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The first part of the fourth volume of The Misfit of Demon King Academy light novel series written by Shu and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma.


The trajectory of the doom that the Demon King of Tyranny carves in the new era, Volume 4 <Great Spirit Arc>!!

Anos stopped the war between the demons and human beings that the Fake Demon King planned. However, suddenly the return of the Demon King and his death was shown, and Dilhade was still in turmoil.

A new teacher who appeared in Demon King Academy as if he was looking at the opportunity. His identity was Heavenly Father God, Nousgalia, pillar of the gods who have been hostile to Anos since the Mythical Age 2,000 years ago.

"Let's give the wisdom of God. Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigoad. A new child of God who will destroy you is ―― in this academy."

If Anos, who destroys even gods, is not excluded, the mythical battle will begin again, immediately!!

An excitement novel that the Demon King of Tyranny crushes all the injustice――Volume 4 <Great Spirit Arc> !!


  • Prologue: Great Mother Spirit
  • Chapter 1: Peaceful Battle - Practice
  • Chapter 2: Good Sake of Victory
  • Chapter 3: Moonlight Blessing
  • Chapter 4: Academy's Exchange Students and The New Teacher
  • Chapter 5: Proof of The Demon King
  • Chapter 6: God's Lesson
  • Chapter 7: God's Speculation
  • Chapter 8: Demons from 2,000 years ago
  • Chapter 9: Blaze Death King's Staff
  • Chapter 10: Confrontation
  • Chapter 11: Cursed Shield
  • Chapter 12: Scarlet Monument King's Stele
  • Chapter 13: Rigid Sword and Flexible Sword
  • Chapter 14: Wisdom Comparison
  • Chapter 15: Demon King's Wisdom
  • Chapter 16: Vassal's Message
  • Chapter 17: Whereabouts of Aharthern
  • Chapter 18: Aharthern Expedition Test
  • Chapter 19: Information Store Girl
  • Chapter 20: Solar Eclipse
  • Chapter 21: How to Make a Fairy Laugh
  • Chapter 22: Spirit's School
  • Chapter 23: Spirit's Mysterious Disappearance
  • Chapter 24: Spirit Teacher
  • Chapter 25: The Great Tree of Eniyunien
  • Chapter 26: Distant Memory
  • Chapter 27: Book Fairy
  • Chapter 28: Demon King's Answer
  • Chapter 29: Guniel's Stairs
  • Chapter 30: Demon King's Luck Trial
  • Chapter 31: Memory Flower Garden
  • Chapter 32: Hero's Skill
  • Chapter 33: Stealth Wolf Genul's Trial
  • Chapter 34: Mysterious Disappearance
  • Chapter 35: Spirit King's Trial
  • Chapter 36: Omen
  • Chapter 37: Approaching the bottom of the Abyss
  • Chapter 38: Trinity


  • Gods: A race that reigns in this world with demons, humans, and spirits. Each person has a certain "order" as their authority and is extremely powerful.
  • Order: The various laws that make up the world, or the power of the gods that keep these laws normal. There are various orders such as “time”, “creation”, and “destruction”, and the same number of gods control them.
  • Spirit: Existence that various traditions and anecdotes rooted in the world have formed as living things. Its power is stronger and more faithful to it as the underlying tradition spreads. It has a true form and a fictitious appearance.
  • Great Spirit Forest Aharthern: The world where the spirits live. Its whereabouts change over time and can only be found by following rumors of the Great Spirit Forest.
  • Four Evil Kings: The four demons in Dilhaide who were proud of the power behind Anos in the mythical age. Each of them reigned as "Blaze Death King, "Netherworld King", Curse King" and "Scarlet Monument King".
  • Avos Dilhevia: The False Demon King imprinted on people's memory during the 2,000 years' time until Anos' reincarnation was completed. Its true identity is Lay = Hero Kanon, but its role should have ended――?




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