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Militia, the Goddess of Creation. The order that created this world. What is your name?
~ Militia to Anos Voldigoad

Militia (ミリティア Miritia?) was the Goddess of Creation (創造神 Sōzō-Shin?), and the one responsible for the creation of the world.


In the anime and manga, Militia has the appearance of a young lady with a slim body, long hair that reach her waist, and purple eyes.

In the novels, Militia is described as a beautiful voluptuous woman, who has long hair that reaches the ankles of her feet and blue eyes that held a silver gleam in them. She wears a pure white ceremonial outfit.


Militia is described as a kind and compassionate goddess, who created a world that was filled with love and hope. Unlike most other gods that only obeyed their own order and did not care about the mortal species and how the gods actions affected them. Despite doing her best to create a world that was filled with kindness, she lamented the fact that the world was filled with conflict and strife, as she hoped that there would be a way to change it and bring peace as well as hope to the people living in it.


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Approximately 700 million years ago, Militia was born to the previous Goddess of Creation; Elenesia, who explained the duty and history of the Gods of Creation. As the two finished their conversation, Milita asked Elenesia to give her a name, which she did and wished for Militia's happiness. Militia then used her powers to create the new world.

As she observed the new world, which was consumed in chaos and war, Militia lamented that she created a sad world and wished to change it into a kinder world. However, due to the fact that her order could be distorted if she overused her power, thereby affecting the people living in the world, she could only continue to watch and chose not to look away as her punishment for creating an unkind world.

While performing her duties as the god of creation, she met the Demon King Anos. At first, Militia didn't want to talk to him but he continued to follow her for several days. Eventually, the two started to talk about the world and if it was a kind one, with Milita responding that it wasn't. After following her again, Anos asked her about the gods, as he didn't really understand them, so he wanted to hear her thoughts. She explained that they were the embodiments of order and that they didn't feel emotions. Anos then asked her about herself personally, so she told him that she has a sister that she had never met. As Anos asked about her sister's name, Militia left him her sister's name in a snow moonflower, before disappearing as the Month of Creation was over.

Seven years later, Anos visited Militia again, bringing a letter from Militia's sister Abernyu, as the Anos asked her what she wanted, with Militia responding that she wanted the world to be at peace, which Anos found funny. The two continued their conversation for a time before parting again.

After Anos has transformed Abernyu into the Demon King Castle Delsgade, Militia appeared before Anos as the two discussed Abernyu's sorrow at her role as a God of Destruction. Militia beconed Anos to help Abernyu to be free from her order as Anos stabbed Militia with the Reason Destroying Sword Venuzdonoa and cast Silica on the seperated consciousness of Abernyu in order to reincarnate her as a demon. Militia told Anos to be kind to Abernyu after she reincarnates as she had fallen in love with him, as Anos told her it was an honor to be loved by her but it was only because of the fact that it was her first emotional imprint and that after she was reincarnated, she would be able to choose who to love herself. Militia asked Anos to make a deal, and told him to visit Abernyu after she reincarnates and if she would fall in love with him again, he should accept her feelings.

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2,000 years ago, Militia, along with the Great Spirit Reno, the and Hero Kanon, met with Demon King Anos at the Demon King Castle Delsgade to end the Great War. The four worked together to cast Beno Yeven, using Anos' life force as the magic power to active the grand spell. The walls would divide the world and isolate the four races until their hatred for each other faded away.

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However, during the ritual to separate the world, Militia used her ability to erase the existence of Celis Voldigoad and Abernyu from Anos' memories, as Celis asked Militia to make Anos forget about him or else he would stray from the path of peace if he had realized that his father was killed.

However, Militia soon realized that their current peace was fragile and could collapse at any moment, so she set about to ensure that the world would remain peaceful. Learning that Nousgalia was creating new magic to destroy Anos, Militia confronted him before he attacked her in an attempt to revert her back to emotionless state. Militia overwhelmed him, but during the struggle, Nousgalia was able to seize the magic of Jerga and taunt her since she couldn't create the magic of Eleonore by herself or keep him confined forever as he was necessary for the world to continue to function normally. Militia agreed with him, but she would use her powers to ensure that Eleonore would be born as gentle as possible and told Eleonore that someone in the future would set her free from her fate.

Afterward, she teleported to Delsgade and stored a Creation Star Erial in her sealed sister's body, telling her to remember that she was fighting to change the world. She then created Ennesuone to make sure that the new world she was planning on creating had a gentle order to it, and sent her to the Azure Sky of the Gods to her friend, the Goddess of Birth Wenzel, so that Ennesuone would be fully born.

After that, she used her powers to create the Underground World, as well as the Heaven Pillars Support Swords so that the heavenly canopy wouldn't collapse. Eventually, Militia would partake in the Selection Judgment as Arcana's God of Selection and help her win. Though secretly, her true goal was to destroy the Selection Judgment which had caused countless tragedies to mortals. However, she was fatally injured by Arcana, who was enraged at Militia for attempting to destroy the Selection Judgment, which she interpreted as a betrayal.

Before dying, she turned her divine body into the Gods' Age Science Temple Everastoanzetta and used the magic of Silica on herself. She would eventually be reincarnated as Misha Necron, who retains her affinity with Creation Magic.

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  • Immense Magic Power: As a god, she possesses immense magic power, having a near bottomless magic pool that can only be used up when doing something of extraordinary magnitude.
  • Conceptual Existence: Gods maintain and embody the order and laws of the world.[1]

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  • Moon of Creation <Artieltonoa>: Militia's authority, which freezes her surroundings and all that gazes on it. Afterwards, it comes with the Month of Creation, in which new things are born.
  • Lunar Eclipse of Genesis: A power that Gods of Creation can only use twice in their lifetime. Once at the beginning to create a new world, and another at the end to create the new God of Creation.[2]
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Abernyu, the God of Destruction, was Militia's sister. However, due to some circumstances, they could not meet. Anos theorized that this might've been because Militia's authority was the "Moon of Creation", while Abernyu's was the "Sun of Destruction". When the sun sets, the moon rises, and vice-versa.[3]

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  • Anos described Militia as the person who loves the world more than anyone else.[4]
    • Due to this fact, Militia is one of the few if not the only God who did not participate in the Great War in order to fight against demons but was working on a way to end it peacefully.[4]
  • While Anos was on good terms with some gods, he is shown to consider Militia as his friend, unlike the others.[4]
  • Militia was one of the few people during the Mythical Age that was capable of crossing Four Worlds Wall Beno Yeven, which Anos created by sacrificing his life.[5]


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