This page will cover various magic found in the Maō Gakuin no Futekigōsha's series.


Demon Magic

Root Magic

Spell Visual

Reincarnation <Silica>

The highest level of root magic. Allowing the caster to be reborn in the next era and inherit all the abilities and memories of their previous life. However, if the caster is not good at root magic, memories, and abilities may not be fully transferred. Most of the demons 2,000 years ago could probably cast it.

Demon Training <Azheb>

Enhanced root magic that can instantly reincarnate a person in a totally different physical form. <Azheb> also allows the source to retain the person's previous incarnation's personality and memories.

Root Kill <Bebesd>

Magic that allows the caster to directly touch someone's source, allowing them to manipulate and injure it. Just a small scratch from <Bebesd> is extremely painful. A pain that surpasses all the pain in the world combined is felt when the source is hurt. The pain is akin to one's death, the death of their next life, and their next one, and so on for all eternity, all gathered in one single spot.

Root Synchronization <Zeksis>

A magic that was developed by Sasha Necron since her childhood that allows the caster to match their magic wavelength to someone else's down to the source level. Since <Dino Jekses> distinguishes Sasha from Misha by their magic wavelength, Sasha used <Zeksis> to match her magic wavelength with Misha's, making it impossible for <Dino Jekses> to tell who's the original.

Nominative Change <Dert>

A magic intended to be used alongside <Zeksis>, that would make Misha the real entity instead of Sasha. The only condition is that Misha must completely reject Sasha. But in truth, the spell doesn't need <Zeksis> or any conditions to work and the only reason Sasha needs it is because her low magical power and limited skills.

Root Conversion <Lilia>

Allow to join the source of two people and transfer some of one of their power to the other. This includes both magic power and spirit energy. Created by Anos during his visit to Sheila.

Misa using <Lilia>

Root Separation <The Gulua>

Separate the source.

Equal Division Root Fusion <Je Dishaisis>


Origin Magic

A type of magic that borrows power from an older and stronger existence. However, the older it is, the more uncertain its existence becomes, which makes its power difficult to control. Thus the best way of using origin magic is to clearly know the existence which one is borrowing power from, or from an object which they have an affinity with. By its very nature of borrowing power from the "origin", origin magic by definition cannot effect the origin itself. Despite being widely known in the Mythical Age, in the modern Magical Age its knowledge and use is exclusively given to Demon Royalty.

Spell Visual

Demon King Black Thunder <Jirasd>

Black lightning gathers on the user's hand, increasing in size and power until it becomes a destructive typhoon.

Time Manipulation <Rivide>

The time goes back locally from the object. If you try to tamper with the past itself, not locally, you will be attacked by "Eugo La Raviaz, the Guardian God of Time" who comes from the Heavenly Realm and keeps the order of time.

One can also use <Rivide> to stop the time of a spell, effectively preventing it from activating.


Root Regeneration <Agronemut>[1]

Use the enemy attack as its origin to revive the source however, it can only be used on an attack already received. Just before receiving the attack for the first time, send Root Regeneration, <Agronemut> to the future using Time Manipulation, <Rivide> so that the condition that the attack has already been received will be fulfilled.

Hell Flame Binding Magic Circle <Zora E Dipto>

Origin magic builds up a magical technique to attack the enemy while simultaneously restricting the movements and magic of the enemy.[1]

Demon King Castle Summon <Delsgade>

Great magic that summons the Demon King Castle Delsgade, a three-dimensional magic formation emitting enormous magic power. It was impossible to move Delsgade 2,000 years ago because it was originally a fixed magical tool.

But with origin magic, in which power is borrowed from an older entity with greater magical power, it is possible to produce extraordinary results. If we borrowed power from Delsgade 2,000 years ago, it is not impossible to summon Delsgade of this era, which has a close relationship with it.

Anos can only use Venuzdonoa within his Demon King's Castle, however, he can summon his castle anytime he wishes in exchange for using up a lot of his magic power.

Summon Delzogade.png

Creation Magic

Magic which allows the user to produce things that already exist in the world, including memories.

Spell Visual

Object Creation <Ibis>

<Ibis> can be used to create various things; from large castles to jewelry and articles of clothing. Other than Anos, Misha is extremely skilled in the use of <Ibis>.

Life Magic

Spell Visual

Resurrection <Ingall>

Fully resurrects the target. So long as it is used within three seconds of death, the target may be restored with essentially no drawbacks or degradation. This so-called "three-second rule" was Anos' iron plate gag 2,000 years ago. It requires blood to use.

It became infinitely easier to cast after the Sun of Destruction was taken by Anos Voldigoad and turned into Delsgade, as it couldn't destroy things that were meant to be destroyed or killed anymore.

Anos philosophically questions if <Ingall> resurrects someone as the same person as before, or if they are they now someone in a new physical form, but with the same exact personality, memories and body, which would make the spell similar to the root magic, <Azheb>.

Anos reviving Zepes.png

Healing <Ent>

Heal wounds.

Anti-magic Healing <Enshell>

A less practical version of Healing <Ent>, it focuses on healing wounds and other damage to the body that is caused by magic.

Zombie <Igram>

Revive the dead as zombies. Instead of experiencing the pain of hatred when you die, you gain enormous magic.

Demonization <Nedra>

The magic is mainly used to transform animals. It uses animal nature and demon nature that exist in animals' roots. <Nedra> enhances physical abilities depending on the animal it is applied to and the power of the caster. Sometimes the target intelligence decreases, other times it increases, and sometimes it increases enough that they become able to understand human language. Additionally, the animal that has <Nedra> cast on it changes its appearance into that of a demon. In the current Dilhaide unless certain conditions are met <Nedra> is forbidden from being used.

Humans that have sense are hard to demonize, but it is not impossible. Human demonization is different from other animals, probably due to their inherently high intelligence. The desire, malice, and hate of a demonized human will manifest in their outward appearance.

Flame Magic

It is ranked from weakest to strongest as follows:
However, if the difference in magic power is too great, even a low-leveled Grega can beat Jio Graze.

Spell Visual

Flame <Grega>[2]

The lowest level of fire attribute magic.

High-temperature Flame <Gusgum>[2]

A low-level of fire attribute magic that ranks above <Grega>.
Emilia Gusgum.png

Magic Flame <Gresde>[2]

A mid-level of fire attribute magic that ranks above <Gusgum>.

Black Burning Flame <Griad>[2]

The second strongest fire attribute magic ranking above <Gresde>.

Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar <Jio Graze>

Said to be the highest-ranking fire magic within the demons' magic system, a powerful miniature jet-black sun which can be fired off at the enemy. As is the case with all forms of magic, the more powerful the user, the more powerful the spell becomes. Anos is said to have burned down Dilhaide with this spell while half-asleep.[3]

The projectile is fired using a Hellfire Mortar created by the combined magic of multiple users, with complete control given to one person. However, Anos can single-handedly cast the spell, even without the use of the mortar itself.

The jet-black sun attacks your opponent like a comet. In the Mythical Age, one caster could use multiple <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar>, but in the Magical Age, 20 people could only reach a 20% success rate (which implies that 1 person is about 1%).

Supreme Flame Magic Heavy Cannon <Dogda Azbedara>

Highly explosive flame magic that trails towards the enemy in the form of a blue star. As a deep magic, its power is far beyond Jio Graze, to the point that it's not even comparable.


Water Magic

Spell Visual

Absolute Water Annihilation Mortar <Rio Eias>

A water version of <Jio Graze>.

Hell Water Destruction Waterfall <Rio Edram>

Like a fountain, <Rio Edram> spews out a dark-colored water that swallows its targets.
Anos uses Rio Edram on the ground.png

Magic Ice <Shade>

Magic that creates ice.

Supreme Swimsuit <Bi Kini>

The magic that maximizes your ability to work underwater. The swimsuit is a magic circle, and it is constantly exercising magic. No matter how much water flow or how rough the water surface is, you can swim.[4]

Fusion Magic

The specialty of the Necron Family, and as its name suggests, every magic in here involves some kind of fusion.

Spell Visual

Separation and Fusion Reincarnation <Dino Jekses>

Magic that was invented by Ivis in order to create a vessel for the Founder to reincarnate into. <Dino Jekses> splits one thing into two, but they will eventually reunite into one. It was used to split Sasha's original being into both Misha and Sasha. For this reason, they can use it to combine into one, Aisha.

Mix and Assimilate <Je Gum>

The magic power of different wavelengths is combined in order to increase the magic power by a factor of ten or more. <Je Gum> has a very short duration, but with the guidance of Anos, its duration was dramatically increased.
Je Gum.png

Magic Tool Fusion <Je Izem>

Magic that fuses the caster with a weapon of their choice. It was used by Ivis Necron on the Time God's Scythe.
Ivis fused with Time God's Scythe.png

Magic Ice Magic Fire Rivalry Wave <Je Grade>

Magic that fuses the golden fire of Magic Flame <Gresde> with the silvery-white ice of Magic Ice <Shade> into a glacial fire attack.
Je Grade.png

Demon Eyes

An ability which allows demons to see the blood inside others, the flow of magic power, and see things far away. Users are able to also perceive and see magic better.

Spell Visual

Demon Eyes of Destruction

Magic that allows the owner to disintegrate whatever they look at including their opponents' minds and magic itself. It also allows them to put anyone they look at to sleep.

Sasha.Demon Eyes.jpeg

Demon Eyes of Chaotic Destruction

The original demon eyes of Anos before he suppressed and later replaced them with the much weaker Demon Eyes of Destruction. The essence of these eyes is destruction, and it possesses unfathomable power that destroys even the indestructible. Merely the opening of these eyes will cause the entire world to collapse.[5] The Demon Eyes of Chaotic Destruction is capable of destroying reason, order and principles. If there's a contradiction between the Demon Eyes of Chaotic Destruction and the principles that must be destroyed, Anos will win unilaterally.[6] Due to how chaotic and destructive these eyes were, Anos suppressed its power to the limit and never used them, eventually obtaining the much more reasonable Demon Eyes of Purple Destruction, which destroys order. Later on, Anos is able to use the Demon Eyes of Destruction while still having access to the Demon Eyes of Chaotic Destruction.



Spell Visual

Growth <Crest>

The magic that allows one to age their own body. 2,000 years ago, <Crest> was commonly used during reincarnation to quickly attain a useful body, but in the modern Magical Age, it is advanced magic. In addition to growing, <Crest> rejuvenates.

Anos using <Crest> to make himself grow from an infant to a child.

Reverse Growth <Kurusura>


Contract <Zecht>

The magic used to keep the promise with the opponent. The price of a breach of contract is paid with one's life. If there is a sufficient gap in the magical power of the participants, <Zecht> may be unilaterally discarded with no consequence. If one makes a contract with themselves, it is possible to discard it unilaterally.'
Anos and Zepes Zect.png

Anti-Resurrection <Lu Ingall>

Prevents resurrection. As long as the effect works, even if there is a magical difference, <Resurrection Ingall> will not work.

Demon Thunder <Demond>

The magic that shoots out lightning, it was used by Leorig Indu.

Teleportation <Gatom>[3]

Magic developed by Anos for demons to teleport 2,000 years ago. Not many people could use <Gatom> even 2,000 years ago. Because, while it does not require much magical power, it is difficult to construct the magic formation. This is simply because the technique must be changed depending on the magical environment that connects the spaces. Therefore, there is no fixed form other than the core in the technique of <Gatom>, which is the reason why this magic has been lost.[8]

Activating a magic formula is surprisingly easy, but it is difficult to incorporate the current location and destination into the magic formula. If the magic field is disturbed, it takes more time to incorporate it and it will become unusable unless it takes time.


Demon King Army <Gyze>[9]

A ritual with seven positions: King, Guardian, Mage, Healer, Summoner, Cavalier, and Shaman. The Demon King designated supplies magical power to the other positions, enhancing their overall power and abilities In exchange, the power of the King is weakened while <Gyze> is in use.

Dark Area Demon King Army <Demera Gyze>


Thought Communication <Leaks>

Enables long-distance communication and mind reading. If there is too much difference between the skills of the users, there is a possibility of being intercepted even if encrypted. If there is difficulty establishing a connection, one can also use Demon King Army <Gyze> to establish a line.


Recollection <Evi>

Allows recollection of distant memories of the past. If a memory is not able to be recalled, it is in actuality completely gone, forever.

Anti-Demon Creative Architecture <Je Aizeo>


Condition <Rent>

The user can incorporate linked events by adding conditions. Both healing and deadly spells can be used with Rent.

Past Modification <Ingdu>

Changes past events.

Illusion Mimicry <Rainel>

Show a vision of what is in front of you. As an example, it is possible to prevent yourself from being recognized in combination with <Hidden Magic (Najira)>.

Hidden Magic <Najira>

Hides all magic power.

Object Manipulation <Gwyneth>

The magic that manipulates objects like living things. The larger the scale of the object, the more difficult it is to operate and the magic power is required.

Flight <Fless>

To fly. If the magic field is disturbed, it consumes a lot of magic power, it is difficult to use, and sometimes it can not be used.

Underwater Activities <Koko>

Allows working underwater.

Soul and Body Division <Delga>


Light Source <Jia>

A simple spell that makes light.

Magic Clock <Tell>

A super high-performance clock. If time is stopped, <Tell> stops accordingly.

Thought Domain <Liknos>

Read the thoughts of those within a certain range. If there is no magic difference, it can be prevented by anti-magic.

Thought Disturbance <Edoro>

To hinder people using Thought Domain <Liknos>.

Traces <Maize>

The position of an object can be tracked with a demon eye by leaving a trace of magic power. However, it cannot be used by ordinary people because it is cannot be seen without evil eyes.

Distant Clairvoyance <Limnet>

Projects a distant object onto a screen, effectively working as a television broadcast that can be seen on multiple screens. There does not appear to be a limit to the range and how many can be cast.

Dimensional Prison <Azeisis>

A spell that's able to stop time from the outside beforehand. Only an extremely powerful magic user can force themselves in the Dimensional Prison.
<Azeisis> being used to cut off the Arena.

Demon Restriction Chain <Gijel>

Magic that binds the target with magical chains. Ivis Necron first used it to restrain Sasha and Misha. Then Melheis used it to take Sheila Glanzudlii hostage.
Sheila Ep 8.jpeg

Armed Reinforcement <Adeshin>

Used to strengthen the user's weapon.

Oblivion <Neria>


Four Worlds Wall <Beno Yeven>

The wall that divided the world into four 2,000 years ago. It was made by combining the magic power of the God of Creation, the Great Spirit, the Hero, and the Demon King. It rejects everything and destroys them, including all magic cast at it. Melheis preserved it inside <Azeisis> before it disappeared 1,000 years ago. Anos can clad any part of his body on the same wall to act as a protective barrier or to strengthen his attacks.

It is known as Four Holy Barriers <Al Yent> in the human realm, wherein their history, the walls were erected so that the demon race could not seek retaliation from the other races.

Melheis using <Beno Ievun> with portals

Tainted Poison Curse <Dienu>

A poison that hides in demon magic power. It erodes the root of the person who takes it in, erodes the body, and ruins the magic organs in the body. The poison is as hard to heal as a stigma.
Screenshot 20210203-200531 YouTube.jpg

Seal Curse Bond Recovery Solution <Rael Ente>

The magic that solves seal, curse, and bond.

Anos use Rael Ente

Demon Necrotic Curse <Deguz Zegd>

A curse that causes the opponent's magic power to run away on its place, leading to death.

All Magic Power Complete Healing <Ei Sheal>

Effectively the greatest and most powerful version of the Healing <Ent> spell, it reverses and heals all damage done to the afflicted.

Unlock <Di>

Unlocking magic. To use <Di>, you must have complete knowledge and understanding of the magic structure and formula of the lock.

Wind Wave <Shura>


Order Stealing <Ji Shenz>

The magic that Eldemade Dityjon developed 2,000 years ago to seize Nousgalia's order.

Suffocation <Indol>


Demon Shooting Star Rock Bullets <Gia Greas>

Summons a meteor shower to rain down on any enemies.

Chase <Enoy>

The magic that traces the whereabouts of the opponent.

Dark Area <Igleana>


Rotten Demon Soldier <Gore Gulum>

Improved magic from Zombie <Igram>, created by Zabro Gaze. It turns people into ghouls, makes them stronger and loyal to the master. Thanks to that, the soldiers' roots will be rotten.

Absorptive Dark Area <Gino Igleana>

Absorb the magic power of the enemies inside the dark area.

Everything <I Guneas>

The magic that allows the user to ignore physical distances, grasping, and taking control of everything.

Protect <Alto>

The magic that protects the target life. The technique itself judges situations autonomously and utilizes anti-magic, magic barriers, physical strengthening, and other techniques to defend. Highly convenient, but the magic formation is complicated. Also, since the magic power of the target person is used to maintain <Alto>, if a magical person tries to manipulate the magic power by themselves, the technique will be destroyed and the effect will be lost.

Despite the weaknesses in the Mythical Era, there were few who could not control their magic powers. This is the magic that Izabella developed after being attacked by Emilia.

Anos casting <Alto> onto Misha.

Time Travel <Rivalo>

The enhanced version of Time Manipulation <Rivide>. It circumvents the limitation of <Rivide> in travelling to the past. It enables the caster to interact with the past events and directly manipulate the past. The caster has to prevent any paradoxes to occur, otherwise any changes will be discarded and the magic will cancel. Anos used Time Travel <Rivalo> with the help of Time God's Scythe to travel back 2,000 years.

Reason Creation Image <Ednica>

Allow someone to see their future vision. Based on that illusionary ideal and part of their roots, and add magic power to recreate their potential. It embodies the ideal of power and skill, but it is not possible to reproduce thought. No matter how much magic you give, it doesn't make you smarter or accumulate knowledge. It's a bunch of pure combat techniques.

Causal Summons <Literude>

Calls the god that you have formed a contract with to your location. Requires a mediating pearl.

Possession Summon <Azept>


Demon Quake <Dias>


Slave <Eje>

Controls magical targets. It is difficult for those with a will, such as demons and humans, to work, and it is mainly used for animals with low intelligence. It is this magic that controls familiars.

Activity Amplification <Gagalia>

Strengthens and amplifies the body's regenerative power. However, the past regeneration turns into poison. Nutella Do Hiana, the Guardian God of Regeneration, erodes her body by <Gagalia>.[10]

Magic Eye Strengthening <Gulia>

The magic strengthens the Magic Eye of the Big Tree Eniyunien. Its effect is limited to the classroom.[11]

Wind Extermination <Riga Shreid>


Blood Drizzle <Gozzoote>


Blood Sphere <Goddehild>


Scarlet Demon Thunder Earthquake <Mezoavs>


Scarlet Demon Thunder Fang Earthquake <Reg Noavs>


Demon Black Thunder Fang <Ji Noavs>

The upgrade magic of <Jirasd> using ancient magic characters.[13] <Jirasd> is used to activate the technique of <Ji Noavs>, causing the black lightning to mercilessly cling and tear into the enemy's roots until they are destroyed for good.

Seal Curse Bind Restoration <Raelente>

The magic that breaks seals, curses, and bindings.[14]

Bundle Collars of Dream and Reality <Nedonerias>

Anos summons a collar around the neck of a defeated enemy, which can induce them into a nightmare they will never wake up from unless either they fulfil certain conditions, or Anos releases them of his own volition.


Anos can superimpose some of his attacks on top of each other to increase its power output.

Wavy Body Covered Reveal <Veneziara>

Anos' magic power fluctuates between possibility, so too, does his root and his body, when Anos uses this ability he encompasses all possibilities, the possibility that he attacks, or the possibility that he doesn't, all at once. Therefore, when using this ability, Anos could be standing still yet attacking at the same time.

Jiao Death Annihilation Brilliant Fire <Avia Stan Ziara>

Anos clads his hand in the powerful flame, often used to superimpose on top of other abilities.

Extreme Hell Destruction Ash Demon Mortar <Egil Grone Angdroa>

Destruction magic, and Anos' specialty. It burns what is supposed to burn, destroys what is supposed to be destroyed, and turns the whole world into ashes. A "fire" magic that exceeds <Jio Graze>. The reason it is not positioned as the highest class of magic in the fire attribute is that only Anos can use it, and despite being in the form of a flame, it is in fact some other phenomena altogether. When this world-destroying magic is cast, massive black flames dance across the entire world, burning anything and everything in existence to ashes.

Nirvana Seven Steps Conquest <Gilieriam Naviem>

The second of Anos' world-destroying magic. There are seven steps, with each step further raising his bottomless magic power. With every coming of Anos' steps, the entire world begins to shake more and more violently. If the seventh step is unleashed, the already fragile world will be completely destroyed.[15]

Palm Demon Ash Purple Annihilation Thunderfire Electric Field <Laviers Gilg Gaveriizd>

Magic spell Anos ends up "inheriting" from his original father. Said to be a doomsday magic with power that far outstrips that of Black Thunder Emperor Jirasd, immensely powerful purple lightning rains down from the heavens to simply annihilate anything in its way.

Grasping Magic Hand <Rayon>

A deep magic Anos acquires during the events of the "Silver Sea". Anos coats his hands in layers of special magic that can be used to "catch" magic directed towards him by an enemy, or magic he himself produces. He can then compound said magic multiple times back and forth between his hands to make it many times more powerful before shooting it back at an enemy.

Deep Root Kill <Bebesd>

By deepening the original <Bebesd>, this more powerful variant was formed. It possesses the same properties as the original <Bebesd>, with the only difference being that it is many times more powerful than the original.

Holy Magic

Spell Visual

Hero Troops <Asura>

There are seven positions: Hero, Wiseman, Mage, Healer, Summoner, Cavalier, and Shaman. Hero Troops <Asura> distributes the magical power to the Brave. <Gyze> focuses on castle building and defense whereas <Asura> was developed to destroy the castle. Sanctuary <Asc> turns your companion’s hearts into magic power and enables you to fight against powerful demons with the power it gives you.

Lock Barrier <Degit>

The magic that enables the caster to lock and unlock gates.

Holy Flame <Cypher>


Holy Separation <Lihid>

The magic that gives sacred power to weapons, armors, and tools. It promotes the function of the object. As with a sword, you can cut it well, and with medicine, the potency is enhanced. Taken to its extreme its possible to create simple objects or turn existing objects into magic tools. Practically though that would require the magic power of over 100 sages so it’s not really possible.

Ledriano using <Lihid>

Break Concealment <De Lenos>

A concealed barrier that seals the magic cast by a demon.


Four Connection Seal <De Igelia>

An anti-demonic barrier spell that reduces any demon's power within its area of effect, as well as enhances any human's power within the same area of effect. One of the effects is healing magic. Within this barrier, as long as you don't die, your wounds will heal instantly.

In order to maintain the barrier, the caster must constantly send magic power to the barrier.

Students of the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon" casting De Igelia

Four Connection Chain <De Ijade>

An anti-demonic barrier spell that drains a demon's power.

Four Connection Cage <De Ejenks>

The magic that causes the ground to rise and completely surround the enemy, creating a cage of earth.

Earthquake Barrier <Agoras>

Barrier magic that binds the demons' feet by an earthquake and deprives them of their power.

Great Victory of Holy Flame <Cyphio>


Eight Holy Flame Barrier <Zagard>

Instead of just acting as a protective flame barrier, it's user can grab the opponent to make <Zagard> transfer over and burn them alive.

Holy Flame Armor <Destoa>

By pretending to be defensive magic and pin down the opponent as it is, a barrier that seals the demons' magic power is formed. Most of the magic power of the captured demons are blocked.

Ablaze Holy Flame Barrier <Birdesd>


Holy Sea Guardian Barrier <Bestoreto>


Holy Sea Guardian Enchantment <Lega Indrea>


Holy Sea Guardian Curse Wall <Liard Anzemla>


Sanctuary <Asc>

Great magic that can unite people's hearts and transform their hopes and wishes into magic power. Jerga fused himself with this magic to make any human that uses it become increasingly hostile against the demon race.

Ablaze Light Mortar Sanctuary <Theo Trias>

The holy magic power collected in <Sanctuary Asc> is turned into shells and shoot at once, this is the strongest light attribute magic of the heroes.
Theo Trias.png

Root Destruction Light Burst <Gavuel>

A hero's curse that forcibly releases all the magical power stored in the root, causing a great magical explosion of pure light. This is forbidden magic, commonly referred to as a root explosion and self-destruction magic. Not only their lives, but even their possibilities for the afterlife are consumed since the power of their future lives is exploded as well in this magic.

Love Sanctuary <Theo Asc>

Unlike its normal counterpart <Asc>, <Theo Asc> does not just draw power from the wishes and hopes of others, but love as well. The more the supplier (romantically) loves the user, the more the power is amplified. Said to be one of the hostile magic of the Gods, as love magic "disrupts the order of the gods".

Root Womb <Eleonore>

Humanoid magic created from one of Jerga's roots, use to produce other root clones, like Diego and Zeshia. There does not seem to be a limit to the magic, as 10,000 independent Zeshias were developed at the same time. The part of Jerga's root that Eleonore was created from represented his desire for peace for his descendants, thus not yielding any hatred towards the Demons.

Demon Judgement <Jerga>

Formed out of the hatred of Jerga's mind, it represents the other half of Jerga's root. It was made for the express purpose of annihilating Anos Voldigoad. If <Asc> is used sufficiently, it becomes able to manifest into a weapon and Jerga (manifestation through his hatred side of his root).

Resurrection Sanctuary <Theo Ingall>


Great Destruction Sanctuary <Viguol>

The magic that breaks the opponent's foothold, stops it, and attacks with rubble and earth and sand.[16]

Holy Love Sword Explosion <Theo Trearos>


Spirit Magic

Spell Visual

Spirit Rain Mist <Fusca>

The same spell that the Great Spirit Liniyon used in Aharthern 2,000 years ago. It is a type of concealment magic that creates rain and mist. In addition, the user is able to turn into rain droplets, allowing them to move freely anywhere in the affected area.

Big Tree Blessed Leaves <Eniyunia>


Wind Thunder Spirit Arrow <Gigadeal>


Spirit Army <Alha Alflem>


God Magic

Spell Visual

Retrograde Barrier <Gazelta>

A magic barrier that reverses time for any magic that touches it, returning it to a state where it wasn't cast . One can bypass this barrier by casting magic against the flow of time, since <Gazelta> will reverse its time back to the correct flow and cause it to work normally. It isn't affected by anti-magic.

Moon of Creation <Artieltonoa>

The divine order of Militia, the God of Creation. It is magic that can freeze its surroundings, and when used, it incurs the Month of Creation. It used to alternate with Sun of Destruction before Aberneyu was killed and turned into Delsgade. Arcana can also use this ability.

Sun of Destruction <Sargeldonave>

The divine order of Aberneyu, the God of Destruction. It incurs the Month of Destruction when used, and it used to alternate with Moon of Creation before Aberneyu was killed.

Good World Starts From Now On <Ar Ant Eltonoa>


Future Word Crystal <Kandaquizorte>

The divine order of Nafta, the God of Future. Described as the many futures of the world, it is the ability to be able to look and choose the future. The only way to destroy <Kandaquizorte> is to destroy all possibilities of the future.

Dragon Magic

Spell Visual

Dragon Ringing

It's a special magical sound wave emitted by dragons from their throats. The cry creates a special magical field called the dragon area. All magical powers are hidden in the dragon area, and the power of the demon eye diminishes. It's meant to hide the nest.[19]


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  • As explained by Anos, the power of Demon Magic and Holy Magic is merely a difference in wavelength. A person could potentially utilize both types of magic, as long as they have a thorough understanding of both concepts.
  • When Anos revived Ivis Necron, he gave him most of the memory Anos knows of as a safe measure to prevent any paradoxes from occuring (as implied in Episode 4).
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