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Melheis Boran (メルヘイス・ボラン, Meruheisu Boran) is one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors created by Anos Voldigoad.




2,000 years ago, Anos created 7 demons from his own blood, which would later become known as the Seven Elder Demon Emperors and among them was Melheis. After Anos's sacrifice, the Seven Elder Demon Emperors co-operated with the Hero Kanon to create the fictional Demon King Avos Dilhevia, with the intention of averting humanity's hatred from Anos when he reincarnated. Since they couldn't lie to Anos, Kanon fused six of his roots with 6 out of the 7 elder demon emperors, excluding Melheis, and erased their memories so that if they came in contact with Anos when he had reincarnated, he would not know about Kanon's plan.

When Melheis regained consciousness, he found himself in the Great Spirit Forest Aharthern with no memories of how he got there, thinking he ended up there trying to escape from whoever erased his memory. Then, he waited for 100 years before regaining enough power to climb back over to Dilhaide. Sometime after returning to Dilhaide, Melheis began supporting the unification faction.


Magic Sword Tournament Arc

After Misa Ilioroagu brought the reincarnated Anos to Melheis, he fell down to his knees and shed tears, recognizing his former master through his demon eyes. But with Melheis's memories erased, Anos wasn't able to learn much about Avos Dilhevia or the revised history. At night, he was ambushed by an unknown person, who forced the Sword of Subordination into Melheis and made him turn against Anos.

After Anos defeated Lay in the tournament finals, Melheis revealed himself and sent them to another dimension where he planned on ambushing Anos. However, Lay didn't die after being defeated by Anos and helps him against Melheis, causing the latter to reveal that he took Lay's mom hostage and that by breaking several gems, he can end her existence as a spirit. But both Anos and Lay told Melheis that he could kill her, creating enough confusion for Lay to break in to the dimension where she was held at. Melheis then fires Beno Yeven at Lay and his mom to force Anos to divert more magic power to protect the two.


  • Shapeshifting: Melheis has shown that he could transform into an Ural Owl. He used this ability to spectate Anos and Lay's match, waiting for the right moment to attack.


See: Magic

  • Dimensional Prison <Azeisis>: A spell that's able to stop time from the outside beforehand and isolates the target in another dimension. Only an extremely powerful magic user can force themselves in the Dimensional Prison.[1]
  • Demon Restriction Chain <Gijel>: Magic that binds the target with magical chains.[2]

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Anos Voldigoad




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