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Ledriano Azeschen (レドリアーノ・アゼスチェン, Redoriāno Azesuchen) is the Hero Academy's Rank 2 and a student from the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon".


Ledriano has light purple hair and matching eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses. He is wearing the hero academy uniform. He has a stern expression on his face at all times and carries a book on his right arm.


Despite being one of the more serious members of the Selection Class, his arrogance and stance towards Demons still show nonetheless.



Hero Academy Arc

When Anos and Sasha talked to Eleonore Bianca about the correct history of 2,000 years ago, Ledriano and Laos appeared to refute their statements. They introduced themselves as reincarnations of the Hero Kanon, but Anos shot them down very quickly and called them fakes. Although Ledriano kept his composure, Laos attacked Anos but was easily knocked down by his blinking. Ledriano apologized in Laos' stead to prevent the fight from escalating further, but more importantly to hide their real strength, and they watched as Anos leaves with Sasha.

Great Spirit Arc

Ledriano contacts Eleonore and tells her that they found an old magical tool of Jerga, a old version of <Asc>. They were unable to destroy it, so they decided to bring it to Anos in Midhaze.


  • High Magic Power: Ledriano possesses prodigal human talent in water attribute holy magic. He stated that he and Zeshia are special existences in the Hero Academy, as Ledriano claims that without his limiter, his magic power is great enough to destroy his own body.[2]
  • Barrier Magic: Ledriano is very skilled in utilizing Barriers to enhance and protect himself from other attacks.


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Weapons and Equipment

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Sacred Ocean Guardian Sword <Bailamente>: A blue sword reminiscent of the ocean. It strengthens the magic power of the user, specifically in regards to enhancing barrier magic and water holy magic.





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