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This page covers the various magic spells found in The Misfit of Demon King Academy.

* Please note that this is not a complete list and many spells are not listed.


General Magic

Source Magic

Sources are the concepts of existence of all living things. Physical attacks and most spells are unable to touch/affect the source, only certain spells can.


(転生(シリカ), Shirika, lit. "Reincarnation")

The highest level of source magic. It allows the caster to be reborn and inherit all the abilities and memories of their previous life. However, if the caster is not skilled with source magic, their memories and abilities may not be fully intact. The time it takes to reincarnate depends on the caster's magic power and lifespan. Humans reincarnate relatively quickly due to their short lifespans, while demons can take several millenia.

Azheb 2.png


(魔族錬成(アズヘブ), Azuhebu, lit. "Demon Training")

Enhanced source magic that can instantly reincarnate a person in a totally different physical form. Azheb also allows the source to retain the person's previous incarnation's personality and memories.


(母胎転生(ギジェリカ), Gijerika, lit. "Uterine Reincarnation")

An evolved version of Silica. It is a spell that stimulates the evolution of a source using the womb, which transfers the power of the womb or influences the source, thus causing it to mutate. Originally, it could be used with humans and demons but was incompatible with gods. However, that flaw was corrected after Graham enlisted the aid of Scarlet Monument King Gilisiris Dello.


(分魂分体(ディエルガ), Dieruga, lit. "Divided Soul Divided Body")

A spell that splits one person's source and body into two. Eventually, the separated parts will return to one, leaving only the original personality. It is a difficult spell to cast with a lower success rate if it isn't used on a fetus.[1]

Dino Jixes

(分離融合転生(ディノ・ジクセス), Dino Jikusesu, lit. "Separation and Fusion Reincarnation")

A spell that was invented by Ivis Necron in order to create a vessel for the Founder to reincarnate into. It was used on Sasha to make her more powerful. Dino Jixes is created by combining the formulas of Dielga and fusion magic. After using Dielga to split a person into two, fusion magic can be used to fuse them back together with their magic power amplified several hundred times. The flaw of fusion magic is its limited duration but because the two people were originally one person, fusion magic cannot separate them again.[1]

Sasha and Misha can use Dino Jixes to combine into Aisha. At first, the Necron sisters needed the assistance of their ancestor Ivis to fuse, but after becoming stronger, they could fuse by themselves.



(根源同調(ゼクシズ), Zekushizu, lit. "Source Synchronization")

A spell that was developed by Sasha Necron since her childhood that allows the caster to match their magic wavelength to someone else's down to the source level. Since Dino Jixes distinguishes Sasha from Misha by their magic wavelength, Sasha used Zexis to match her magic wavelength with Misha's, making it impossible for Dino Jixes to tell who's the original.



(主格交代(デルト), Deruto, lit. "Nominative Change")

A spell intended to be used alongside Zexis that would make Misha the real entity instead of Sasha. The only condition is that Misha must completely reject Sasha. But in truth, the spell doesn't need Zexis or any conditions to work and the only reason Sasha needs it is because her low magic power and limited skills.



(根源変換(リリア), Riria, lit. "Source Conversion")

A spell that joins the source of two people and transfers some power from one to the other. This includes both magic power and spirit energy. It was created by Anos during his visit to Sheila Glanzudlii.

Ji Gulua

(根源分離(ジ・グルア), Ji Gurua, lit. "Source Separation")

A spell that Anos used to separate Gaios and Ydol's own sources from those of Avos's subordinates.


(根源擬装(ナーズ), Nāzu, lit. "Source Camouflage")

A spell that disguises the nature of one's source, as it is possible to conceal user's identity by disguising the characteristics of the source or make the source have a wavelength that matches other species. If the user is proficient, they can, for instance make their source have the same wavelength as gods.



(根源死殺(ベブズド), Bebuzudo, lit. "Source Kill")

A spell that allows the caster to directly touch someone's source, allowing them to manipulate, injure, and destroy it. Just a small scratch from Bebesd is extremely painful. A pain that surpasses all the pain in the world combined is felt when the source is hurt. The pain is akin to one's death, the death of their next life, and their next one, and so on for all eternity, all gathered in one single spot.

Anos reviving Zepes.png


(蘇生(インガル), Ingaru, lit. "Resurrection")

A spell that resurrects the dead after offering a drop of blood. As long as it is used within three seconds after the target's death, the target may be restored with essentially no drawbacks or degradation. This so-called "three-second rule" was Anos' iron plate gag 2,000 years ago.

It became infinitely easier to cast after the Sun of Destruction was taken by Anos Voldigoad and turned into Delsgade, as it couldn't destroy things that were meant to be destroyed or killed anymore.

Anos philosophically questions if Ingall resurrects someone as the same person as before, or if they are now someone in a new physical form, but with the same exact personality, memories and body, which would make the spell similar to the source magic, Azheb.

Lu Ingall

(反蘇生(ル・インガル), Ru Ingaru, lit. "Anti-Resurrection")

A spell that prevents Ingall and also requires offering of a drop of blood. As long as the effect works, even if there is a magical difference, Ingall will not work.

Zepes turns into a zombie.png


(腐死(イグルム), Igurumu, lit. "Rotten Death")

A spell that resurrects the dead as zombies. Those who have been resurrected gain immense magic power. In exchange, their bodies burn with hatred for their killers, and the pain of their wounds torment them for eternity.

Gore Gulum

(腐死鬼兵隊(ゴア・グルム), Goa Gurumu, lit. "Ghoul Soldier")

An improved version of Igram. It turns people into soldiers who are stronger and faithful to their orders. The soldiers' sources will turn rotten.

Origin Magic

A type of magic that borrows power from an older and stronger existence. However, the older it is, the more uncertain its existence becomes, which makes its power difficult to control. Thus the best way of using origin magic is to clearly know the existence which one is borrowing power from, or from an object which they have an affinity with. By its very nature of borrowing power from the origin, origin magic by definition cannot affect the origin itself. Despite being widely known in the Mythical Age, in the modern Magical Age its knowledge and use is exclusively given to Demon Royalty. Origin magic was developed by Anos Voldigoad.

Leorig Using Origin Magic.png


(魔黒雷帝(ジラスド), Jirasudo, lit. "Magic Black Thunder Emperor")

Origin magic that gathers black lightning on the caster's hand, increasing in size and power until it becomes a destructive typhoon.

Ji Noavs

(殲黒雷滅牙(ジ・ノアヴス), Ji Noavusu, lit. "Annihilation Black Thunder Fang")

Origin magic that releases black lightning that mercilessly clings onto its target and tears into their source until they are destroyed. It is activated by inserting Jirasd into an magic circle drawn with ancient magic characters.



(時間操作(レバイド), Rebaido, lit. "Time Manipulation")

Origin magic that allows the caster to manipulate the local time of objects and spells. If you try to tamper with the past itself, not locally, you will be confronted by Eugo La Raviaz, the Guardian God of Time, who watches over the Order of Time.


(時間遡航(レヴァロン), Revaron, lit. "Time Reversal")

The enhanced version of Rivide. It circumvents the 100 year limitation of Rivide in travelling to the past. It enables the caster to interact with past events and directly manipulate the past. The caster cannot cause or prevent major events that contradict with the present, otherwise any changes will be discarded and the spell will be canceled. Anos used Revalon with the help of Time God's Scythe to travel back 2,000 years in the past.


(過去改変(イングドゥ), Ingudu, lit. "Past Modification")

A spell that solidifies changes to the past made by Rivide.



(根源再生(アグロネムト), Aguronemuto, lit. "Source Regeneration")

Origin magic that uses the enemy's attack as its origin to revive the source. The caster must know the enemy's attack beforehand, only making Agronemut usable from the second attack onwards. If the caster intends to revive their source, Agronemut must be sent to the future using Rivide, so that it can regenerate the source after its destruction because magic cannot be cast without the source.[2]

Zora E Dipto.png

Zora E Dipto

(獄炎鎖縛魔法陣(ゾーラ・エ・ディプト), Zōra E Diputo, lit. "Hell Flame Binding Chains Magic Formation")

Origin magic that seals the enemy's movement and magic power, and at the same time, builds up a magical formula to finish them off.[2]

Summon Delzogade.png


(魔王城召喚(デルゾゲード), Deruzogēdo, lit. "Demon King Castle Summon")

Origin magic that summons the Demon King Castle Delsgade, a three-dimensional magic formation that emits an enormous amount of magic power. It was impossible to move Delsgade 2,000 years ago because it was originally a fixed magical tool. But with origin magic, in which power is borrowed from an older entity with greater magic power, it is possible to produce extraordinary results. If power is borrowed from Delsgade 2,000 years ago, it is possible to summon Delsgade of the current era, which is closely related with it.

Anos can only use Venuzdonoa within his Demon King Castle, but he can summon his castle anytime he wishes in exchange for using up a lot of his magic power.

Egil Grone Angdroa

(極獄界滅灰燼魔砲(エギル・グローネ・アングドロア), Egiru Gurōne Angudoroa, lit. "Extreme Hell World Destruction Ash Magic Mortar")

Anos' world-destroying magic. Origin magic that unleashes apocalyptic flames that burn, destroy and reduce everything to ashes. It borrows power from the past God of Creation and God of Destruction of the world, from the past caster themselves, and also adds the power of the present caster to it. It burns what should not be burned, destroys what should not be destroyed, and reduces the entire universe to ashes. The reason why this magic isn't positioned as the highest level of flame attribute magic is because it only has the form of a flame, but is actually a completely different thing, and is more properly positioned as destruction attribute magic.[3] If the apocalyptic flames are not controlled, it unleash the power to destroy hundreds and thousands of worlds.[4] Origin magic is difficult to control and because this spell uses two gods as part of its origin, it is even more difficult. Instead, Anos lets the magic of the God of Creation and God of Destruction run rampant without limit in order to stabilize the spell.[5]

Aviastan Jiara

(焦死焼滅燦火焚炎(アヴィアスタン・ジアラ), Aviasutan Jiara, lit. "Kindled Blazing Incineration Flame")

Originally developed by Sorcerer King Bomiras, after many reincarnations and thousands of years of research. It is flame attribute magic that boasts even higher power than Jio Graze which was previously thought to be the highest level of flame attribute magic. However, it requires turning the caster's body into flames. Later, Anos improves the formula of Aviastan Jiara and removes its requirement of turning the caster's body turning into flames. On the other hand, it became origin magic. Anos often uses Aviastan Jiara to clad his limbs in shining black flames and superimposes Aviastan Jiara on other spells such as Bebesd and Jirasd.

Creation Magic

Magic that allows the caster to create things that already exist in the world, including physical representations of memories. It can also create objects, clothing, and architecture.


(創造建築(アイリス), Airisu, lit. "Creative Construction")

Iris can be used to create various things; from large castles to jewelry and articles of clothing. Other than Anos, Misha is extremely skilled in the use of Iris.


(創造芸術建築(アストラステラ), Asutorasutera, lit. "Creative Artistic Construction")

A spell that enables the user to create and re-create an object in a new and beautiful way.


(食料生成(ロウズ), Rōzu, lit. "Food Creation")

Los can be used to create various kinds of food, such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, as well as even wine. The process of conversion of magic is inefficient and the magic formula is extremely complex. In the Magical Age, where food is abundant there is no point in trying to learn this spell. But during the Mythical Age, where it was sometimes possible to simply not be able to procure any food, this spell proved invaluable in order to avoid starvation.

Life Magic



(治癒(エント), Ento, lit. "Healing")

Magic that heals wounds.



(抗魔治癒(エンシェル), Ensheru, lit. "Anti-Magic Healing")

Magic that heals wounds, but it's currently unknown what sets it apart from Ent.

Ei Sheal

(総魔完全治癒(エイ・シェアル), Ei Shearu, lit. "All Magic Complete Healing")

Effectively the greatest and most powerful version of Ent, it reverses and heals all damage done to the afflicted.


(解毒(イース), Īsu, lit. "Detoxification")

A magic spell that removes poison from the body. It can also be used to remove alcohol.[6]

Growth -Crest-.jpg


(成長(クルスト), Kurusuto, lit. "Growth")

Magic that allows one to age their own body. 2,000 years ago, Kurst was commonly used during reincarnation to quickly attain a useful body, but in the modern Magical Age, it is advanced magic.


(逆成長(クルスラ), Kurusura, lit. "Reverse Growth")

Magic that has the opposite effect of Kurst and reverses a person's own physical age instead.

Thought Magic



(思念通信(リークス), Rīkusu, lit. "Thought Communication")

Enables long-distance communication and mind reading. If there is too much difference between the skills of the users, there is a possibility of being intercepted even if encrypted. If there is difficulty establishing a connection, one can also use Gyze to establish a line.


(思念領域(リクノス), Rikunosu, lit. "Thought Domain")

Magic that allows the caster to read the thoughts of those within a certain range. If there is no magic difference, it can be prevented by anti-magic.


(追憶(エヴィ), Evi, lit. "Recollection")

A spell that can evoke memories, even those of the distant past. Memories that have been erased cannot be recalled with Eviy.


(忘却(ネリア), Neria, lit. "Memory Lapse")

Magic that erases memories of the target.

Transportation Magic



(飛行(フレス), Furesu, lit. "Flight")

Magic that allows the user to fly. If the magic field is disturbed, Fless consumes a lot of magic power, becomes difficult to use, and sometimes it can not be used at all.



(転移(ガトム), Gatomu, lit. "Transition")

A spell that connects two spaces for instantaneous movement. It was developed by Anos during the Mythical Age, though not many people could use it even back then. This was because while it doesn't require much magic power, it is difficult to construct the magic formation. This is simply because the technique must be changed depending on the magical environment that connects the spaces. Therefore, there is no fixed form other than the core in the technique of Gatom, which is the reason why this magic has been lost.[7]

Activating a magic formula is surprisingly easy, but it is difficult to incorporate the current location and destination into the magic formula. If the magic field is disturbed, it takes more time to incorporate it and it will become unusable unless it takes time.


(水中活動(ココ), Koko, lit. "Underwater Activity")

Magic that allows the caster to breathe underwater for as long as they have magic power remaining.

Bi Kini

(至高水着(ビ・キニ), Bi Kini, lit. "Supreme Swimsuit")

Magic that maximizes your underwater mobility. The swimsuit is a magic circle that is constantly exercising magic. No matter how much water flows or how rough the water surface is, you can swim well.[8]

Contract Magic

Anos and Zepes Zect.png


(契約(ゼクト), Zekuto, lit. "Contract")

Magic that is used to keep promises with another person. A breach of contract will cause one's source to self-destruct. If there is a sufficient gap in the magic power of the participants, Zecht may be unilaterally discarded with no consequence.

Loa Zecht

(契約強制(ロア・ゼクト), Roa Zekuto, lit. "Contract Compulsion")

Unlike regular Zecht, Loa Zecht exerts a compulsion effect on those who signed it and makes them perform the action that the contract stipulated.

Lock Magic

Hero Academy's Doors.png


(施錠結界(デジット), Dejitto, lit. "Lock Barrier")

A spell that locks gates and doors, only allowing authorized people to enter.


(解錠(ディ), Di, lit. "Unlock")

A spell that can unlock and open locked gates and doors. To use Di, the caster must have complete knowledge and understanding of the magic structure and formula of the lock.

Tracking Magic


(追跡(エノイ), Enoi, lit. "Tracking")

Magic that tracks the location of the person you attached Enoy to.


(痕跡(メイズ), Meizu, lit. "Trace")

Magic that leaves traces of magic power on the enchanted object, allowing it to be tracked using Magic Eyes.

Illusion Magic


(幻影擬態(ライネル), Raineru, lit. "Illusion Mimicry")

Show a vision of what's in front of you. For example, it is possible to prevent yourself from being recognized by using it alongside Najira.


(秘匿魔力(ナジラ), Najira, lit. "Concealed Magic Power")

Hides all magic power from the user, thus making them undetectable by others unless they have great skill and ability with their Magic Eyes.


(羈束首輪夢現(ネドネリアズ), Nedoneriazu, lit. "Shackle Collar Dream and Reality")

Summons a collar around the neck of the target and puts them into a dream that they will never wake up from, unless they fulfil a certain condition or the caster chooses to release them.

Restriction Magic

Sheila Ep 8.jpeg


(拘束魔鎖(ギジェル), Gijeru, lit. "Magic Restriction Chain")

Magic that binds the target with magical chains.


(覇炎封喰(ヌイジニアス), Nuijiniasu, lit. "Overlord Flaming Seal")

It is a special form of barrier magic that is designed to seal the power and movement of the gods, but it cannot contain beings that aren't gods.

Amplification Magic


(武装強化(アデシン), Adeshin, lit. "Arms Reinforcement")

Magic that strengthens weapons.


(魔眼強化(グリア), Guria, lit. "Magic Eye Enhancement")

Magic that strengthens Magic Eyes.


(活性増幅(ガガリア), Gagaria, lit. "Activity Amplification")

A spell that strengthens and amplifies the body's regenerative power. The body of Nutella De Hiana, the Guardian God of Regeneration, was eroded by Gagalia due to her already extraordinary regenerative capabilities. The excessive regeneration turned into poison.[9]

Borg Wegm

(魔火陽炎地獄(ボルグ・ヴェグム), Borugu Vuegumu, lit. "Hell Magic Flame Heat Haze")

A special type of barrier spell that was developed by Sorcerer King Bomiras Heros. Within the barrier, Bomiras' flame bodies are strengthened and he can create duplicate alter egos on a level that can deceive even Anos' magical eyes.

Gilieriam Naviem

(涅槃七歩征服(ギリエリアム・ナヴィエム), Girieriamu Naviemu, lit. "Nirvana Seven Steps Conquest")

Magic that releases the destructive power condensed at the user's source with each step and raises the level of all power, including magic spells and physical strength. Anos developed the spell after receiving Egil Grone Angdroa at his source from the God of Traces Lieberschneid. If Anos unleashes all seven steps, enough power would be released to destroy the world a thousand times over, and there would still be power to spare.[10] In Anos's fight with the Eques, the aftermath of activating Gilieriam Naviem, before even taking the first step, was enough to completely reduce Gear Sword Vertexfemblem to ashes. The following six steps were able to amplify the effects of basic magic such as Fless, Kurst, Gijel, Sinial, Di, and Grega to such a degree that they could shatter Eques and his Gears of Fate with ease.[11]

Manipulation Magic

I Gneas

(森羅万掌(イ・グネアス), I Guneasu, lit. "All Creation Hand")

Magic that allows the user to ignore physical distances, allowing them to grasp and take hold of anything with a pale, glowing hand. The user is not limited to their number of hands and can grasp numerous objects all at the same time.


(掌握魔手(レイオン), Reion, lit. "Grasping Magic Hand")

High-level Deep magic that was developed by the Two-Laws Tyrant in the Silver Sea. The user coats their hands in layers of special magic that can be used to "catch" magic directed towards them by an enemy, or magic he himself produces. They can then compound said magic multiple times back and forth between their hands to make it many times more powerful before shooting it back at an enemy.



(物体操躯(グイネス), Guinesu, lit. "Object Manipulation")

Magic that manipulates objects like living things. The larger the object, the more difficult it is to operate and the more magic power is required.


(重加(デドン), Dedon, lit. "Mass Increase")

A spell that increases the mass of a target.

Deepening Magic


(深印(ドラム), Doramu, lit. "Deep Mark")

A spell with the same diving attribute as Koko. The formula views the depth of magic as an ocean and dives magic into it, which allows shallow magic to be deepened. The degree of deepening varies greatly depending on the magic. It converts magical attributes and amplifies magic power, therefore increasing the power of the magic to unknown degrees.[12]

Normally, inhabitants of other worlds utilize fire dew as a catalyst to use Drum in worlds that lack the required limited order. However, inhabitants of an "imperfect world" can use an improved formula of Drum without utilizing fire dew as a catalyst in worlds that lack the required limited order. However, immense amounts of magic power are required to substitute fire dew.[12]


(深撃(ゼルス), Zerusu, lit. "Deep Attack")

A spell similar to Drum, but instead of deepening magic, it causes strikes and sword attacks to reach deeper. It is similar to Adesin, but consumes immense amounts of power. This problem can be circumvented by only activating Zels at the moment of impact, when the blade touches its intended target. With this method, Shin can fight using Zels for ten times longer than Lay, despite having similar amounts of magic power.[12][13]

Sound Magic


(魔笛相殺(ゴルドロス), Gorudorosu, lit. "Magic Flute Balancing")

Creates a magical flute, which can be used to counteract other forms of sound attacks.


(音楽演奏(シニアル), Shiniaru, lit. "Music Performance")

It is a spell that plays music. Despite not being attack magic, it can be used to enhance the effects other sounds, which be used as a sound-based attack.


(真空地帯(バドロム), Badoromu, lit. "Vacuum Area")

A spell that creates a vacuum around the area where the user casts it. It can weaken the sound that the other party makes.




(条件(レント), Rento, lit. "Condition")

Magic that sets conditions for activating spells. For example, "B" will activate when "A" occurs.



(魔力時計(テル), Teru, lit. "Magic Clock")

Magic that displays a high-performance clock.


(加護(アルト), Aruto, lit. "Protect")

The magic that protects the target's life. The technique itself judges situations autonomously and utilizes anti-magic, magic barriers, physical strengthening, and other techniques to defend. Highly convenient, but the magic formation is complicated. Also, since the magic power of the target person is used to maintain Alto, if a magical person tries to manipulate the magic power by themselves, the technique will be destroyed and the effect will be lost. Despite the weaknesses in the Mythical Era, there were few who could not control their magic powers. This is the magic that Anos developed for his mother Izabella, after she was attacked by Emilia.


(光源(ジア), Jia, lit. "Light Source")

A spell that creates light



(次元牢獄(アゼイシス), Azeishisu, lit. "Dimensional Prison")

Magic that opens a gate to another dimension, and can also stop time from the outside. Only an extremely powerful magic user can force themselves in the Dimensional Prison.

Beno Yeven.png

Beno Yeven

(四界牆壁(ベノ・イエヴン), Beno Ievun, lit. "Four Worlds Wall")

The wall that separated the four races 2,000 years ago. It was made by combining the magic power of the Goddess of Creation, the Great Spirit, the Hero, and the Demon King. It rejects everything and destroys them, including all magic cast at it. Melheis preserved it inside Azeisis before it disappeared 1,000 years ago. Anos can clad any part of his body with the same wall to act as a protective barrier or to strengthen his attacks.

It is known as Al Yent (四聖結界(アル・イエント), Aru Iento, "Four Holy Barriers") in the human realm, wherein their history, the walls were erected so that the demon race could not attack the other races.


(魔糸(ギレル), Gireru, lit. "Magic Thread")

A spell that creates magical threads.


(仮死(インドル), Indoru, lit. "Apparent Death")

Magic that allows the target to suffer enough damage to die, but only a temporary death.

Ji Shens

(秩序簒奪(ジ・シェンズ), Ji Shenzu, lit. "Order Usurpation")

A magic spell developed by Blaze Death King Eldemade Dityjon and completed by Anos Voldigoad that takes away the divine power possessed by the target. Anos used the spell to transfer Nousgalia's powers to Eldemade.[14]

Gaga Gyonyoru

(因縁契機魔力強奪(ガガ・ギョニヨル), Gaga Gyoniyoru, lit. "Fateful Opportunity Magical Robbery")

A magic spell that robs the target of their magic power. Anos robbed Abernyu of her magic power by using this spell and kissing her.[15]


(暗黒異界魔行路(デドラードネド), Dedorādonedo, lit. "Shadow World Magic Path")

A magic spell developed by the Sorcerer King Bomiras Heros, which creates a twisted otherworldly space and brings those who enter it from another place. It allows him to absorb and redirect enemy attacks by storing them in the space and then redirecting them by opening a portal with a magic circle. While the interior of the dimension is almost infinite, the downside is that the entrance is not as large, thus allowing it to be blocked if a large enough object is stored in the entrance.

Glaze Avnel

(火加延焼獄炎体(グレイズ・アヴネル), Gureizu Avuneru, lit. "Hellfire Flame-Spreading Body")

A magic spell developed by Sorcerer King Bomiras Heros that uses multiple Jio Graze to spread flames in order to increase his size and become a large fire giant.


(次元門番(バロイカ), Baroika, lit. "Dimension Gatekeeper")

A magic spell developed by Anos that imitates Eges Code's Blood Frontier Gates created by Dihiddoatem. It distorts space and time and can send objects to another dimension.


(理創像(エドニカ), Edonika, lit. "Reason Creation Image")

Creates a doppelgänger of a person based on their future self, as the doppelgänger is based of targets' illusionary ideal and part of their source, which is created via magic to recreate their potential. It embodies the ideal of power and skill, but it is not possible to reproduce thought. No matter how much magic you give, it doesn't make you smarter or accumulate knowledge. It's a bunch of pure combat techniques. As the target of Ednica fights their doppelgänger and they grow in power, their future ideal evolves with them. However, it is impossible to aim for an ideal the far surpasses the targets' capabilities. After fighting against against their doppelgänger finishes, the split source returns to the target, it will further increase their power.


(波身蓋然顕現(ヴェネジアラ), Venejiara, lit. "Wavy Body Possibility Manifestation")

Magic which turns possibilities into reality. With it, contradictory events and actions can exist simultaneously. For example, the user can stand still while a possible version of themselves, with the same amount of power, moves to a different location. Furthermore, the spell can be activated multiple times increasing the amount of alternative versions of oneself. With this spell, Anos was able to unsheath Livaingirma without destroying his source. He made the possibility of drawing the sword and not drawing the sword into reality at the same time. [16]


(黒鞘(ジルマ), Jiruma, lit. "Black Sheath")

A magic spell that was developed to counter the Spirit God Human Sword Evansmana. It covers Evansmana with a black sheath and suppresses its power. It was effective the first time it was used, but its effects were later nullified by Evansmana's evolution.[17]


(虚空絶空虚(ヌエリエヌ), Nuerienu, lit. "Absolute Empty Void")

A magic spell that turns the target into nothingness. Anything that touches an object in a state of nothingness will disappear.

Demon Magic

Flame Magic



(火炎(グレガ), Gurega, lit. "Flame")

The lowest level spell of flame attribute magic.


(大熱火炎(グスガム), Gusugamu, lit. "High-Temperature Flame")

The second lowest level spell of flame attribute magic that ranks above Grega.



(魔炎(グレスデ), Guresude, lit. "Demon Flame")

The mid-level spell of flame attribute magic that ranks above Gusgam.


(灼熱炎黒(グリアド), Guriado, lit. "Black Burning Flame")

The second highest level spell of flame attribute magic that ranks above Gresde.

Geo Graze 2.jpg

Jio Graze

(獄炎殲滅砲(ジオ・グレイズ), Jio Gureizu, lit. "Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar")

The highest level spell of flame attribute magic within the demons' magic system; a powerful miniature jet-black sun which can be fired off at the enemy. The projectile is fired using a Hellfire Mortar created by the combined magic of multiple users, with complete control given to one person. However, Anos can single-handedly cast the spell, even without the use of the mortar itself.

The jet-black sun attacks your opponent like a comet. In the Mythical Age, one caster could use multiple Jio Graze, but in the Magical Age, 20 people could only reach a 20% success rate.

Water Magic


(魔氷(シェイド), Sheido, lit. "Demon Ice")

Magic that creates ice.

Rio Eias.png

Rio Eias

(絶水殲滅砲(リオ・エイアス), Rio Eiasu, lit. "Absolute Water Annihilation Mortar")

A water version of Jio Graze.

Anos uses Rio Edram on the ground.png

Rio Edram

(獄水壊瀑布(リオ・エドラム), Rio Edoramu, lit. "Hell Water Destruction Waterfall")

Like a fountain, Rio Edram spews out a dark-colored water that swallows its targets.

Earth Magic


(魔震(ディアス), Diasu, lit. "Demon Quake")

A spell that can be used to cause an earthquake, which can be used to make holes and underground tunnels.

Gear Gleas.png

Gia Greas

(魔岩墜星弾(ギア・グレアス), Gia Gureasu, lit. "Demon Shooting Star Rock Bullets")

A spell that summons a meteor shower to rain down on any enemies.

Wind Magic

Riga Shreid

(風滅斬烈尽(リガ・シュレイド), Riga Shureido, lit. "Wind Extermination")

Creates a flurry of wind blades to attack the enemy.


(風波(シュア), Shua, lit. "Wind Wave")

Creates a wave of air to blow away opponents of obstacle. It can be suppressed to a light breeze.

Lightning Magic



(魔雷(デモンド), Demondo, lit. "Demon Thunder")

Magic that shoots out lightning.

Emilia Gusgum.png


(疾闇雷熱(ゴルゾラ), Goruzora, lit. "Sharp Dark Scorching Lightning")

An attack magic that releases an aura of darkness and electric shocks. Combined with Emilia's high magic power, it's an immensely powerful spell, something that the most people can't even fend off.


(魔緋雷震(メゾアヴス), Mezoavusu, lit. "Demon Scarlet Thunder Quake")

Magic that releases scarlet lightning.

Reg Noavs

(震魔緋雷牙(レグ・ノアヴス), Regu Noavusu, lit. "Quake Demon Scarlet Thunder Fang")

Ancient magic that turns scarlet lightning into giant fangs.


(紫電雷光(ガヴェスト), Gavesuto, lit. "Purple Lightning")

Magic that releases raging purple lightning.[18]


(迅雷剛斧(ガルヴェドゥール), Garuvedūru, lit. "Solid Lightning Axe")

By using a sphere-shaped magic circle, it releases purple lightning that gathers around the user's hand, and transforms into a huge battle axe, suitable for both attack and defense.

Ravia Gig Gaverizd

(灰燼紫滅雷火電界(ラヴィア・ギーグ・ガヴェリィズド), Ravia Gīgu Gaveryizudo, lit. "Incinerating Purple Lightning Field")

The signature attack magic of Celis Voldigoad with destructive power that far outstrips that of Jirasd. Ten magic circles release purple lightning which connect to form a larger magic circle. The interlocking magic circle then releases an immense amount of raging purple lightning which turns everything within its vicinity into ashes with a blindingly bright explosion and with a thunderous roar reminiscent of the end of the world.

Ravia Neold Galvarizen

(滅尽十紫電界雷剣(ラヴィア・ネオルド・ガルヴァリィズェン), Ravia Neorudo Garuvaryizen, lit. "Extinct Ten Purple Electric Lightning Sword")

Lightning magic which rains down a huge amount purple lightning from the heavens. It is activated using Heavy Thunder Sword Gaudgimon and is used by Celis Voldigoad in combination with Venejiara to make 9 other possible magic circles along with 9 possible swords which adds even more firepower. 10 swords pierce 10 magic circles, and a huge amount of purple lightning fall onto them turning into a giant sword connecting the heavens and the earth. It is so powerful that it destroyed the barrier of Rinoloros, the God of Barriers, which could withstand the end of the world and put Graham, protected by Protector God Sword Rolostoarm and Asc, in a dying state. [19]

Raviaz Gilg Gaverizd

(掌魔灰燼紫滅雷火電界(ラヴィアズ・ギルグ・ガヴェリィズド), Raviazu Girugu Gaveryizudo, lit. "Palm Incinerating Purple Lightning Field")

Deep lightning magic that is activated after amplifying Ravia Gig Gaverizd with Rayon and other various deep magic techniques.

Raviaz Verd Galvarizen

(掌魔滅尽十紫帯電界刃(ラヴィアズ・ヴェルド・ガルヴァリィズェン), Raviazu Verudo Garuvaryizen, lit. "Palm Extinct Ten Purple Electric Lightning Sword")

Deep lightning magic that is activated after amplifying Ravia Neold Galverizen with Rayon together with the Heavy Thunder Sword Gaudgimon. It was used by Anos to sever the red thread, strengthened by the power of the Lion of Destruction, that connected Parrington's body to his source, ultimately defeating him. [20]

Blood Magic

Blood Magic is a unique form of magic that uses blood as a medium and catalyst to cast unique spells that use the blood to take shape. Eges Code is a master user of this magic.


(血霧雨(ゴッゾォーテ), Gozzōte, lit. "Blood Drizzle")

Magic that causes the caster's blood to drizzle everywhere.


(血球体(ゴッデヒルド), Goddehirudo, lit. "Blood Sphere")

Magic that creates a collection of blood spheres which can be launched at an enemy.

Curse Magic

Curse magic specializes in creating various unique curses, which can cripple and poison the enemy. However, the more one peers into the abyss magic to study curse magic, they themselves can become cursed in exchange for the ability to use more powerful curse magic.



(毒呪汚染(ディエヌ), Dienu, lit. "Tainted Poison Curse")

A poison that hides in magic power. It erodes the body and source of the person who takes it in, ravaging the magic organs in the body. If it spreads all over the body, that person will never be able to use magic again.


(魔呪壊死滅(デグズゼグド), Deguzuzegudo, lit. "Demon Curse Necrosis Destruction")

A curse resembling a black snake that appears on the body and causes the opponent's magic power to run amok, leading to their death.


(封呪縛解復(ラエルエンテ), Raeruente, lit. "Seal Curse Bind Restoration")

Magic that breaks seals, curses, and bindings.

Gyagi Gigyol Gigyga

(死死怨恨詛殺呪泥城(ギャギ・ギギョル・ギギガ), Gyagi Gigyoru Gigiga, lit. "Deadly Resentful Curse Kill Spell Mud Castle")

Magic that is activated after the caster dies. The magic power of curse overflows from the source, and it transforms into black cursed mud that erodes the surrounding area.


(呪詛解滅(ペネリスク), Penerisuku, lit. "Curse Solution Destruction")

Magic that solves and destroys the magic power and magic formulas of a curse.

Darkness Magic


(暗黒領域(イグレアナ), Igureana, lit. "Darkness Domain")

A spell that envelops an area, in which the magic power of demons is boosted. It is similar to the spell of Asc. Igleana can be used to nullify the draining effects of De Igelia.

Gino Igleana

(吸魔暗黒領域(ジノ・グレアナス), Jino Gureanasu, lit. "Absorptive Magic Darkness Domain")

Absorb the magic power of the enemies inside the dark area, as it can drain the strength from other spells in use and even magical tools such as holy swords.


(真闇墓地(ガリアン), Garian, lit. "True Darkness Cemetery")

A magic spell that creates an area of darkness where no light can reach the surroundings, as all vision becomes ineffective in the area.

Fusion Magic

The specialty of the Necron Family. Ivis Necron developed fusion magic for over a thousand years. The strength of fusion magic comes from the fusion of two different wavelengths of magic, which creates a powerful magic reaction that can increase the original power of the combined spells by more than tenfold. Originally, the duration of fusion magic was short due to the flaws of the basic spell formula. After witnessing the basic spell formula once, Anos improved fusion magic by incorporating origin magic into the formula by using the fusion spell itself to combine them. This increased the fusion duration by several hundredfold.

Je Gum.png

Jie Gum

(混合同化(ジェ・グム), Je Gumu, lit. "Mix and Assimilate")

The lowest grade of fusion magic. It can be used to combine magic spells to increase the original magic power more than tenfold. It once had a very short duration, but its duration was dramatically increased when Anos corrected its flaws.

Ivis fused with Time God's Scythe.png

Jie Izem

(魔法具融合(ジェ・イゼム), Je Izemu, lit. "Magic Tool Fusion")

Magic that fuses the caster with a weapon of their choice. It was used by Ivis Necron on the Time God's Scythe.

Misha and Sasha use Je Grade.gif

Jie Grade

(魔氷魔炎相克波(ジェ・グレイド), Je Gureido, lit. "Magic Ice Magic Fire Rivalry Wave")

Magic that fuses the golden fire of Gresde with the silvery-white ice of Shade into a glacial fire attack. It was shown to be powerful enough to instantly destroy a large stone golem created by Gwyneth.

Jie Aizeo

(反魔創造建築(ジェ・アイゼオ), Je Aizeo, lit. "Anti-Magic Creative Construction")

Fuses an object created by Iris with anti-magic.

Jie Dishaisis

(根源等分融合(ジェ・ディシャイシス), Je Dishaishisu, lit. "Equal Division Source Fusion")

Equally divides or fuses the user's source.

Troop Magic

Troop Magic is a form of magic that is used on armies for the purpose of strengthening the troops under the user's command or empowering the caster with the power of the subordinates under their command.



(魔王軍(ガイズ), Gaizu, lit. "Demon King Army")

A spell that boosts the combat abilities of one's troops on the battlefield. It classifies the caster and their subordinates into one of seven classes: King, Guardian, Mage, Healer, Summoner, Cavalier, and Shaman. The effect of the spell is unique for each class. For example, Guardians gain a magical boost when constructing castles, dungeons, walls, and barriers. On the other hand, their weapon magic and attack magic are weakened. This class system allowed Gyze to raise the overall power of one's army.

The caster is always the King. They have the ability to share their magic power, but they have to keep the magic constantly activated. Once they run out of power or die, Gyze's effects end. Also, the King class becomes weaker when separated from the subordinates they are sharing their magic with. Normally, Guardians would build a castle and Kings would remain within it for protection. The King's powers are greatly enhanced inside their castle, but the magnitude of that effect depends on their Guardian.


(闇域(デメラ), Demera, lit. "Dark Region")

A spell that was based on the previous version of Asc; Jerga, as it imposes the will of Avos Dilhevia onto those that believe in their existence, and empowers Avos Dilhevia and their followers by consuming the magic power of hybrid demons. In addition, it prevents the use of Gatom and other teleportation magic.

Demera Gyze

(闇域魔王軍(デメラ・ガイズ), Demera Gaizu, lit. "Dark Region Demon King Army")

A spell that collects the magic power absorbed by Demera, which is used to further empower the subordinates of the user by channeling the collected power into them.




(魔物化(ネドラ), Nedora, lit. "Demonization")

The magic is mainly used to transform animals. It uses animal nature and demon nature that exist in animals' sources. Nedra enhances physical abilities depending on the animal it is applied to and the power of the caster. Sometimes the target intelligence decreases, other times it increases, and sometimes it increases enough that they become able to understand human language. Additionally, the animal that has Nedra cast on it changes its appearance into that of a demon. In the present Dilhade, unless certain conditions are met, Nedra is forbidden from being used.

Humans that have sense are hard to demonize, but it is not impossible. Human demonization is different from other animals, probably due to their inherently high intelligence. The desire, malice, and hate of a demonized human will manifest in their outward appearance.

Holy Magic

As explained by Anos, regular magic and holy magic are the same, just with a different wavelength. A person could potentially utilize both types of magic as long as they have a thorough understanding of both concepts.

Flame Magic


(聖炎(サイファ), Saifa, lit. "Holy Flame")

Magic that summons holy flames, which the user can also wear.



(大覇聖炎(サイフィオ), Saifio, lit. "Great Holy Flame of Domination")

The holy flames split into eight to attack the target.

Lightning Magic


(聖雷(ゼルトス), Zerutosu, lit. "Holy Lightning")

Magic that summons holy lightning, which the user can also wear.

Ice Magic


(聖氷(シェルド), Sherudo, lit. "Holy Ice")

Magic that summons holy ice.

Restriction Magic

De Lenos

(秘匿結界(デ・レノス), De Renosu, lit. "Concealment Barrier")

A concealed barrier that seals the magic cast by a demon.

De Igelia.png

De Igelia

(四属結界封(デ・イジェリア), De Ijeria, lit. "Four Attribute Barrier Seal")

Four huge magical formations appear in the north, east, south, and west. Each one with their specific attribute: water, fire, earth, and wind.

It's barrier spell that reduces the power of any demon inside its area of effect, as well as enhancing the power of humans inside. Within this barrier, as long as they don't die, humans will be healed instantly.

De Igelia also has a curse-like side effect for enemies caught in it. For example, a curse activated whenever Anos used anti-magic to block a spell, causing magic chains to bind him instead.[21]

De Igad

(四属結界鎖(デ・イジェード), De Ijēdo, lit. "Four Attribute Barrier Chain")

A barrier spell binds the target with chain with the attributes of earth, water, fire, and wind.

According to Heine, people bound by De Igad have their strength and magic power reduced to one-tenth of their original value.[21]

De Igenx

(四属結界檻(デ・イジェンクス), De Ijenkusu, lit. "Four Attribute Barrier Cage")

The magic that causes the ground to rise and completely surround the enemy, creating a cage of earth.

Jie Nero

(布縛結界封(ジェ・ネロウ), Je Nerou, lit. "Cloth Binding Barrier Seal")

A spell that binds and restrains an opponent with holy cloth, while also blocking magic power to the outside.[22]

Lo Masis

(遡航障壁(ロ・メイシス), Ro Meishisu, lit. "Holy Barrier Sealing Area")

A spell that creates a barrier that blocks out Leaks and Gatom. It can even prevent Magic Eyes from seeing what is going on inside of the barrier.[23]


(地震結界(アゴラス), Agorasu, lit. "Earthquake Barrier")

Barrier magic that summons an earthquake, shaking the ground within a radius of 30 meters. It binds the feet of demons and deprives them of their power, and it doesn't affect people using holy magic (including demons).

Enne Igelia

(聖域羽根結界光(エンネ・イジェリア), Enne Ijeria, lit. "Feather Light Barrier Sanctuary")

A magic spell that amplifies the magic power of the Eleonore and creates a barrier with countless feathers that scatter. It can be activated by the cooperation of Eleonore and Ennesuone.


(聖海守護結界(ベーストレート), Bēsutorēto, lit. "Holy Sea Guardian Barrier")

Magic that envelops the target with a holy barrier, covering the user's body to protect them against attacks from enemies, using the power of the Sacred Ocean Guardian Sword Bailamente.

Lega Indrea

(聖海守護障壁(レガ・インドレア), Rega Indorea, lit. "Holy Sea Guardian Enchantment")

Magic that enhances the user by protecting them with additional holy barriers, using the power of the Sacred Ocean Guardian Sword Bailamente.

Riad Anzemra

(聖海守護呪壁(リアード・アンゼムラ), Riādo Anzemura, lit. "Holy Sea Guardian Curse Wall")

Magic that uses the power of the Sacred Ocean Guardian Sword Bailamente to protect the target with a holy curse that repels a demons' power.


(聖八炎結界(ザガード), Zagādo, lit. "Eight Holy Flame Barrier")

Ancient magic that uses Cyphio to create a barrier.



(聖炎鎧(デストア), Desutoa, lit. "Holy Flame Armor")

Magic that covers the user in an armor made of holy flames. It pretends to be defensive magic, but it actually engulfs its opponents when it comes into contact with them, and seals off their magic.



(聖熾炎結界 バーディスド(), Bādisudo, lit. "Ablaze Holy Flame Barrier")

Orbs of holy water enveloped in the holy flames of the Ablaze Holy Flame Sword Garewford form a powerful barrier that blocks the power of demons.


(大聖地壊(ヴィグオル), Vuiguoru, lit. "Great Destruction Sanctuary")

Magic that breaks the opponent's foothold, stops it, and attacks with rubble and earth and sand.[24]

De Jerias

(竜縛結界封(デ・ジェリアス), De Jeriasu, lit. "Dragon Binding Barrier")

Converts the magic power generated by Asc into a sound barrier that can restrain dragons. The barrier increases in strength in response to the strength of the dragon, albeit to a limit as certain dragons such as mutant dragons are resistant to its effects.

Troop Magic


(勇者部隊(アスラ), Asura)

There are seven positions: Hero, Wiseman, Mage, Healer, Summoner, Cavalier, and Shaman. Asla distributes the magic power to the Hero. While Gyze focuses on building castles and defending them, Asla was developed for destroying castles.

Students of "Jerga Kanon" calling out to other humans via Asc.


(聖域(アスク), Asuku, lit. "Sanctuary")

Great magic that can unite people's hearts and transform their hopes and wishes into magic power. Jerga fused himself with this magic to make any human that uses it become increasingly hostile against the demon race.

Theo Asc

(聖愛域(テオ・アスク), Teo Asuku, lit. "Love Sanctuary")

Unlike its normal counterpart, Asc, Theo Asc does not just draw power from the wishes and hopes of others, but love as well. The more the supplier (romantically) loves the user, the more the power is amplified. It is said to be hostile magic towards the gods, as love magic disrupts the order of the gods.

Gald Asc

(狂愛域(ガルド・アスク), Garudo Asuku, lit. "Mad Love Sanctuary")

A variation of Theo Asc. The spell converts the distorted, if not fanatical love, received from multiple partners into limitless magic power. It produces a black, viscous light that has the effect of corroding everything it touches.

Love Asc

(愛世界(ラヴル・アスク), Ravuru Asuku, lit. "Love World")

An evolved version of Theo Asc, which further increases the power of the user to a much greater degree then Theo Asc, as the user creates a localized space for them and their lover, which can accomplish feats such as allowing the user to move slow but fast at the same time. As a form of love magic, it is highly effective against the gods as it can distort the laws of the universe, disrupt the order of the gods and blind their divine eyes.

Riol Asc

(慈愛世界(リオル・アスク), Rioru Asuku, lit. "Compassion World")

An evolved version of Theo Asc, which allows the user to use the accept the distorted love of the other person with compassion and makes it their own power. It also allows the user to predict the enemy's attacks by reading their heart.

La Sencia

(想司総愛(ラー・センシア), Rā Senshia, lit. "Global Love Union")

Magic that brings together the thoughts and feelings of people around the world and converts them into magic power.

Theo Trias.png

Theo Trias

(聖域熾光砲(テオ・トライアス), Teo Toraiasu, lit. "Ablaze Light Mortar Sanctuary")

The holy magic power collected in Asc is turned into shells and shoot at once, this is the strongest light attribute magic of the heroes.

Theo Ingall

(聖域蘇生(テオ・インガル), Teo Ingaru, lit. "Resurrection Sanctuary")

An enhanced version of Ingall, which can simultaneously resurrects multiple people. It can also undo the negative effect of magic that affects sources such as Gore Gulum.

Theo Trearos

(聖愛剣爆裂(テオ・トレアロス), Teo Torearosu, lit. "Holy Love Sword Explosion")

Unleashes a holy light explosion from the sword empowered by Asc, inflicting great damage towards a target.[24]

Dio Grezeas

(聖魔愛憎剣爆撃(ディオ・グレゼアス), Dio Gurezeasu, lit. "Holy-Demonic Love-Hate Sword Explosion")

Dio Grezeas is a blow that explodes love and hate. Initially, Theo Asc weaves the love of two people into one, but this spell activates Theo Asc, weaving together love and hate. However, the hate originates from a form of love, therefore still being considered love magic.

Love Trayazeda

(愛世界反爆炎花光砲(ラブル・トライアゼッダ), Raburu Toraiazedda, lit. "Love World's Response Explosive Volley of Light, Flowers and Fire")

A reflective spell in which the spellcasters take the enemy's blow on themselves, which in return instantly increases the power of Love Asc and releases it back towards the attacker. The strength of the reflection is increased by the strength of the attack, as "the stronger the obstacle, the stronger the love flares up."

Source Magic


(根源光滅爆(ガヴエル), Gavueru, lit. "Source Destruction Light Burst")

A hero's curse that forcibly releases all the magic power stored in the source, causing a great magical explosion of pure light. This is forbidden magic, commonly referred to as a source explosion and self-destruction magic. Not only their lives, but even their possibilities for the afterlife are consumed since the power of their future lives is exploded as well in this magic.


(根源母胎(エレオノール), Ereonōru, lit. "Source Womb")

Humanoid magic created from a half of Jerga's source. It is used to produce source clones like Diego and Zeshia. There does not seem to be a limit to the magic, as 10,000 independent Zeshias were developed at the same time. The part of Jerga's source that Eleonore was created from represented his desire for peace for his descendants, thus not yielding any hatred towards the Demons.


(根源応援魔法球(エオルネス), Eorunesu, lit. "Source-Enhancing Magic Balls")

A magic spell that creates red, blue, and green magic spheres that increase the power of the source. The effect lasts 180 seconds for green, 120 seconds for blue, and 60 seconds for red, drawing power from green, blue, and red in that order, but when the effect wears off, magic power is halved for 10 seconds.[25]

Mirror Magic


(複製魔法鏡(レガロイミティン), Regaroimitin, lit. "Duplicating Magic Mirrors")

A spell that duplicates an object that is reflected in the mirrors. Zeshia uses it to make numerous duplicates of Enhale, which are then hurled at the enemy.[26]


(反射魔法鏡(レガロネイティン), Regaroneitin, lit. "Reflecting Magic Mirrors")

A spell that creates magic mirrors that reflect attacks back towards enemies.[26]




(聖別(リヒド), Rihido, lit. "Consecration")

A spell that gives holy power to weapons, armors, and tools. It enhances the function of the object. The spell can improve the cutting ability of swords and enhance the potency of medicine. Taken to its extreme, it's possible to transform regular tools into magic tools with enough magic power.


(魔族断罪(ジェルガ), Jeruga, lit. "Demon Judgment")

Formed out of the hatred of Jerga's mind, it represents the other half of Jerga's source. It was made for the express purpose of annihilating Anos Voldigoad. If Asc is used sufficiently, it becomes able to manifest into a weapon and Jerga (manifestation through his hatred side of his source).

Spirit Magic



(雨霊霧消(フスカ), Fusuka, lit. "Spirit Rain Mist")

It is the signature spell of the Great Water Spirit Liniyon who used it used in Aharthern 2,000 years ago. It is a type of concealment magic that creates rain and mist. In addition, the user is able to turn into rain droplets, allowing them to move freely anywhere in the affected area.[27]


(大樹恵葉(エニユニア), Eniyunia, lit. "Great Tree Blessed Leaves")

It is the signature spell of the Great Education Tree Eniyunien. It can creates branches that can be used for attack or to restrain a target.[28]


(霊風雷矢(ギガデアル), Gigadearu, lit. "Wind Thunder Spirit Arrow")

It is the signature spell of the Wind and Thunder Spirit Gigadeas. It is an offensive-based magic which can be used to fire countless thunder arrows to attack a target with.[28]

Alha Alflem

(精霊達ノ軍勢(アルハ・アルフレム), Aruha Arufuremu, lit. "Spirit Army")

A spell that summons a wide array of spirits such as Titi, Gennul, Liniyon, Gigadeas, Senetero to assist the user. They can also be merged with a target of the user's choosing, thus increasing the targets power and granting them the ability to use each of the respective abilities that the spirits summoned possess.[29]


(悪戯神隠(ティテジェーヌ), Titejēnu, lit. "Hidden Mischief God")

A spell that combines the power of Titi and Gennul. It is a concealment spell that has the effect of turning the subject's body and anyone it is used on into a mist, thus allowing them to pass through any surface, and making them invisible to the surroundings. It is considered a simplified version of Alha Alflem.[30]


(天命木簡(ナテク), Nateku, lit. "Wooden Plank of Fate")

Deep magic that imitates the abilities of the Fateful Spirit King Dionatek. It can alter fate to bring about the exact result that is written on the wooden plank.[31]

Fusion Magic

Giga Jirasd

(霊魔雷帝風黒(ギガ・ジラスド), Giga Jirasudo, lit. "Magic Black Spirit Wind Thunder Emperor")

Summons Gigadeas, who is strengthened by the power of Jirasd as he grows in size and gains the appearance of a evil king, with him unleashing dark wind and black thunder to annihilate enemies. It demonstrated the power to easily destroy several versions of the Guardian God of Destruction Egus De Rafan at once.[32]

Vega Bebesd

(霊殺根源死雨(ヴェガ・ベブズド), Vuega Bebuzudo, lit. "Source Kill Spirit Death Rain")

A spell that combines the power of Liniyon with Bebesd, as it allows the user to transform their arms into jet-black water dragons, which can used to attack enemies, as well as destroy their sources, as the arms can stretch and the fingers of the user can be turned into claws to skewer enemies.[32]

Dragonewt Magic

Summoning Magic

A form of magic that focuses on summoning various beings to assist the user by making pacts with them. Summoning Magic is widespread in the Underground World, specifically the country of Giordal.


(使役召喚(リテルデ), Riterude, lit. "Causal Summon")

A spell that allows the user to summon various beings to assist them in battle through the use of Allied Beads.


(憑依召喚(アゼプト), Azeputo, lit. "Possession Summon")

A spell that allows the user to become possessed by a being they have a pact with in order to strengthen themselves and utilize the summoned being's abilities.


(神具召喚(プレセズ), Puresezu, lit. "Divine Tool Summon")

A spell that allows the user to call upon a god to possess their weapons and equipment in order to enhance them with divine power.

Guala Nate Forteos

(神座天門選定召喚(グアラ・ナーテ・フォルテオス), Guara Nāte Foruteosu, lit. "Selection God Summon")

A spell that allows the user to summon their Selection God with the use of Selection Allied Beads.

Dragon Magic

Dragon Ringing

(龍鳴(), Ryūmei)

It's a special magical sound wave emitted by dragons from their throats. The cry creates a special magical field called the dragon area. All magic powers are hidden in the dragon area, and the power of the demon eye diminishes. It's meant to hide the nest.[33]


(竜ノ逆燐(ノジアズ), Nojiazu, lit. "Angered Dragon Glow")

This magic is described as a glow of magic power that the mutant dragon emits in anger, as it eats away at magic power, or more accurately the source of the one it is used on. This allows it to inflict wounds that are difficult to heal or use it defensively to eat the magic power of an opponent's magic.


(竜闘纏鱗(ガッデズ), Gaddezu, lit. "War Dragonscale Shroud")

This magic creates a giant magic circle that takes the form of dragon (with its form being dependent on the user), which strengthens the caster by enveloping the dragon's power around their body like an incorporeal armament.


(風竜真空斬(ダストデルテ), Dasutoderute, lit. "Air Dragon Vacuum Strike")

Unleashes an aerial blade with a sweep of the user's sword. It is a sword strike created from a strong wind, reminiscent of the flapping of dragon wings.


(剣翼竜撃斬(ダブロメント), Daburomento, lit. "Dragon Wing Sword Strike")

Unleashes a powerful sword slash that generates shockwaves for the aftermath of its swing.

Divine Magic

Order of Time



(遡航障壁(ガゼルタ), Gazeruta, lit. "Reversal Barrier")

A magic barrier that reverses time for any magic that touches it, returning it to the state before it was cast. One can bypass this barrier by casting magic against the flow of time using Rivide, since Gazelta will reverse its time back to the correct flow and cause it to work normally. It isn't affected by anti-magic.

Order of Light


(輝光加速(ジオロイア), Jioroia, lit. "Radiance Flash")

Order magic that manipulates the order of the God of Light; Geoseria, enabling the user to move at the speed of light.


(輝光閃弾(ジオッセロム), Jiosseromu, lit. "Radiance Bolt")

Order magic that manipulates the order of the God of Light; Geoseria, enabling the user to fire bolts and bullets of light.

Order of Heavenly Gates


(天門(アムス), Amusu, lit. "Heavenly Gate")

The magic of Kasim which utilizes the order of Catenamira, the God of Heavenly Gates. Kasim can use it when Catenamira possesses him via Azept. It can create Heavenly Gates, which can be used to travel to any location he chooses; even those that are sealed off by barrier magic that negates Gatom, and launch slashes and magic from them. It also has the effect of amplifying the power of magic that passes through the gate, as well as allowing other objects such as swords to be projected from it, thus using it to attack from blindspots.[34]

Amus Theo Trias

(天門聖域熾光砲(アムス・テオ・トライアス), Amusu Teo Toraiasu, lit. "Heavenly Gate Sanctuary Ablaze Light Mortar")

The magic of Kasim that launches a light mortar of Theo Trias, which is amplified by the power of the Heavenly Gate, making it many times stronger then a regular Theo Trias.[34]

Amus Theo Torgatron

(天門聖域大熾光剣(アムス・テオ・トルガトロン), Amusu Teo Torugatoron, lit. "Heavenly Gate Sanctuary Great Flaming Light Sword")

The magic of Kasim that unleashes a sword slash, which is amplified by the power of Asc and further enhanced by sending the slash through three Heavenly Gates, as the slash transforms into a massive dazzling flash of light after passing through the third gate, which contains enough power to vaporize the ground.[34]

Order of Nativity


(根源降誕(エンネスオーネ), Ennesuōne, lit. "Source Nativity")

A magic spell that releases the upper limit of sources that can be created in the world.

Ennesuone Eleonore

(根源降誕母胎(エンネスオーネ・エレオノール), Ennesuōne Ereonōru, lit. "Source Nativity Womb")

While originally the amount of sources created by Eleonore is fixed, by combining it with the power of Ennesuone, this magic spell that releases the upper limit of sources that can be created by Eleonore and amplifies magic power without limit. While in theory it allows the user to gain infinite magic power, the user's vessel would not be able to handle such immense power and would destroy themselves, as the the limit for the amount of pseudo-sources that can be created at once is 100,000, in normal conditon, without the user straining themselves. It can be activated by the cooperation of Eleonore and Ennesuone.

Order of Gears


(全世契約(ゾグナクト), Zogunakuto, lit. "World Contract")

A special form of Zecht that is applied to the contract holder as well as to their descendants that will be born in the future.


(断裂欠損歯車(アビス), Abisu, lit. "Rupturing Defect Gear")

The magic of Eques that projects a small chipped gear, which boasts enough power to easily break through Beno Yeven.

Boros Heteus

(古木斬轢車輪(ボロス・ヘテウス), Borosu Heteusu, lit. "Ancient Wooden Slashing Wheel")

The magic of Eques that ejects an antiquated wooden wheel, which possesses great sharpness.

Boros Hetero Arvis

(神世歯車支配車輪(ボロス・ヘテロ・アーヴィス), Borosu Hetero Āvisu, lit. "Divine World Gear Control Wheel")

The magic of Eques that projects a celestial wheel of gold that turns the fate of the world.

Beld Rase Femblem

(世界のために運命は回る(ベルド・ラーゼ・フェンブレム), Berudo Rāze Fenburemu, lit. "Fate Turns For The Sake Of The World")

The magic that turns the fate of the world as determined by Eques by turning the Gear of Fate.

Order of Creation

Al Ant Eltonoa

(優しい世界はここから始まる(アール・アント・エルトノア), Āru Anto Erutonoa, lit. "A Gentle World Starts From Here")

A unique creation spell used by the Goddess of Creation, that is caused when the "Solar Eclipse of Destruction of Sargeldonave" is changed into the "Lunar Eclipse of Creation Artieltonoa". It rearranges the world's order and gently recreates the world.


(創造神顕現(ミリティア), Miritia, lit. "Creator God Manifestation")

Misha's magic that summons the authority of the Goddess of Creation: the Moon of Creation <Artieltonoa>.

Order of Destruction


(神破爆砕(ドミオス), Domiosu, lit. "Divine Destructive Explosion")

It is a destructive spell that fires a cannonball of shadowed heat haze, which causes explosions of great power. It is the signature spell of Egus De Rafan, the Guardian God of Destruction.


(破壊神降臨(アベルニユー), Aberuniyū, lit. "Destroyer God Descent")

Sasha's magic that summons the the authority of the Goddess of Destruction: the Sun of Destruction <Sargeldonave>.

Ain Ayaru Naverva

(微笑みは世界を照らして(エイン・エイアール・ナヴェルヴァ), Ein Eiāru Naveruva, lit. "A Smile Illuminates The World")

The total solar eclipse created by hiding the Sun of Destruction <Sargeldonave> behind the Moon of Creation <Artieltonoa>. Originally it was known as Ain Ayaru Naverva (笑わない世界の終わり, Ein Eiāru Naveruva, "The End Of The World That Does Not Laugh"). Before the rebirth of the Militia World, it was magic that emitted the light of extinction that destroyed everything. After the world was recreated, <Sargeldonave> transformed with love and destroys only what should be destroyed.

Order of Arbritation


(裁定契約(ジゼット), Jizetto, lit. "Arbitrage Contract")

Contract magic that is used by Ottlulu. It is used in signing of agreements between small worlds in Pablohetara, such as the implementation of the "Silver Water Ranking Battles".


(異界講堂(ゴゾット), Gozotto, lit. "Otherworld Lecture Hall")

Magic that creates an isolated auditorium using the magic power of the Pablohetara Palace. Exercising magic inside the auditorium has no effect on real space, but it is possible to see, speak, and exercise group magic from outside. The magic is used to create an auditorium where it is possible to use magic to perform baptism without damaging the Pablohetara Palace.

Radina Ned Esra

(絡繰淵盤銀水将棋(ラジナ・ネド・エスラ), Rajina Nedo Esura, lit. "Entanglement Abyss Board Silver Water Shogi")

Magic that creates a silver-water chess board on the "Entanglement Abyss Board" at the bottom of the Pablohetara Palace.

Magic Eyes

Magic Eyes (魔眼, Magan) allow one to see the flow of magic power[35] and other things that the regular eye cannot see. By pouring magic into their eyes, the user can see the blood inside others or things that are far away. Magic Eyes can also see the essence of magic and its formulas, allowing those with superior Magic Eyes to learn magic more easily by observing its use. And depending on their mastery of Magic Eyes, they can see through various types of concealment magic as well.

All races possess Magic Eyes, and they can be inherited by one's offspring. However, more powerful Magic Eyes can only be manifested when one possesses an appropriate source to be able handle their power.[36]

There are special Magic Eyes capable of unique effects depending on the user and are capable of affecting the surroundings with only one look.


Sasha.Demon Eyes.jpeg

Magic Eyes of Destruction

(破滅の魔眼(), Hametsu no Magan)

These Magic Eyes are capable of destroying everything in the user's sight.[37] They are capable of destroying a person's mind and nullify magic spells.[38] Additionally, these Magic Eyes can put people to sleep for a day or even a year.[37][27]

Magic Eyes of Creation

(創造の魔眼(), Sōzō no Magan)

These Magic Eyes are capable of creating what the user is thinking of, as it is easy for them to reproduce something as long as they has a good mental image of it.[39]

Magic Eyes of Creative Destruction.gif

Magic Eyes of Creative Destruction

(創滅の魔眼(), Sōmetsu no Magan)

The combination of the previous two magic eyes, possessing the power to destroy and recreate anything. It can destroy magic such as Jerga's <Theo Trias> and <Gavuel>[40] as well as transmute things into ice crystals[41], even powerful weapons such as Eges' Crimson Blood Magic Spear <Dihiddoatem> and Kaihilam's Demonic Bow <Netroavs>.[42] These eyes are stated to possess the same powers as Magic Eyes of Disobedience, which possesses the power to destroy all magic and recreate anything that exists[43], including the orders of other gods, which Aisha demonstrated when she duplicated the Moon of Creation <Artieltonoa>.[44]

Magic Eyes of Purple Destruction

(滅紫の魔眼(), Messhi no Magan)

The power of these Magic Eyes is capable of destroying gods and their order, as well as weaken and destroy the power of any divine weapons created by the gods.[45]

Thunder Eyes of Purple Destruction

(滅紫の雷眼(), Messhi no Raigan)

The Magic Eyes of Celis Voldigoad which are capable of destroying gods and their order, as well as being imbued with the power to project thunder that can incinerate enemies. After removing the power of thunder from his Thunder Eyes of Magic Destruction, Celis Voldigoad's Magic Eyes turned into Magic Eyes of Purple Destruction.[46]

Magic Eyes of Chaotic Destruction

(混滅の魔眼(), Konmetsu no Magan)

The original Magic Eyes of Anos Voldigoad. The essence of these Magic Eyes is destruction, but in a chaotic form. They have the power to destroy even the indestructible. With merely the opening of these Magic Eyes, the world begins to collapse and become chaotic.[47] They are capable of destroying order and reason. If there's a contradiction between these Magic Eyes and the reason that must be destroyed, Anos will win unilaterally. The contradiction turns into the power of these Magic Eyes. The Magic Eyes can make events that will certainly happen and/or already happened never happen, by destroying reason and creating a logical contradiction, therefore unilaterally winning. In other words, as one possible use of these Magic Eyes, Anos can nullify powers after they have already affected him, as if he was never even affected to begin with.[48] In the Mythical Age, Anos exchanged his right Magic Eye of Chaotic Destruction with the God of Destruction Abernyu's right Divine Eye of Apocalypse, causing both of them to obtain the much weaker Magic Eyes of Destruction, which destroy magic, and Magic Eyes of Purple Destruction, which destroy order. Anos is still able to use the original power of the Magic Eyes of Chaotic Destruction even after "losing" his right Eye.[47]

Magic Eyes of Disobedience

(背理の魔眼(), Hairi no Magan)

The Magic Eyes of Genudunub, the Goddess of Disobedience. The power of these Magic Eyes destroys any magic and they are able to recreate everything that exists.[49] It is said they also have the power to recreate the orders of other gods, which allows her to partially use their abilities.[44]

Divine Eyes of Genesis

(源創の神眼(), Minamoto Hajime no Kami Me)

The Divine Eyes of Militia, the Goddess of Creation, which are capable of creating not only matter, but also sources and concepts. She is able to use them to perceive the entire world and everything that is happening in it.

Divine Eyes of Apocalypse

(終滅の神眼(), Tsui Metsu no Kami Me)

The Divine Eyes of Abernyu, the Goddess of Destruction, which are capable of destroying not only matter, but also sources, concepts, and all other things.


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