Lay Glanzudlii (レイ・グランズドリィ, Rei Guranzudori) is a member of the Generation of Chaos, commonly known as "The Demon Sword Saint" and a transfer student at Demon King Academy. Lay is the reincarnated form of the Hero Kanon.


Lay is a young man with shoulder-length white hair and blue eyes.


Lay is the transfer student with a dignified personality, even though he is called "The Demon Sword Saint". He can use almost anything he calls a sword.


Lay Glanzudlii was born into Yesla family, a renowned family of magic users, but he wasn't able to inherit their magic, so he was branded a failure and cast out. Because inheriting magic is a type of root magic, the children must receive a part from their parent's roots. If it fails, it's likely because there was already a stronger root magic influencing the children's roots, such as Reincarnation <Silica>.[1]

When Lay was 5-years old and all his family expected for him to die, a half-demon-half-spirit woman named Sheila took him to her home and started taking care of him, becoming his adoptive mother. This incurred the rage of the Yesla family, so the two moved far away where they couldn't reach them.

After Sheila enrolled him in the biggest sword dojo of their city, he quit 3 days after because he beat his master.

He started participating in different competitions, but he hardly lost. Due to this, he received the name of "The Demon Sword Saint" and was recommended to the Demon King Academy. During this time, his adoptive mother began to suffer from spirit disease and was admitted at the Lognorth Magic Clinic. While visiting her one day, Lay told her about Anos, the first person who was able to make him feel defeated.


Master Swordsmanship: While Lay lacks any talent with magic, his swordsmanship skill makes him recognized as a prodigy of the highest order. He can wield any sword, even holy swords which normally can't even be touched by demons.

It is eventually revealed that Lay could use magic quite well, but was pretending to be bad with magic so he could hide his holy power.

Weapons and Equipment

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Initio: A demon sword that can cut through magic formations. It was later destroyed during his duel with Anos.

Unique Sword <Sigshesta>: A demon sword that can change shape as one wishes, but it can't cut anything if one doesn't concentrate one's mind on it. <Sigshesta> is the demon sword that Shin preferred using 2,000 years ago.

Spirit God Human Sword <Evansmana>: Among the 88 holy swords, its the one that reigns at the top. It is a legendary sword brought to destroy Demon King Anos. Even the destined destiny can be cut off.



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