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Misa Ilioroagu (ミサ・イリオローグ, Misa Iriorōgu) is Anos's classmate who wears a white uniform who is always smiling and spends her school life seriously.

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Misa is the spirit that was formed from the traditions and rumors of Avos Dilhevia, and is the daughter of Shin Reglia and the Great Spirit Reno.
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Misa is a girl with small stature and a pale complexion. She has brown eyes that fade into orange at the end. Her hair is also brown and is being fastened by two white elastic hairbands. Misa also has bangs, as the right one is longer than the other one.

She wears a white standard Demon King Academy uniform for the ones that are not pure-blood demons, this uniform includes blue straight lines that embroidered in the sleeves, bottom, collar, and the top. On her sleeves, there are diamond-like ornaments embroidered to them. She possesses a Quadrangle badge. Misa wears black tights and black boots with white soles, heels, and toes.


Misa is a happy go-lucky girl who looks at everything with a positive artitude and is an individual who is bad at giving up. Though that personality trait takes a sudden twist when she's in her Avos dilheavia form as her personality trait changes into that of an arrogant,selfish and non-caring person.


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Misa is the chosen "Child of God" who was created in order to destroy the Demon King Anos Voldigoad. The body of her father, Shin Reglia, was used as an intermediary. Nousgalia forcibly took her out of Reno by using Growth <Crest> and made her the spirit of the rumors and traditions of the Fictional Demon King Avos Dilhevia. In order to keep his daughter alive, Shin had to spread the rumors of Avos, which meant betraying Anos.

Nousgalia's true aim was retrieving Aberneyu's Order of destruction from Anos, which was transformed into his signature sword, Venuzdonoa. Because Venuzdonoa was the sword of the Demon King of Tyranny, Avos Dilhevia would have as much claim to the sword as Anos.

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Misa grew up without knowing the identity of her birth parents, only the fact that her mother was a spirit and her father a demon. Her mother passed away soon after she was born, and she never knew her father. But she did learn that he was royalty, and from a rather high position at that, thus it couldn't be known that he had a mixed-blooded child.

On her tenth birthday, she received half of a magic sword, instinctively knowing that her father had the other half. She believes that the sword will one day become whole again, when royals and mixed-bloods join hands, and thus she joined Unitary to make that happen.


See: Magic

  • Spirit Rain Mist <Fuska>: It is a type of concealment magic that creates rain and mist. In addition, the user is able to turn into rain droplets, allowing them to move freely anywhere in the affected area.[1]

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