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Lina (リィナ, Ryina) is a spirit who lost her memories.


She has clear light blue hair peeking out from her hood. Anos thinks that the hood might actually be part of her rumors, as he can't see the face beyond the hood even with his magic eyes.[1]



Despite losing her memories, Lina knew a lot about spirits and the Great Spirit Forest, where she knew she had to go. Because the location of the forest changed depending on the rumors, Lina worked as an information broker in order to collect a lot of rumors.


Great Spirit Arc

Lina meets Anos when he saves her from an angry merchant, whom she angered by exposing him as a scammer. After dealing with the merchant, Anos asks Lina about Aharthern, so she tells him about the forest and her circumstances. Because they had the same destination, the two decide to help each other.[2]

They eventually find the mischievous spirits Titi and gain their help to reach Aharthern. Once inside the spirit forest, Lina looks around with a nostalgic expression, when suddenly Titi remembered that Lina resembles Reno.[1]


Weapons and Equipment


Anos Voldigoad

Eges Code



  • The page after Flan's page in the Book Fairy was torn off, and it's likely that it contains Lina's memories.[3]


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