This page will cover various magic found in the Maō Gakuin no Futekigōsha's series.

Demon Magic

Root Magic

Reincarnation <Silica>

The highest level of root magic.

Basically, the caster can be reborn in the next era and inherit all the abilities and memories of their previous life. However, if the caster is not good at root magic, memories, and abilities may not be fully transferred. Most of the demons 2000 years ago could probably cast it.

Root Reproduction <Agronemut>

Originating from the enemy's attack and your root, return the root to the state where you did not receive the attack. Normally, if the root disappears, you can't use magic, so just before hitting the opponent's attack, send Root Reproduction <Agronemut> magic to the future with Time Manipulation <Lebaido>.

In order to originate from the opponent's attack, you must know the opponent's attack, so you can use it only from the second time.

Origin Magic

Leorig Using Origin Magic

Leorig using <Girasd>

Demon Black Storm Emperor <Girasd>

Origin magic. By borrowing magical power from the past, it will generate ultra-high powered black thunder.

Time Manipulation <Lebaido>

The time goes back locally from the object. If you try to tamper with the past itself, not locally, you will be attacked by "Eugo La Raviaz, the Guardian God of Time," who keeps the order of time.

Hell Flame Binding Magic Circle <Zora E Dipto>

Origin magic that builds up a magical technique to stab the enemy while simultaneously blocking the movements and magic of the enemy.

Demon King Castle Summon <Delzogade>

This great magic that moves the Demon King Castle Delzogade, capable of emitting enormous magic power because it was originally a fixed magic tool, which was certainly impossible 2,000 years ago.

However, origin magic is older, and by borrowing from an entity with greater magical power, it is possible to produce extraordinary results.

If we borrowed power from Delzogade 2,000 years ago, it is not impossible to summon Delzogade of this era, which has a close relationship with it.


Growth <Crest>

Magic to grow your own look. 2,000 years ago, it was common to use the magic of “growth” during reincarnation, but in the Magical Age, it was advanced magic. In addition to growing, you can also rejuvenate.

Anos and Zepes Zect

Anos and Zepes casting Zect

Contract <Zect>

Magic used to keep the promise with the opponent. The price of a breach of contract is paid with life. However, if there is too much difference in magic power, it can be unilaterally discarded.

Creation Magic

Magic which allows the user to produce things that already exist in the world.

Demon Eyes

An ability which allows him to see the blood inside others, the flow of magic power, and see things far away.

Sasha.Demon Eyes

Sasha's Demon Eyes of Destruction

Demon Eyes of Destruction

Magic allows the owner to disintegrate whatever they look at including their opponents' minds and magic itself. It also allows them to put anyone they look at to sleep.

Anos reviving Zepes

Anos reviving Zepes

Resurrection <Ingal>

Even if you lose your life, you can resurrect without risk by using it within 3 seconds. "This is the so-called three-second rule" was Anos' iron plate gag 2,000 years ago. It requires blood to build.

Anti-Resurrection <Lu Ingal>


Anos casting <Iglum> on Zepes

Prevents resurrection. As long as the effect works, even if there is a magical difference, <Resurrection Ingal> will not work.

Zombie <Iglum>

Revive the dead as zombies. Instead of experiencing the pain of hatred when you die, you gain enormous magic.

Gio Graze

Sasha's Team using <Geo Graze>

Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar <Geo Graze>

The jet-black sun attacks your opponent like a comet. Has the highest power among fire magic. In the Mythical Age, one caster could use multiple <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar>, but in the Magical Age, 20 people could only reach a 20% success rate.

Fire attribute magic is as follows from weak:

<Flame (Grega)>


Zepes using <Gresde>

<High-temperature Flame (Gusgum)>

<Demon Flame (Gresde)>

<Black Burning Flame (Griad)>

<Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar (Geo Graze)>

Water Absolute Annihilation Mortar <Rio Eias>


Anos using <Gatom>

Teleportation <Gatom>

Magic developed by Anos for demons to teleport 2000 years ago. It is a magic that has been lost in modern times, probably because there were few users.

Activating a magic formula is surprisingly easy, but it is difficult to incorporate the current location and destination into the magic formula. If the magic field is disturbed, it takes more time to incorporate it and it will become unusable unless it takes time.

Anos Redraws Gyze Magic Circle

Anos redraws the <Guys> magic circle.

Demon King Army <Guys>

There are seven positions: King, Guardian, Mage, Healer, Summoner, Cavalier, and Shaman. As the Demon King continues to supply magical effects and magical power, the overall combat power (magical power) of the group is improved. While in use, the Demon King, who continues to supply magic power, is basically weakened.

Dark Area Demon King Army <Demera Guys>

Thought Communication <Leaks>

Enable conversations with distant parties. If there is too much difference between the skills of the users, there is a possibility of interception. If it is difficult to connect for various reasons, you can connect by connecting the magic line with Demon King Army <Guys>.

Demon Training <Azheb>

Recollection <Evi>

You can remember any distant memories of the past. However, memories that you can't recall are not things that are completely forgotten but completely lost.

Je Gum

<Je Gum> magic circle

Mix and Assimilate <Je Gum>

The magic power of different wavelengths is combined to increase the magic power by a factor of ten or more. The disadvantage is that the duration is short, but with the advice of Anos, the duration is a hundred times.


Misha using Creative Architecture <Ibis>

Creative Architecture <Ibis>

Various things can be created. The Demon King Army's Guardian creates castles and various barriers. The magic that Misha is best at.

Sasha casting <Rent> on Misha.

Condition <Rent>

You can incorporate linked events by adding conditions.

Healing <Ento>

Heal wounds.

Anti-magic Healing <Enshell>

Past Modification <Ingdu>

It changes the past.

Illusion Mimicry <Rainel>

Show a vision of what is in front of you. As an example, it is possible to prevent yourself from being recognized in combination with <Hidden Magic (Najira)>.

Hidden Magic <Najira>

Hides all magic power.


Sasha using Flight <Fless>

Flight <Fless>

To fly. If the magic field is disturbed, it consumes a lot of magic power, it is difficult to use, and sometimes it can not be used.

Underwater Activities <Koko>

Allows working underwater.

Soul and Body Division <Delga>

Separation and Fusion Reincarnation <Dino Jekses>

Magic which was invented by Ivis to create a vessel for the Founder to reincarnate into. Originally split one thing into two. For example, one personality can be divided into two. However, those who have separated will eventually become one. Misha and Sasha use this magic to combine into one, called Aisha.


The Magic Clock

Magic Clock <Tell>

Super high-performance clock. When the world stops, it stops.

Root Synchronization <Zeksis>

It uses magic developed by Sasha to alter the wavelength of magic. But the essence is not just the wavelength, but the change from the root to another. High difficulty magic.

Nominative Change <Dert>

To swap the roots of two people.

Thought Domain <Liknos>

Read the thoughts of those within a certain range. If there is no magic difference, it can be prevented by anti-magic.

Thought Disturbance <Edoro>

To hinder people using Thought Domain <Liknos>.

Traces <Maize>

The position of an object can be tracked with a demon eye by leaving a trace of magic power. However, it cannot be used by ordinary people because it is cannot be seen without evil eyes.

Distant Clairvoyance <Limnet>

Project a distant object onto a screen.

Dimensional Prison <Azeisis>

Demon Restriction Chain <Gijel>

Armed Reinforcement <Adeshin>

To strengthen the weapons.

Oblivion <Neria>

Four Worlds Wall <Beno Yeven>

The wall that divided the world into four 2,000 years ago. It was made by combining the magic power of the God of Creation, the Great Spirit, the Hero, and the Demon King. It rejects everything and destroys them. However, Melheis has taken it before it disappears 1,000 years ago.

Origin Conversion <Lilia>

Allow to join the origins of two people and transfer some of one of their power to the other.

Tainted Poison Curse <Dienu>

A poison that hides in demon magic power. It erodes the root of the person who takes it in, erodes the body, and ruins the magic organs in the body.

Seal Curse Bond Recovery Solution <Rael Ente>

The magic that solves seal, curse, and bond.

Demon Curse <Deguz Zegd>

A curse that causes the opponent's magic power to run away on its place, leading to death.

All Magic Power Complete Healing <Ei Sheal>

Restraint Demon Chain <Gijel>

Unlock <Di>

Root Equal Division Fusion <Je Dishaisis>

Demon Materialization <Nedora>

Magic converses animals to demon materials. It uses animal nature and demon nature that exist in animals' roots. Humans that have sense are hard to materialize, but not impossible. There are individual differences.

When humans turn into demons, it is a little different from other animals, probably because of their high intelligence. The desire, malice, and hate of the human being appear in their outward appearance.

Root Kill <Bebbzud>

Magic allows touching the root directly.

Wind Wave <Shura>

Order Stealing <Ji Shenz>

The magic that Eldemade developed 2,000 years ago to seize Nousgalia's order.

Suffocation <Indol>

Demon Rock Falling Star Bullet <Gear Gleas>

Innumerable magic stones pouring down like the stars falling.

Hell Water Destruction Waterfall <Rio Edram>

Chase <Enoy>

The magic that traces the whereabouts of the opponent.

Reason Creation Image <Ednica>

Allow someone to see their future vision. Based on that illusionary ideal and part of their roots, and add magic power to recreate their potential. It embodies the ideal of power and skill, but it is not possible to reproduce thought. No matter how much magic you give, it doesn't make you smarter or accumulate knowledge. It's a bunch of pure combat techniques.

Causal Summons <Literude>

Calls god.

Possession Summon <Azept>

Demon Quake <Dias>

Extreme Hell Destruction Ash Demon Mortar <Egil Grone Angdroa>

Destruction magic, the magic that Anos is the best at. Burn what is supposed to burn, destroy what is supposed to perish, and turn the whole world into ashes. The reason why this magic, which exceeds <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar>, is not positioned as the highest class of magic in the fire attribute is that only Anos can use it, and despite being in the form of a flame, it is totally another thing.

Human Magic

Hero Troops <Asura>

There are seven positions: Hero, Wiseman, Mage, Healer, Summoner, Cavalier, and Shaman. <Hero Troops Asura> distributes the magical power to the Brave. <Guys> focuses on castle building and defense whereas <Asura> was developed to destroy the castle. Sanctuary <Asuk> turns your companion’s hearts into magic power and enables you to fight against powerful demons with the power it gives you.

Lock Barrier <Degit>

Holy Flame <Cypher>

Four Connection Seal <De Ejeria>

Reduces the demons' power and enhances humans' power. One of the effects is healing magic. Within this barrier, as long as you don't die, your wounds will heal instantly.

In order to maintain the barrier, the caster must constantly send magic power to the barrier.

Four Connection Chain <De Ejade>

Four Connection Cage <De Ejenks>

Earthquake Barrier <Agoras>

Barrier magic that binds the demons' feet by an earthquake and deprives them of their power.

Great Victory of Holy Flame <Cyfio>

Eight Holy Flame Barrier <Zagard>

Holy Flame Armor <Destoa>

By pretending to be defensive magic and pin down the opponent as it is, a barrier that seals the demons' magic power is formed. Most of the magic power of the captured demons are blocked.

Ablaze Holy Flame Barrier <Bardisd>

Holy Sea Guardian Barrier <Bestoreto>

Holy Sea Guardian Enchantment <Lega Indrea>

Holy Sea Guardian Curse Wall <Liard Anzemla>

Sanctuary <Asuk>

Great magic that can unite people's hearts and transform their hopes and wishes into magic power.

Ablaze Light Mortar Sanctuary <Theo Trias>

The holy magic power collected in <Sanctuary Asuk> is turned into shells and shoot at once, this is the strongest light attribute magic of the heroes.

Root Destruction Light Burst <Gavel>

A hero's curse forces to releases all the magic powers of the root and causes a light magic explosion. This is abandoned magic, commonly called a root explosion, which is self-destruction magic. Let alone their lives, it even throws away even the possibilities of the afterlife, and the magic powers of the generations that should have to continue is exploded in this magic. The power is far beyond the range that the caster can handle.

Love Sanctuary <Theo Asuk>

Root Womb <Eleanor>

Humanoid magic created from one of Jerga's roots, use to produce other root clones, like Diego and Zeshia.

Demon Condemnation <Jerga>

Spirit Magic

Spirit Rain Mist <Fuska>

God Magic

Moon of creation

The magic that can freeze people.

Future Word Crystal <Kandaquizorte>

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