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Linka Theournes (リンカ・セオウルネス, Linka Seourunesu) is the reincarnation of Ledane Aeon (レドアネ・イオン, Redoane Ion), a demon from 2,000 years ago and the subordinate of the Dark King Ejes Code. In the Magical Age, she is one of the Generation of Chaos, known as the "Hard Sword".


Linka is a girl with jet-black hair tied up in a ponytail.



Linka is a first-year at the Demon King Academy.


Great Spirit Arc

Forming part of a sudden chain of events, Linka attacked the third-years' classroom and kidnapped their teacher, Menou Historia. Because one of the third-years cast tracking magic on her, the Necron sisters were able to catch up to Linka.

However, this was just a plan to lure out the two of them. As per her master's will, she will kill those who were brought forth by the plans of the Gods. Linka then reveals that Misha wasn't a by-product of Ivis' magic, but an existence that was born when the Gods interfered with his magic.

When the fight started, Linka put the sisters on the defensive, as nothing they threw at her worked. She eventually defeats Sasha and plunges her sword into Misha's head, but the sword breaks since Misha turned it into a fragile material.

Linka was shocked that Misha destroyed her sword, but becomes even more terrified when Misha creates a pseudo-Demon King Castle Delsgade, which empowers her Magic Eyes. Linka uses all her magic to cast an anti-magic field on herself, but when Misha looks at her with her new Magic Eyes, all that was left of Linka was ice.


  • Great Magic Power: As the top subordinate of the Netherworld King, Linka has an large amount of magic power, which is stated to be on the higher echelons of the Mythical Age demons. According to her own words, she is stronger in her current life then she was previously as her current body inherited the attributes of the Demon King Anos, as she was already considered a member of the Chaos Generation before fully awakening her power. She demonstrated the ability to endure Sasha's Magic Eyes of Destruction, which have demonstrated the ability to easily defeat most demons from the Magical Age.[1]
  • Enhanced Strength: Linka demonstrated a great degree of physical strength, as she was able to shatter Misha and Sasha's Anti-Magic Creative Architecture <Je Aizeo> with relative ease. According to Linka, she is physically stronger now then she was in her past life due to Anos' blood enhancing her physical abilities.[1]
  • Expert Swordsman: Linka demonstrated great skill with her Free Sword Garmest, as she was able to fully take advantage of its unique abilities to fight against Sasha and Misha at the same time, cornering them during the fight and stabbing Sasha.[1]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Free Sword Garmest: A demon sword with the power of transparency, which allows it to become invisible.[1] The sword can also change its shape, material, and color to whatever the user chooses.[1] It can switch from a one-handed sword to a two-handed sword, to even a shield. The number of Free Swords is also "free", meaning that multiple Free Swords can exist and be used simultaneously.


Eges Code

Her master.

Misha Necron

Sasha Necron




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