragon, as well as being able to even summon Gods easily despite using the magic of Causal Summons for the first time.


  • Causal Summons <Literude>: Allows the user to summon various beings to assist them in battle. Naya is able to use it to call forth the Guardian Gods she made a pact with.[2]
  • Possession Summon <Azept>: Allows the user to become possessed by a being they have a pact with in order to utilize their abilities.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Cannibal: Her pet dragon that she obtained during her visit to the underground world after she had learned summoning magic. Like his name suggests, he is able to consume other dragons and add their power to his own and acquiring their abilities.[3] While he was only originally able to consume other dragons, he gained the ability to devour other being after consuming various dragons, which was demonstrated when he devoured the Sorcerer King Bomiras Heros.
  • Allied Bead: She obtained an allied bead during her time in the underground. Due to the help of Eldemade, she was able to make pact with 4 Guardian Gods.[2]





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