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The eighth volume of The Misfit of Demon King Academy light novel series written by Shu and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma.


Fate stretching for 2000 years... All the keys to it are in Anos' lost memories!

Thanks to the wish power of united people, not belonging to the three opposing powers, the underground depths escaped destruction and peace reigned. But there are still all sorts of unconstrained riddles in the Anos heart... The truth about goddess of creation death, the remaining eight chosen by the god, and finally - identity of the guy who called himself the father of the demon king.

The group goes to the underground depths again to get the keys to these mysteries, and learns about the existence of "Creation Star Erial", in which the lost memories of Anos are sealed. But they are hidden in the lands where is an influential demon of the "mythical age", nicknamed the "Sorcerer King" operating behind the scenes.

Are there keys to riddles in Anos' lost memories? Volume 8: "Demon King's Father" Arc !



  • Eight Gods' Chosen : Those whom God chose and faced a selection court. Each has a special "ball of union" and can reduce their power through a contract with a god. In total, as the name implies, 8 people should be selected.
  • Sorcerer King: The nickname of a powerful demon, known in the mythical age, standing on a par with the Four Evil Kings. He ruled the lands before Anos made Midhaze his stronghold.
  • Phantom Knights Order: A battle group belonging to Gadesiola, but during the mythical age, operating on the surface. The members of the group, like "ghosts", threw away all obstacles and devoted their lives to one single goal.
  • Azeshion: A continent where humans live far from the demon country of Dilhaide. It is a confederation of many states forming the allied nations, one of which is the royal capital of Gairadite.
  • Inzuel: A country of ruins and ancient castles located in the west of Azeshion. Once it was a major nation among whose subordinates there were many outstanding people in the use of magic.
  • Creation Stars Erial: The stars in which the memories of Anos are sealed, left by the goddess of the creation, Militia. There are five of them in total and it is believed that they are hidden in the ruins of cities. Why Militia holds the key to Anos's memories is unknown.
  • Anos Stick: A root stick sold in the capital Zechenburg during a short trip to Great Spirit Forest Aharthern. This is a genuine wooden stick, not forged by a famous master, does not have any special magical power and has not received the blessing of God.




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