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The Book Fairy Leelan (本の妖精リーラン, Hon no Yōsei Rīran) is a fairy that takes the form of 1,799 books about spirits. There is also a different Leelan that contain quizzes instead of information.


These fairies take the form of green books with stick-like limbs. The quiz version is white in color and has a quill attached, which allows students to write directly on it.[1]


While the fairies do not speak, they have shown to have a slightly mischievous personality, as they run away from people who attempt to pick them up, forcing them to chase after them and "seek out" the knowledge inside.


Countless book fairies grow on the trees inside the vast "Book Forest",[2] which is located inside the Great Tree of Education.


After arriving at the "Book Forest", Anos Voldigoad used <I Gneas> to collect all of the 1,799 fairy books and quickly went over them. He couldn't help Lina remember her real identity, but noted that there was a page about the Love Spirit Flan missing.


  • Spirit Knowledge: Leelan contains everything about spirits and their particular origin, though not every spirit in existence is mentioned. It was stated that if one learns all of the information in the Leelan books, they can easily pass Eniyunien's tests.



  • The questions that Eniyunien gives are made with reference to these book fairies.[2]
  • One of the pages about the Love Fairy Flan, located in Book #771, was torn off.


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