This is the eighth volume of Maō Gakuin no Futekigōsha's light novel series.


The crisis of the approaching underground world collapse. The key to stopping the tragedy is "prophecy"!?

A canopy covering the underworld, which was immortalized by the sword of the Almighty in order to revive the memory that was lacking during reincarnation. Out of order, the boulders eventually fell into a seismic rain that poured into the entire underground world and was destined to crush all the lives that lived there.

In order to get a clue to stop the tragedy, Anos and others headed for Agaha, a knight country, one of the three major underground countries, governed by the “prophet”. There they meet a dragon person who lives as long as possible to sacrifice to the dragon. A dragon that eats many roots and bundles them to create a single "child dragon." In fact, that child dragon is the foundation that supports the country and the underground world in a literal sense――?

Volume 7 <Agaha's Prophecy>!!


  • Prologue: First Substitute
  • Chapter 1: Suspension of the Great Demon King Training
  • Chapter 2: Knight of Agaha
  • Chapter 3: The Elixir of the giant head dragon
  • Chapter 4: Diseases leading to death
  • Chapter 5: The Dragon Knights' Recommendation
  • Chapter 6: Reunion with Sword Emperor
  • Chapter 7: The beginning of the feast
  • Chapter 8: Sake Cup Dragon Battle
  • Chapter 9: A female knight who dislikes love
  • Chapter 10: The prophecy of a disaster day
  • Chapter 11: Future of Hope
  • Chapter 12: A gentle line of sight touching the abyss
  • Chapter 13: The prophecy trial
  • Chapter 14: Chivalry vs. Love
  • Chapter 15: Two people's world
  • Chapter 16: Is the future of hope hopeless?
  • Chapter 17: Demon Walls which is covering the country
  • Chapter 18: Embargo of the Victory Army
  • Chapter 19: Miracle Song
  • Chapter 20: Gadesiola's hatred
  • Chapter 21: Captured God
  • Chapter 22: Overlord's purpose
  • Chapter 23: One lie in hatred
  • Chapter 24: Distorted heart
  • Chapter 25: A dragon nesting in the root
  • Chapter 26: Heaven concussion ritual
  • Chapter 27: Kings gathered at the place of prophecy
  • Chapter 28: Unhelpful past mistakes
  • Chapter 29: The beginning of the end
  • Chapter 30: The reading from the outside
  • Chapter 31: Dreaming of an uncertain future
  • Chapter 32: Thoughts that are inherited
  • Chapter 33: Knight looking to the future, Hero looking to the past
  • Chapter 34: Unkillable sword
  • Chapter 35: The death fight of the Supreme World
  • Chapter 36: The future of the only one victory
  • Chapter 37: Pillars of heaven and earth
  • Chapter 38: And the feelings start to gather
  • Chapter 39: The song that lifts the sky
  • Chapter 40: She continued to betray, the last
  • Chapter 41: Checkmate
  • Chapter 42: Still, forever
  • Chapter 43: Peaceful religious war
  • Chapter 44: Proud Knight's Love
  • Epilogue: Shrine of God


  • Underground World: A huge cavern that is as huge as Dilhaide and Azeshion combined together. It is governed by the three great countries of Giordal, Agaha, and Gadesiola, despite their conflict.
  • Human Dragon: A different race that lives in the underground world and seems to be close to humans and demons, and it is said that it has dragons as its ancestor. Among them, those born directly from dragons - the generations are called "Child Dragons" and have greater power than other dragons.
  • Dragon King's Country Agaha: One of the three great powers that exist in the underground world. A land of knights who are prophets and ruled by the Sword Emperor. Although they believe in Almighty Sparkle as well as Giordal, God is believed to reside in each person, and they are ideologically opposed due to differences in their beings.
  • Victory Dragon's Country Gadesiola: One of the three major powers that exist in the underground world. A mysterious country ruled by the Victory King. It is said that all faith must be abandoned in order to enter, and a person who once entered the country is never allowed to leave the country again.
  • Phantom Knights: A battle group belonging to Gadesiola. They are not Human Dragons but demons, and many heroes from the Mythical Age. It is said that they were originally active on the ground, but――?
  • Heaven Pillars Support Sword: Thick bedrock that covers the underground world — a pillar has the order to support the canopy. An important pillar that literally supports the bottom of the earth, where there are several of the same things, and if even one is lost, the canopy will fall.
  • Dragon Nucleus: When a dragon eats multiple roots and gives birth as a new life child dragon, it is a special root centered on the carriage. Due to its characteristics, the dragons seek dragon nucleus, and the person born as a dragon nucleus bears the fate of being targeted by the dragon.




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