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Leorg Indu (リオルグ・インドゥ, Riorugu Indu) is the head of the Indu family.


Leorg is a young man with long black hair and has three earrings on his right ear and two on his left.


Leorg is very prideful in being royalty and is ready to even kill his own brother if he brings shame to the family. However, in flashbacks, it implied that he and Zepes used to have a closer relationship.


When they were younger, Leorg used to teach his younger brother swordsmanship with a tree branch; a memory that came to mind after Anos told him to remember their brotherly bonds.


Demon King Academy Arc

After seeing Zepes lose, Leorg decided to kill him for bringing shame to the family. He then went to the arena to face Anos since royals had the privilege to choose their opponents. This caused Anos to mock royalty, which angered Leorg. When Anos said he was the founder, Leorg got even angrier and was joined by the other members of royalty to punish him. However, Anos told them that the four wouldn't be enough to fight him, so everyone in the stand came.

After everyone came to the arena, Leorg wanted to give Anos ten seconds to cast his most powerful spell, but Anos told him he was already too late and everyone's magic started going out of control. Anos then warned them to control their magic or else they will die, but moments later they all explode with only Leorg standing.

As a last-ditch effort, Leorg risked his life to cast origin magic, which destroyed a big part of the arena. However, Anos was unscathed, explaining the secret of the magic and why it couldn't hurt him. Anos then decides to give Leorg an opportunity to meet his expectations and revives Zepes as a zombie, who now had much more power than Leorg. Anos told him to use their brotherly bond and turn back Zepes onto his side so that they can fight him together. But their bond wasn't strong enough and Leorg gets killed by his brother. In the end, Anos uses his magic to revive them, before leaving somewhat disappointed.


See: Magic

  • Demon King Black Thunder <Jirasd>: A powerful black lightning created from within his hand that eventually grows into destructive typhoons. Because it is a spell that uses Origin Magic, it didn't affect Anos since Leorg used the Demon King of Tyranny as the source of the magic.

Weapons and Equipment


Zepes Indu

He holds extreme disdain for his brother due to Zepes' loss at the hands of Anos, believing him to be weak before facing Anos himself. As noted by Anos, Leorg and Zepes do not possess a close relationship, better described as a spoiled child and an angry father.



  • In the anime, Leorg attacks Anos the night after the entrance exam, while in the manga and light novel, he attacks him immediately following his victory against Zepes.



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