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This is the Maou Gakuin Wiki's Guidelines. Below is a suggested set of rules to follow when editing this wiki. Administrators of this wiki should read these rules and adapt them as necessary.


  • If any user reverts your edit, secure the reason for it first. If you believe that your edit was needed and was reverted unnecessarily, approach an admin for help.
  • Do not make personal attacks on other people. If you need to criticize another user’s argument, do so without attacking them as a person. Do not use bigoted language, including slurs that degrade another person or group of people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc.
  • Be a productive member of the wiki. Contribute to the wiki in line with the established processes and conventions. Need help? Ask an administrator! Disrupting the wiki with “edit warring” over differing opinions of a topic with another user or group of users is not productive.
  • Do not engage in excessive self-promotion. The wiki is a collaborative community resource for the topic at hand. It is NOT a free place to advertise your related website, YouTube channel, blog, social media account, etc. Have a question about whether your link would be welcome? Ask an administrator!
  • Do not harass other users. If somebody asks you to stop posting certain content on their wall, respect their wishes. It is their wall.
  • Do follow the community manual of style. When a community has established formatting, it’s important to adhere to that, especially when spoiler content is involved.


  • If another user has frequently vandalized the wiki, report it to an admin.
  • Do not make pointless articles or fill articles with nonsense content.
  • Editing a wiki page to the point of nothing will get you banned.
  • Do not disrupt the wiki's content to the point it obstructs or defeats the purpose of the wiki. This is an English wikia, so pages need to be written in English.
  • Do not change words to swear words or gibberish.

Styling Guide

  • If you need to add spoilers, do so with the following templates:
    • {{SpoilerAlert}} gives the whole page a spoiler warning. Do so when there are unmarked spoilers.
    • {{SpoilerSection}} hides an entire section.
    • {{Blur}} hides a single sentence or paragraph. For multiple paragraphs, use {{SpoilerSection}}.
  • Characters who appeared before Volume 11, unless they appeared during or after, should not have the "world" field in their character infobox. This is to prevent spoilers.
  • Spell names should be written with italics to differentiate them from regular text. For example, Eleonore the person vs. Eleonore the spell.

Blocking Policy