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I won't betray you. Because it's your destiny to be my destiny.
~ Luna to Celis

Luna Voldigoad (ルナ・ヴォルディゴード, Runa Vorudigōdo), previously known as Luna Arzenon, (ルナ・アーツェノン, Runa Ātsuenon) was the mother of Anos Voldigoad in his previous life. She was originally born as citizen of Disaster Abyss World Evezeino, who was fated to give birth to Lion of Destruction.


Luna was described as a beautiful woman with flaxen hair and green eyes. In her youth, she kept her hair short, but it grew longer as she became older.


Luna was a very cheerful and kindhearted woman, who was shown to desire to find love and form a happy family, as she stated that while she enjoyed her life in Evezeino; where she had a wealthy lifestyle, she would enjoy life with her loved one and raise a family together even if they had to live a simple lifestyle of eating a little soup and hard bread or wear her own sewn clothes if she couldn't afford a gorgeous dress.

However, after learning from her grandfather that she was destined to give birth to the Lion of Destruction, which would ravage the Silver Holy Sea, she became depressed and despondent, as she tried to find a way to escape her fate.

After meeting Celis, she managed to regain her optimism, as her kind and cheerful nature were noted by the members of the Phantom Knights, with her existence was a beacon of light for the war-scarred warriors.


Luna was born on the Disaster Abyss World Evezeino, as a member of the prominent Arzenon clan. She was the sister of Parrington Arzenon and the granddaughter of Dominic Arzenon, who was a noted researcher. After her grandfather experimented on her to enable her to give birth to the Lion of Destruction, Luna became determined to not allow the king of the phantom beast to be born. Reaching the Blacksmith World Bardilua, she met with the baron of the Holy Sword World Hayfolia; Lebrahard Freneros. Explaining her situation, she ask for his help as she wanted to sever her fate with the help of legendary holy sword Evansmana, thus allowing her to escape her destiny as the Princess of Destruction. Taking her to Hayfolia, Luna waited for the selection of the Holy King, which would grant the next king the right to wield Evansmana, still slightly worried about her future. But Hayfolia was attacked by the forces of Evezeino, lead by Parrington, who were there to reclaim Luna. During the chaos, Luna was injured and the power of the Abyss of Craving inside of her started to go out of control. However, Lebrahard returned with Evansmana in hand and used it to try to sever her fate. Though due to the clash of powers, Luna's fate as only partially severed as she feel into a bubble world, along with Evansmana which was stuck inside of the Abyss of Craving in her womb.

Awakening in the bubble world of Elenesia, she was interrogated by human soldiers, but they were possessed by the phantoms that she had with her, as they attacked her, though she was saved by the intervention of Celis Voldigoad, who contained the phantoms with the assistance of the Creator God Elenesia. After that she followed Celis due to not knowing where to go, opting to stay with him. She joined the Phantom Knights as a cook and caretaker, befriending the various members there, as she grew curious about their mission. Eventually, the bubble world of Elenesia was approaching its destruction but due to an unknown miracle, Luna along with the members of the Phantom Knights were able to reincarnate in the new Militia World.

Reincarnating a child of a demon couple, her family was attacked by an unknown doll which killed her parents, though the doll was defeated and destroyed by Celis, who also reincarnated. Due to being left an orphan, Celis took her in as his wife as he needed a strong mother to give birth to his child, as she joyfully accepted. Eventually, she would become pregnant with Celis' son and go to the Zeylon village to safely give birth while Celis was away on a mission. However, the misfit Graham arrived and captured a weakened Luna so she could serve as bait to draw out Celis. Eventually, the village would come under attack by human soldiers, as they started to torment her in her weakened state. However, they were killed by the power of her child in the womb, as she continued to divert her own magic power so that her child could be born. However she was then attacked by Graham, and left mortally wounded, though Graham was driven back by Celis, who arrived to late to save Luna. With the last of her strength, she gave birth to her son; Anos Voldigoad and told Celis that she was happy to be his wife, as she slowly died.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a resident of the deep world Evezeino and a member of the prominent Arzenon bloodline, Luna has an immense amount of magic power. Despite her great magical reserves, she wasn't a fighter as she lacked the combat ability to make use of her magic power. Her immense amount of magic power and connection to the Abyss of Cravings allowed her move function normally when she was pregnant with Anos, despite the fact that bearing the child of the Voldigoad bloodline is extremely taxing to the mother, to the point where Celis' own mother (who was stated to be strong in her own right) was unable to speak during her pregnancy. She demonstrated enough power to try to resist Graham while continuously supplying magic power to Anos to ensure he could be born properly.[1]
  • Gestation Phoenix: Due to the experiments performed on her by her grandfather Dominic, in which he transformed her strong craving to have a child into a unique phantom, Luna's womb became connected to the Abyss of Cravings, which meant that she could freely give birth to the Lion of Destruction.[2] It is also revealed that imperfectly created Lions of Destruction can become perfect by incarnating through her womb and returning to the Abyss of Cravings to recover the essence that was left behind there after slashing at her womb with the Arzenon's Claws.[3] Due to her connection to the Abyss of Cravings, its energy can leak out if she is greatly injured as it starts to absorb the things in her surroundings and destroy them. Her connection to the Abyss of Cravings prevented her fate from being fully severed by the legendary Spirit God Human Sword Evansmana, and even damaged the holy sword to a degree after it was used against her.[4] However, the ability and cravings from the Gestation Phoenix seemingly went dormant after Luna reincarnated, as she didn't leak out the energy from the Abyss of Cravings when Graham attacked her.[1]
  • Magic Eyes: Luna had excellent magic eyes, as she could perceive the incorporeal phantoms, which ordinary people are incapable of seeing.[2] She could also use it to sense the cravings that other people possessed.[5] She could also detect the concealed members of the Phantom Knights by detecting their cravings.[1]



Celis Voldigoad

Luna husband, whom she greatly loved and cared for. The two met when Luna fell into the Elenesia World, as Celis saved her from being attacked by the phantoms she had with her. She initially followed him due to not knowing anything about her surroundings and the fact that she grew intrigued in him due to the fact that he was able to resist being possessed by phantom beasts, as well as possessing power equivalent to deep world inhabitants, as her own craving told her not to leave him. While she felt herself gradually drawn to him, she was despondent about his seeming indifference to her, as she had hoped to start a romance with him and live a life of happiness. However, she gradually began to understand his thoughts even with him not voicing them, as she helped him in researching <Silica> in order to leave behind hope for the future. After she and Celis were able to reincarnate, she was taken in by him after her parents died, as they felt a indescribable connection between then and Celis needing a strong mate to give birth to the child of the Voldigoad line. While dying, she reminisced over her relationship with Celis, as she was glad to have met him and that he taught her to live as hard as she could.

Anos Voldigoad

Luna's son, whom she never got to meet. Due to her fate as the Princess of Destruction, Luna was very hesitant to give birth children, as her child would be the Lion of Destruction that would ravage the Silver Holy Sea, so she tried her best to control the craving inside of her. After her reincarnation as a resident of the Militia World, she forgot about her connection to Abyss of Craving as well as the knowledge about the Lion of Destruction, but had a instinctual feeling that maybe she shouldn't give birth though her husband Celis reassured her. During her labor period, she was attacked by Graham and human soldiers but did everything in her power to ensure that Anos could be born safely. After she was fatally wounded by Graham, she was able to give birth to Anos before passing away, as she encouraged him to be the strongest child he could be and help his father.


Back in the Elenesia World, Luna got along well with the First and considered him a cherished and close friend. He gave her advice and helped her broaden her understanding on the world, the Phantom knights and especially Celis. Before he volunteered to become a test subject for Celis' <Silica> research, he asked her to look after Celis when he was gone, revealing that Celis was the one who told the Phantom Knight to call her "princess". After he seemingly perished, she threw away all her naivete and hardened her resolve to confront Celis about his goals and mission.


Luna was impressed with Elenesia powers as the God of Creation, but she felt a sense of inferiority towards her as Celis seemingly treated her far more cordially then he did with Luna, whom he barely talked to, as she felt a wave of jealously over the prospect that the two might be romantically involved.


When she was pregnant and unable to move, Graham suddenly came to her with a boy standing besides him, the Mad God Aganzon. The moment she laid her eyes upon him she knew he was bad news, as he looked at her with a seemingly kind smile but an empty expression at the same time and knew Celis real name and identity further adding to her unease. He used her as bait to lure out Celis and killed her.


  • Luna was an inhabitant of the Disaster Abyss World Evezeino before her fate was severed by Evansmana and fell to the bubble world created by the God of Creation Elenesia.
  • Luna is stated to have completed her bride training, as she was shown to be a very capable cook and very good at housekeeping, which was her main role when she joined the Phantom Knights.


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