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There are a lot of things missing and sometimes i don't live up to my students expectations. Bu you know what, Naya? We grow too. We are teachers who are thought by our students and grow with them. So, while he was teaching, you gave him more than a little.
~ Menou to Naya

Menou Historia (メノウ・ヒストリア, Menou Hisutoria) is the homeroom teacher of Class 3-1 at the Demon King Academy. She was temporarily in charge of Anos' class after Emilia's resignation.


She has long ears green hair and eyes. She usually wears a long black robe which reaches to her legs


Menou is kind and headstrong individual. She doesn't let things get to her too easily, is patient and helpful to her students. Additionally is very stubborn too as she refused to let Dilfred, a God infiltrate their academy and even when it was apparent that she stood absolutely no chance she still guarded the academy and endangered her own body and source.


When Revest Aynie was conflicted about of the Demon King of Tyranny, Menou taught him about a side of the Demon King he never knew existed. She told him that the two were probably similar, maybe the Demon King never really wanted to fight, but he had to in order to protect his people. While <Gyze> is magic that is used for war, it also weakens you in order to strengthen your allies.


Hero Academy Arc

She organizes a school exchange for her class and Anos' to the Hero Academy.

Great Spirit Arc

Menou introduces Anos' class to Eldemade Dityjon, their new permanent homeroom teacher. She was later kidnapped by Linka Theournes, but is eventually rescued by the Necron sisters.


  • High Magical Power: Menou has more magic power than Emilia,[1] who was already powerful compared to other demons from the Magical Age.

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