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Great Water Spirit Liniyon (水の大精霊リニヨン, Mizu no Dai Seirei Riniyon) is the true form of the water spirit and the guardian of Aharthern.


Liniyon's true body is an eight-headed water dragon, while its temporary body resembles a young girl with lavender hair and violet-colored eyes.


Liniyon was born from the legend about the tears of God, which poured into the Great Spirit Forest Aharthern and were the very first drops that brought water to this world.

When Anos Voldigoad and his army invaded Aharthern, Liniyon was able to wipe out half his army before being defeated by Shin Reglia with a single blow.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a great spirit, Liniyon possesses an vast amount of magic power. She demonstrated her strength by wiping out all of Anos' army with a single attack (with the exception of Anos and Shin).
  • Water Manipulation: Due to being the Great Spirit of Water, Liniyon possess the ability to manipulate and control water, which is amplified in her true form.


  • Spirit Rain Mist <Fusca>: It is a type of concealment magic that creates rain and mist.

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