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The first volume of The Misfit of Demon King Academy light novel series written by Shu and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma.


Tired of ceaseless war destroying humans, spirits, and demons alike, the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigoad, reincarnates to restore peace. Two thousand years have passed... but who could have known that his descendants' complacency would cause magic to regress so much? After receiving an invitation to the illustrious Demon King Academy, a school tasked with locating the reincarnated founding ancestor, Anos resolves to enroll, only to discover that his magic is off the charts—literally! With power too great to be measured, the former Demon King is branded a misfit. How will he convince demonkind that the school's founder stands before them? Thus begins a misfit's climb to the top of the demon hierarchy!


  • Prologue: Rebirth
  • Chapter 1: Invitation from Delsgade
  • Chapter 2: Inadequate Descendants
  • Chapter 3: Practical Test
  • Chapter 4: The Common Sense of the Demon King, Two Thousand Years Later
  • Chapter 5: Royalty
  • Chapter 6: Forbidden Magic: Origin Magic
  • Chapter 7: Aptitude Test
  • Chapter 8: Admission Party
  • Chapter 9: Demon King's Friend
  • Chapter 10: Brand of the Misfit
  • Chapter 11: Witch of Destruction
  • Chapter 12: Gyze Magic
  • Chapter 13: Team Exam
  • Chapter 14: Power of Another Level
  • Chapter 15: The Necron Sisters
  • Chapter 16: First and Final...
  • Chapter 17: Greater Magic Class
  • Chapter 18: The Secret Art of Necron
  • Chapter 19: Dungeon Exam
  • Chapter 20: Demon Castle Vault
  • Chapter 21: Sasha's True Intentions
  • Chapter 22: Misha's Secret
  • Chapter 23: Round Two
  • Chapter 24: Lie
  • Chapter 25: The Founder's Answer
  • Chapter 26: Keeper of Time
  • Chapter 27: Demon King
  • Chapter 28: Birthday
  • Epilogue: Smile

  • §プロローグ 【~転生~】
  • §1. 【デルゾゲードからの招待状】
  • §2. 【弱すぎる子孫】
  • §3. 【実技試験】
  • §4. 【魔王の常識、二千年後の非常識】
  • §5. 【皇族】
  • §6. 【禁呪・起源魔法】
  • §7. 【適性検査】
  • §8. 【合格祝い】
  • §9. 【魔王の友達】
  • §10. 【不適合者の烙印】
  • §11. 【破滅の魔女】
  • §12. 【《魔王軍(ガイズ)》の魔法】
  • §13. 【班別対抗試験】
  • §14. 【桁違いの魔力】
  • §15. 【ネクロンの姉妹】
  • §16. 【仲直り】
  • §17. 【大魔法教練】
  • §18. 【ネクロンの秘術】
  • §19. 【ダンジョン試験】
  • §20. 【魔王城の宝物庫】
  • §21. 【サーシャの真意】
  • §22. 【ミーシャの秘密】
  • §23. 【二度目の勝負】
  • §24. 【嘘】
  • §25. 【始祖の答え】
  • §26. 【時の番神】
  • §27. 【魔王】
  • §28. 【誕生日】
  • §エピローグ 【~笑顔~】

  • Keywords

    • The Mythical Age: The era of war and chaos that occurred two thousand years ago, before Anos's reincarnation. Demons, humans, spirits, and gods lived in a world of constant conflict, but the carnage between demons and humans was particularly brutal.
    • The Magical Age: The era of peace that followed the Mythical Age. Contrary to its name, magic technology has degraded dramatically since the prior era. Many higher grade spell formulae have been forgotten, with some spells being entirely lost to time.
    • Demon King Academy Delsgade: A school founded with the intention of raising demons of high status to become the next generation of demon lords. However, with the approach of the Demon King's reincarnation, it has also taken on the role of selecting superior demons worthy of becoming a vessel. The building is the same as the former Demon King Castle Delsgade.
    • Beno Ieven: A greater magic spell that the Demon King of Tyranny activated with the help of the Hero, Goddess of Creation, and Great Spirit. This was the spell that separated the world into its respective species, allowing for the two thousand years of peace since.
    • The Seven Demon Elders: The seven demons Anos created from his own blood two thousand years ago, who are now leaders of demonkind. Existences that were created from magic and not domination, as the precursors to a body of his own blood that Anos could reincarnate into.
    • Source: The core of one's existence hidden within every living being. Superior magic users can store their memories in their source and reincarnate with knowledge of their past life. When no physical body remains, resurrection is also possible as long as the source is unharmed.
    • The Demon King's Descendants: Demons who inherit the blood of the Demon King of Tyranny. Only descendants of the Demon King may enrol at the Demon King Academy. Amongst them are "royal" families who procreate only through intermarriage, who are of higher status than mixed-race demons.



    Adaptation Notes

    Differences from the web novel:

    • The original surname of Anos' parents is revealed to be Raizeo, which was changed to Voldigoad since one can apply for a "demon surname" while in Dilhade.[1]
    • More in-depth explanation is given to how Anos was able to hijack Team Sasha's Leaks. Spell formulas can be divided into theoretical formulae and practical formulae. Theoretical formulas are only formulas in concept, thus recreating them in real-time can prove difficult due to the caster's own experience and environmental factors. Sasha's 89% recreation ratio was enough for Anos to intercept her communication line.[2]


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