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Melheis Boran (メルヘイス・ボラン Meruheisu Boran?) is one of the Seven Demon Elders created by Anos Voldigoad.


Melheis bears the appearance of an elderly man with long white hair and a full beard. He wears black robes.



2,000 years ago, Anos created 7 demons from his own blood, which would later become known as the Seven Demon Elders, among which was Melheis. After Anos' sacrifice, the seven co-operated with the Hero Kanon to create the fictional Demon King Avos Dilhevia, with the intention of averting humanity's hatred of Anos when he reincarnated. Kanon then fused his sources with 6 out of the 7 demon elders, excluding Melheis since his last remaining source belonged to himself. Since the Elders could not lie to Anos, Kanon erased their memories so that Anos wouldn't discover their plan if they ever came into contact after reincarnating.

When Melheis regained consciousness, he found himself in the Great Spirit Forest Aharthern with no memories of how he got there, thinking he ended up there trying to escape from whoever erased his memory. There, he waited for 100 years before regaining enough power to climb back over to Dilhade. Sometime after returning to the demon nation, Melheis began supporting the unification faction.


Demon Sword Tournament Arc

Melheis kneeling.png

When Misa Ilioroagu brings the reincarnated Anos to him, Melheis falls down to his knees and sheds tears, recognizing his former master through his Magic Eyes. Since Melheis' memories were erased, Anos wasn't able to learn much about Avos Dilhevia or the revised history. That night, Melheis is ambushed by an unknown person, who forces the Demon Sword of Subordination into him and makes him turn against Anos.

After Anos defeats Lay in the tournament finals, Melheis transfers the arena to another dimension where he planned to ambush Anos. However, Lay reveals that he didn't die after being defeated by Anos and helps him against Melheis and the other two Demon Elders waiting for them. This causes Melheis to reveal that he took Lay's mother hostage and that by breaking several gems, he can end her existence as a spirit. To his surprise, both Anos and Lay tell him that he can kill her, confusing Melheis long enough for Lay to break into the dimension where she was held at.

Melheis attacking Lay and Anos.png

Melheis then enters a portal to a safe space and fires Beno Yeven at Anos and also towards Lay and his mom, forcing Anos to use additional magic power to protect the two. As Anos begins exhausting his magic power, Melheis starts to gloat about the inevitability of their defeat but is shocked when Lay uses his mother's spirit sword form to slash through Beno Yeven, his "Dimensional Prison" sub-space, and eventually scratch his face with the sword slash.

Nevertheless, Melheis boasts that even if his Beno Yeven was erased, he has more than enough reserves left. But suddenly, Anos appears behind him by tracking the spirit sword's scratch on his cheek. Melheis quickly gets away and traps him inside of a Beno Yeven silo before detonating it. He gloats about his victory but is shocked to see that Anos survived the explosion.

Melheis loses his legs.png

Anos summons Venuzdonoa and explains that after reincarnating, he could only access 1/10 of his magic power; but thanks to the effects of the Spirit Drain Ring and Beno Yeven, his Source of Destruction was awakened, and he regained all of his magic power. He then sends a sword slash from Venuzdonoa towards Melheis, who successfully dodges the attack. However, his legs are suddenly cut from his body, as he was still slashed because Venuzdonoa destroyed the reason that avoiding the attack meant dodging it.

Anos destroying the Demon Sword of Subordination.png

Despite Melheis' resistance, Anos is able to repeal all of his attacks and use Venuzdonoa to pierce into his skull to destroy the device embedded inside of him. Melheis regains control of himself and explains what happened to him after meeting with Anos. He also summons Gaios Anzem and Ydol Anzeo, who were killed by Lay earlier, allowing Anos to separate their sources from the sources that were controlling them.

When Anos tries to revive the latter ones in order to extract information about Avos Dilhevia, an unknown figure appears to destroy them after breaking into the Dimension Prison, which Melheis states shouldn't be possible. After the figure left, Anos instructs Melheis to resurrect Gaios and Ydol, as well as to undo the Dimension Prison so that they could return to the real world.

Hero Academy Arc

The day before the school expedition to Azeshion, Anos calls Melheis to discuss the recent events and notes that Melheis was the only one of the Seven Demon Elders whose source wasn't fused and taken over. After they speculate about Avos Dilhevia's motives, Melheis urges Anos to be cautious over his upcoming inter-academy exchange, as the Hero Academy was suspicious due to the fact that they were training reincarnated Heroes long after the Great War had ended.

Eiyan Hill.png

After Avos Dilhevia declares war on Azeshion, Anos gathers his friends and close aides. Melheis was among the four Demon Elders who were on Anos' side, and they follow him to where Avos' army was stationed at. While Anos heads towards the main castle, Melheis and the others stay to fight the other three Demon Elders who sided with Avos.

Melheis protecting the Demon King Castle.png

Melheis later reappears to provide an extra layer of security to the Demon King Castle that is sheltering both the Demon and Human armies from Jerga's wrath. He casts Azeisis to isolate the castle to another dimension, preventing outside attacks from affecting it, but leaves the entrance open so that wounded could enter. When everything was over, Anos teleports everyone back to Dilhade.

Great Spirit Arc


  • Great Magic Power: As one of the Seven Demon Elders, Melheis possesses a large amount of magic power, with his strength being acknowledged by most demons of the Magical Age.
  • Shapeshifting: Melheis has shown that he could transform into an Ural Owl. He used this ability to spectate Anos and Lay's match, waiting for the right moment to attack.


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Weapons and Equipment

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Anos Voldigoad

His master.



  • He is the strongest of the Seven Demon Elders, as Anos comments that Melheis has enough power to compete with strong opponents from the Mythical Age.[3]


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