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Midhaze (ミッドヘイズ Middoheizu?), alternatively spelt as Midhayes[1], is the city where the Demon King Academy is located at.


Midhaze is a prosperous city with very few trouble.


In the far past, when demons were divided, Midhaze was a highly sought territory. Anos Voldigoad would eventually conquer it and build his own castle there.

Notable Places

Midhaze Shopping District

An area filled with many shops, including the Magic Model Shop "Homeland of the Dragon of Creation" and Cat Cafe "Silver Vine Restaurant". It was probably the busiest neighborhood in the city, with many people and travelers coming and going.[2]

Demon King Academy


The castle of the Demon King of Tyranny, which now serves as an academy for future Demon Lords. Students from all over move to Midhaze just to attend the academy.


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