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The second volume of The Misfit of Demon King Academy light novel series written by Shu and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma.


With the fraudulent Demon King’s trap foiled, peace has been restored...for now. Anos, however, is still none the wiser about his opponent’s greater scheme. Speaking of schemes, the Demon Sword Tournament is fast approaching, and Anos is set up to enter—accompanied by a mysterious transfer student known as the “Demon Swordsmaster.” Is this part of a petty prank on the misfit, or is it another of Avos Dilhevia’s nefarious plots? Either way, Anos knows what to do—cut the crap and crush the competition! Rejoin Anos in the Magical Age for a sword tournament like no other in the second volume of The Misfit of Demon King Academy!


  • Prologue: Demon King's Right-Hand
  • Chapter 1: Unitarians
  • Chapter 2: Union
  • Chapter 3: Half a Demon Sword
  • Chapter 4: The Demon Swordmaster
  • Chapter 5: Demon Sword Training
  • Chapter 6: Lay's Abilities
  • Chapter 7: Skirmish
  • Chapter 8: Spirit Magic
  • Chapter 9: Mythical Sword Attack
  • Chapter 10: The Naked Demon King
  • Chapter 11: Absurd
  • Chapter 12: Mother and Father's Feelings
  • Chapter 13: Misha's Gratin
  • Chapter 14: The Elder Demon Emperor of the Unitary
  • Chapter 15: Misha's Question
  • Chapter 16: Legendary Appraiser
  • Chapter 17: Black Cat in the Cat Cafe
  • Chapter 18: Demon Sword Tournament
  • Chapter 19: True Master Craftsman
  • Chapter 20: Sir Anos Supporting Song Second Chorus
  • Chapter 21: Message
  • Chapter 22: Spirit Disease
  • Chapter 23: Lay's Past
  • Chapter 24: Sheila's Wish
  • Chapter 25: Being Followed
  • Chapter 26: Melody in the Flame
  • Chapter 27: Demon King's Curse
  • Chapter 28: Mother's Words
  • Chapter 29: Cheering
  • Chapter 30: The Final Duel
  • Chapter 31: In the Midst of Settlement
  • Chapter 32: Betrayal
  • Chapter 33: Spirit's True Body
  • Chapter 34: Demon King's True Value
  • Chapter 35: Awful Mask
  • Epilogue: After the Festival


  • Spirit: Existence that various traditions and anecdotes rooted in the world have formed as living things. Its power is stronger and more faithful to it as the underlying tradition spreads. It has a true form and a fictitious appearance.
  • Imperial and Unitary: In contrast to the Imperial, which is as thin as a clan that inherits the blood of the Demon King of Tyranny purely, the Unitary is that all demons are equal regardless of blood. The real power of the current Dilhade is held by the Imperials.
  • Anos Fan Union: A group consisting of those who follow Anos as the Demon King of Tyranny. This is a tentative appearance, and its entity is a subordinate organization of the "Unitary", which is a group of students in white clothes who are dissatisfied with the current situation.
  • Demon Sword: A type of magical tool that is superior in strength and power to a sword and has special effects. The sword itself has its own will and can be drawn out only by a person who finds it suitable for the bearer.
  • Reincarnation: Using the source magic Silica, to be reborn as another creature while maintaining its own source. It takes a great deal of proficiency and some conditions to fully inherit the memory and power of the previous life.




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