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Because you have the power of creation, you create the world, and you love the world you create. Because I am strong, I fight the strong and love that fight
~ Muto to Elenesia

Muto is one of the Inviolable Waters known as the Second Demon King and is also one of the six candidates at the title of “Great Demon King” which is currently detained by Zinnia Shivaheld.


Shoulder long black hair and blues eyes. His attire is an Oni looking mask and black get up.


Muto acts childlike, innocent and nonchalant. Backed up by his confidence in being one of the strongest and loves fighting in general. Once he's hung up on something he refuses to let go as he did with his love for order, Elenesia.


Muto went to the Magic Bullet World 14,000 years to fight Chief God Audus and Sovereign Gigi. In order to bait them to confront him he kidnapped the newly appointed Creator God of the World, Elenesia. They spend several days in the forest with no sights of either of the leaders. Elensia questioned Muto's reason for seeking them out and wanting to challenge them as she tries to make sense of his actions and he simply states he simply wants to fight them for the sake of it.


  • Peril Revelation: Muto can perceive the intent to attack before they are executed, making him nigh impossible to sneak up on or catch off-guard. However, it is shown that this ability is limited by the fact that Muto can only perceive an attack if his opponent has hostile intention towards him, as he was caught off-guard when Elenesia slapped him due to being concerned about him.
  • Immense Magic Power: Muto had a vast amount of magic power, as he was considered one of the most powerful beings in the Silver Water Holy Sea, with him being considered one of the Inviolable Waters, who are beings renown for their power across the Silver Water Holy Sea. Eleansia described Muto's magic power to be otherworldly surpassing every entity in her original world, and she stated that even if Muto made the entirety of the Magic Bullet World his enemy, he would have still prevailed.
  • Source Sword: Muto can transform half his source in the form of a sword for a limited time. He gives such to Elenesia in order for her not to exhaust her source and end up perishing, who in return powers up tremendously.

Weapons and Equipment

Daggers: Are Muto's primary weapons of use. They posses no special abilities on their own but become naturally deadly in the hands of Muto.



At first not thinking much of the Goddess he ends up being drawn to her and his mindset changed. Muto fought just for the sake of it but that always left a hole which Elenesia ends up filling. He learns that there is nothing wrong in running away, retreating or avoiding fighting in general and that fighting for something or someone ends up being incomparably more fulfilling. He loves her even if she tries to convince herself of undeserving of love and display that she is simply "order". He ends up loving her nonetheless as "order" and the Magic Bullet World.




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