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Magic Sword Tournament Arc Visual

Magic Sword Tournament Arc (魔剣大会編, Maken Taikai-hen) is the second arc of Maō Gakuin no Futekigōsha series.




Participants Results
Anos Voldigoad vs. Gaios Anzem Anos breaks Gaios's sword in half
Lay Glanzudlii vs. Ydol Anzeo
Sasha and Misha vs. Misa Ilioroagu
Anos Voldigoad vs. Lay Glanzudlii Anos defeats Lay with a wooden stick.
Anos Voldigoad vs. Krut Ludowell Anos defeats Krut in one minute
Lay Glanzudlii vs. Madra Shenson
Anos Voldigoad vs. Lay Glanzudlii Anos and Lay thrusts their swords at each other, with Anos secretly releasing Lay from his curse located at his Root.
Anos and Lay vs. Melheis Boran Anos defeats Melheis with Venuzdonoa and releases him from Avos Dilhevia's control.


  • The Unitary is introduced.
  • Lay and Misa joined Anos's group.
  • Emilia has been made reincarnated as a mixed-blood by Anos.
  • Anos won the Magic Sword Tournament.



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