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The fifth volume of The Misfit of Demon King Academy light novel series written by Shu and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma.


The battle to select a ‘Substitute’ on behalf of God―― the selection judgment opens the case――

Dilhade, where peace came due to the return of the Demon King of Tyranny. On the other hand, in Azeshion, the dragons which were supposed to be extinct are witnessed in various places. When the Demon King Academy and the Hero Academy jointly dealt with it, it was found out that an unknown world was spreading deep in the underground.

Meanwhile, a mysterious man who obeys God appears and tells Anos. Eight gods select candidates for each, let them fight against each other, then make the winner the god's substitute. Anos was selected as one of the candidates for the substitute... Anos chases the man, <Dragonewt>, to Gaelahesta, the capital of the gods, the holy land of the underground world where 3 countries compete――

New Chapter Opening <Selection Judgment> Arc!!


  • Prologue: Moon of Creation
  • Chapter 1: Petition to the Demon King
  • Chapter 2: Sleeping Witch
  • Chapter 3: A Mysterious Transfer Student Appears
  • Chapter 4: Demon King Academy's Swordsmanship Instructor
  • Chapter 5: Fencing Training begins with the preparatory exercise
  • Chapter 6: Educational Guidance of the Swordsmanship Instructor
  • Chapter 7: Blade of courage and the heart of fate
  • Chapter 8: Ally of Justice
  • Chapter 9: Royalty's Savior
  • Chapter 10: Resistance Hideout
  • Chapter 11: Demon King's Collar
  • Chapter 12: The Threat is Approaching
  • Chapter 13: Lesson on Lost Magic
  • Chapter 14: Dragon subjugation command
  • Chapter 15: Bad Students at the Hero Academy
  • Chapter 16: Cannot open canning
  • Chapter 17: Demon King's Water Play
  • Chapter 18: Oracle
  • Chapter 19: God of Selection
  • Chapter 20: Physical Education of the Blaze Death King
  • Chapter 21: Holy City Gaelahesta
  • Chapter 22: Gods' Age Science Temple Everastoanzetta
  • Chapter 23: Summon the Saint
  • Chapter 24: Engraved Oracle
  • Chapter 25: Offering of God
  • Chapter 26: Mystery of the Royal Palace
  • Chapter 27: First <Sanctuary> Experience
  • Chapter 28: Trampled Pride
  • Chapter 29: Hospitality of the King
  • Chapter 30: At the end of the escape
  • Chapter 31: While matching the tiny courage
  • Chapter 32: Battle of Pride
  • Chapter 33: Dragon Extermination Strategy
  • Chapter 34: Hero Academy vs. Flock of Dragons
  • Chapter 35: Conspiracy under the ground
  • Chapter 36: Researching feelings that echo above the ground
  • Chapter 37: Uncovered Oracle
  • Chapter 38: Dragon King
  • Chapter 39: The judgment fluttered down
  • Chapter 40: The Snow is Falling under the ground
  • Chapter 41: Almighty Sword
  • Chapter 42: Almighty Demon King
  • Chapter 43: Words of Pact
  • Chapter 44: Her Confession
  • Chapter 45: Her whereabouts
  • Epilogue: Reunion Promise


  • Gods: The race that controls the world. Each god has some kind of "order" as their authority and is extremely powerful.
  • Selection Judgment: A ritual of choosing a person who will act as a "lost order" when the gods perish for some reason. Several gods select candidates for each, fight, and compete to become the "substitute".
  • Dragon: A phantom ancient creature that was almost extinct 2,000 years ago. It is said that those who are eaten by the dragons will be digested without leaving even their roots.
  • Underground World: A huge cavern deep underground beneath Dilhade and Azeshion. Anos also does not know its existence, and there is a country where people called "Dragonewt" live.
  • Dragonewt: Different race that lives in the underground world and seems to be close to humans and demons. As the name implies, it is said to have a dragon as its ancestor.
  • Dragon Child: Among the Dragonewts, especially those of the first generation who was born directly from the dragon. The true identity is the sources of those who were eaten by the dragon bundled together and born as a new life.




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