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Madra Shenson (マドラ・シェンソン, Madora Shenson) was the runner up of the previous Demon Sword Tournament. He is considered as Dilhaide's fastest swordsman.


His whole body is covered in scars and he looks like a beast.


Ever since losing against Krut Ludowell, he became obsessed with getting stronger, spending the past two centuries doing nothing but clearing the dungeon's floors.


300 years ago, Madra went against Krut in the tournament's finals and lost. His defeat caused him to go into the underground labyrinth of Goranuhelia, a place where even the first floor is said to be challenging, all in order to get stronger and avenge his loss. He was rumored to have spent the last 200 years there and reached the 250th floor.

In the present time, he went against Lay Glanzudlii in the second match of the first round. Madra offered Lay the option to withdraw, since unsheathing Refresias will turn the sword into a deathly gale, but Lay nonchalantly declined the offer. So Madra drew his sword in a lightning-quick move and aimed for Lay's neck, but suddenly finds his sword shattered. Lay drew his sword and then sheathed it faster than what Madra or anyone else could see. With the destruction of his sword, Madra lost the match.


Weapons and Equipment

Wind Demon Sword Refresias: The demon sword of wind. Once it is removed from the sheath, the blade turns into a gale.

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