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The third volume of The Misfit of Demon King Academy light novel series written by Shu and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma.


The Fake Demon King appears. The trajectory of the doom engraved by the Demon King of Tyranny―― <Hero Academy Arc>!!

The students of the Demon King Academy visit the human country capital to interact with the Hero Academy. But even in this peaceful era, in people's hearts, there is still hostility towards the demons.

In order to measure each other's power, a battle against the academy is held, but the third-year student of the Demon King Academy, who fought before Anos and others, lost before the despicable trap of the hero. Furthermore, the decision made by the Demon King of Tyranny and his subordinates to the heroes who trampled on the honor of the loser is――!?

Then, in front of Anos, the Fake Demon King who witnessed the demons and human radicles that have not healed for two thousand years, finally appears.

The trajectory of the doom that the Demon King of Tyranny carves in the new era―― Volume 3 of wrath <Hero Academy Arc>!


  • Prologue: Hero and the Human King
  • Chapter 1: A Peaceful Morning
  • Chapter 2: Academy Exchange
  • Chapter 3: Demon King's Self-Study
  • Chapter 4: Unique Sword <Sigshesta>
  • Chapter 5: The Mystery of the Hero Academy
  • Chapter 6: Gairadite Expedition Test
  • Chapter 7: Promise
  • Chapter 8: Hero Academy's Tradition
  • Chapter 9: Reincarnated Person
  • Chapter 10: Warning
  • Chapter 11: One Shell Necklace
  • Chapter 12: Unrest
  • Chapter 13: Hero Academy's Lesson
  • Chapter 14: Heroes Confusion
  • Chapter 15: Aggression
  • Chapter 16: Inter-Academy Exams
  • Chapter 17: Holy Light Lake Barrier
  • Chapter 18: Students Wish
  • Chapter 19: Anos Squad
  • Chapter 20: 1088 Barriers
  • Chapter 21: Two Holy Sword
  • Chapter 22: The Ruler of Fire
  • Chapter 23: Magic of Love
  • Chapter 24: Sir Anos Supporting Song 3rd Chorus <Absolute - Demon King>
  • Chapter 25: The Glow of Life
  • Chapter 26: 2,000 years of Hatred
  • Chapter 27: Root Kill
  • Chapter 28: Things Lurking in the Back
  • Chapter 29: What Appeared is
  • Chapter 30: Taboo Magic
  • Chapter 31: Source Mother Womb <Eleonore>
  • Chapter 32: Spirit God Human Sword
  • Chapter 33: Declaration of War
  • Chapter 34: Eve of Decisive Battle
  • Chapter 35: Each Feeling
  • Chapter 36: The Oath of 2,000 years ago
  • Chapter 37: Legendary Hero
  • Chapter 38: Hero vs. Demon King
  • Chapter 39: The Voice of the children resounding on the Battlefield
  • Chapter 40: The Ghost of 2,000 years ago
  • Chapter 41: The End of Hatred
  • Chapter 42: Let the World Be Filled With Love
  • Epilogue: Peaceful Battle


  • Hero Academy: A school for training heroes builds in Gairadite. It is said that the reason why the hero is still brought up in the peaceful "Magical Age" is to bring up the human resources to develop the country.
  • Royal Capital Gairadite: The capital of the human world, located at the center of the human continent, Azeshion. 2,000 years ago, the headquarters of the Demon King Suppression Army centered around the hero Kanon was located.
  • Holy Sword: A type of magic tool that has the same magic power as a Demon Sword and selects the owner. Created by the power of gods and spirits, it exerts tremendous effects on demons.
  • Hero: Among the human warriors, those who are particularly talented and have been selected as holy swords. Hero Kanon was one of them, and there were several other heroes 2,000 years ago.
  • Spirit God Human Sword <Evansmana>: The holy sword of the Hero Kanon, which was trained by a master craftsman, had a spirit dwelled, and was blessed by the gods. It was created in order to destroy the Demon King of Tyranny, and it is said it will cut off even fate.
  • Hero Kanon: A legendary hero with seven sources, who repeatedly fought fiercely against the Demon King of Tyranny 2,000 years ago. However, sometime after Anos' reincarnation, he disappeared.


Adaptation Notes

Differences from the Web Novels:

  • In chapter 8 "Hero Academy's Tradition" the dialogue between Anos, Sasha and Eleonore was longer. Sasha begin staring between Eleonore breast and face which confuse the last one, but Sasha explain her action's by doubts about Eleonore gender cause she use male pronoun "Boku", which rarely used by woman, in her speech. Anos said that Eleonore could use any pronoun she want's not only "Boku" but even "Wagahai". Sasha said that "Wagahai" would be a bit too much and Eleonore agree with her.



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