"I didn't originally exist in this world"

— Misha to Anos Voldigoad

Misha Necron (ミーシャ・ネクロン, Mīsha Nekuron) is in the family line of Ivis Necron, one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors who control the demons. Sasha's younger twin sister, but for some reason is treated as inferior as mixed blood. She is the reincarnated God of Creation, Militia.


Misha is a young girl with short white hair but long bangs and has two ribbons on her head.

When combining with Sasha, she has long white hair.


Misha is quiet and obedient. She is Anos's classmate and the first friend of his reincarnated life.

Misha deeply cares about her twin sister Sasha, even though she acts like she hates her and treats her awful, Misha knows that is just an act and she truly loves her. She should have disappeared on her 15th birthday, but she was saved by Anos.


2,000 years ago, she combined her power with Great Spirit Reno, Hero Kanon, and Demon King Anos to create the walls which divide the world into four.

15 years ago, in an attempt to create a proper vessel for the demon king to revive into Ivis Necron used Separation and Fusion Reincarnation <Dino Jekses> on Sasha to split her into two. <Dino Jekses> is a magic made by combining fusion magic and Soul and Body Division <Delga>. Misha was originally a part of Sasha, but even the body and soul were divided, they will gradually return to their original form, so she would eventually disappear on her 15th birthday. Knowing that she will disappear, Misha was mostly raised separate from Sasha. One exception to their separation was an incident in their childhood where Sasha lost control of her Demon Eyes of Destruction, but Misha, who was uneffected, helped calm her down.

Because of her circumstances, no demons except her caretakers would talk to her, even at school. As a result, when Anos talked to her and invited her to his house, Misha cherished those memories very much.


Demon King Academy Arc

At the academy entrance, Misha met Anos Voldigoad, while both of their parents were cheering them on, and they both felt a little embarrassed about that.

A bit later, Misha had passed the first exam and she met Anos again at the magic power evaluation. As everyone was afraid of Anos, Misha explained that they were afraid of the Zombie magic he used and that they found it savage and brutal. Anos, however, told her that it was one of the nicer magics, which made her correct herself and say that he was savage and brutal, however, she was not afraid of anything. As the evaluation started, she received a high, 100,000+ score, while Anos received a low score of 0 and his measuring mirror broke, Misha was a little surprised and impressed. The next evaluation was the aptitude evaluation and as they headed for different circles, Anos told her he will see her later.

After the evaluation, Misha was waiting for Anos outside the academy as they agreed to see each other later. Thinking it would be rude to just leave now after she had waited, he invited her to dinner at his house and then used teleportation magic. Seeing his magic, she knew it was one of the lost ones and wondered who he was and he explained he was the founder. She asked for proof and Anos told her he was the proof and so was his power.


Moon of creation: The magic that can freeze people.

Creative Architecture <Ibis>: Various things can be created. The Demon King Army's Guardian creates castles and various barriers.

Weapons and Equipment

Lotus Leaf Ice Ring

Lotus Leaf Ice Ring: It gives off the cold air and got its name after filling seven seas with ice lotus leaves.


Anos Voldigoad

Master/Love interest

Sasha Necron




  • The ネクロン last name possibly from ネクロ (necro - related to the corpse) and ン (could be understood as "the") It may explain why the first Necron, Ivis, looks like a corpse himself, as his magic focus on life and death theory. Misha's name could be used from Slavic's baby name: a gift from God. she is created by "God" himself, isn't she?
  • Misha and Sasha can combine with each other by using Separation and Fusion Reincarnation <Dino Jekses>, referred to as Aisha.



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