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The second part of the fourth volume of The Misfit of Demon King Academy light novel series written by Shu and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma.


The trajectory of the doom that the Demon King of Tyranny carves in the new era, Volume 4 <Great Spirit Arc>!!

The Fake Demon King, Avos Dilhevia, true identity is revealed to be a spirit born from tradition and another aspect of Misa.

To know the secret of the birth of the great spirit, Avos, Anos visits Aharthern 2,000 years ago by going back in time. What he saw there was the moment when the love and bond of one family were torn brutally due to the despicable plot of the Heavenly Father God――.

"The tragedy of 2000 years ago is already over. From now on, let's get it all back."

Any injustice, any tragedy, will just be destroyed in front of me――!! The greatest episode in the series that received great responses even on the Web <Great Spirit Arc> The climax of excitement!!


  • Chapter 39: Escape from Aharthern
  • Chapter 40: Midhaze Infiltration
  • Chapter 41: Between the royalty and the mixed-blood
  • Chapter 42: The Demon King that he believed in
  • Chapter 43: The Investigation of 2,000 years ago
  • Chapter 44: Great Spirit Mother and Demon King's Right-hand-man
  • Chapter 45: Targeted Aharthern
  • Chapter 46: Spirit Forest's Travel Entertainer
  • Chapter 47: Great War Tree
  • Chapter 48: Tear Flower
  • Chapter 49: Blaze Death King's Suggestion
  • Chapter 50: Just like a single sword
  • Chapter 51: Sword's Mystery
  • Chapter 52: Demon Nation without a Demon King
  • Chapter 53: Passing by Travel Entertainer
  • Chapter 54: The Message from 2,000 years ago
  • Chapter 55: Gentle God
  • Chapter 56: Traces of Dreams of Soldiers
  • Chapter 57: A vow
  • Chapter 58: Marriage Righteousness
  • Chapter 59: First Night
  • Chapter 60: And love formed shape
  • Chapter 61: 2,000 years later with prayer
  • Chapter 62: Punishment
  • Chapter 63: The one who controls everything
  • Chapter 64: Hatred in the past
  • Chapter 65: Traitor Sword
  • Chapter 66: Balance of Pride and Love
  • Chapter 67: With her Feelings
  • Chapter 68: Revived Love
  • Chapter 69: Torn Words
  • Chapter 70: To break that fate
  • Chapter 71: Demon King's Authenticity
  • Chapter 72: Misfit
  • Chapter 73: Rumors and Tradition
  • Chapter 74: Demon King's Second Ceremony
  • Epilogue: Demon King's Memory


  • Spirit: Existences that form from traditions and rumors rooted in the world. They cannot perish until the tradition that originated them is completely forgotten, and their existence can only be ended by violating its rumors.
  • Tear Flower: A flower that received the tears of the Great Spirit Mother. If it bears fruit without dying, a rumor and tradition that exists somewhere in the world become a new spirit. The great spirit itself does not know what kind of spirit is born.
  • Sword's Mystery: A mystery that wakes up the hidden power by acting on the source of the demon sword and holy sword. There are various "mysteries" depending on the sword, but their power only appears when they are truly united with the sword.
  • Reincarnate: To be reborn as another creature using the source magic Reincarnation <Silica>. If a person who is not good at source magic is used, neither power nor memory can be completely taken over. Also, in some cases, the person may not be aware until the memory is awakened.
  • Demon King Castle Delsgade: The castle of the Demon King in the mythical age. The entire castle becomes a three-dimensional magic formation, forming the Principle Destroying Sword. The current Demon King Academy was opened using the Demon King Castle.
  • Reason Destroying Sword: The inscription is Venuzdonoa. The greatest and strongest trump card of the Demon King, which reduces the logic that composes this world. Even 2,000 years ago, it was rarely taken out, and everyone who saw the sword must have been destroyed...?




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