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Demon King Anos...I have yet to show you human kindness.
— Lay to Anos Voldigoad

Lay Glanzudlii (レイ・グランズドリィ, Rei Guranzudori) is a member of the Generation of Chaos, commonly known as "The Demon Sword Saint" and a transfer student at the Demon King Academy. He is the reincarnation of the Hero Kanon, who assumed the identity of the fictional Demon King Avos Dilhevia with the intention of dying in order to appease humanity's hatred towards demons.


Lay is a young man with shoulder-length white hair and blue eyes.


Lay is a mellow, friendly and easy going person. Despite being a powerful pureblood demon prodigy known as the "The Demon Sword Saint", he is shown to lack the arrogance shown by other royals as he is very kind and friendly to everyone, including hybrid demons. He is shown to be disinterested in the royalist doctrine, but at the same time time, he is shown to be unwilling to join the Unitary, despite sympathising with their goals and being friendly with several members, as he is shown to consider such things troublesome and merely wants to enjoy living peacefully. Misa states that Ray might be the ideal person for the vision of the unificationists, as he looks at people as individuals and doesn't discriminate against anyone.

Lay has a strong love for swordplay, as ever since he was a child, he was fascinated by swordsmanship. However, after his mother enrolled him in a sword dojo, he quit in 3 days after beating his master. Since then, he continued to continusly win every fight he had, with him growing progressively more bored with battles, as he couldn't go all out and fight a strong and worthy opponent. This changed when he met Anos, who defeated him, as he grew excited for the first time about fighting an opponent.

As the reincarnation of the Hero Kanon, he still carries the desire to bring a permanent end to the Great War between humans and demons, as he was willing to sacrifice himself to put an end to the hatred between the two races and protect the peace that Anos created, as well as Anos from being targeted by humans for revenge.


Lay Glanzudlii was born into a renowned family of magic users, the Yesta family, but he wasn't able to inherit their magic and cast out. This occurred because inheriting magic is a type of source magic, and there was already a stronger source magic influencing Lay's source; Reincarnation <Silica>.[1]

When Lay was 5-years old and all his family expected for him to die, a half-demon-half-spirit woman named Sheila took him to her home and started taking care of him, becoming his adoptive mother. This incurred the rage of the Yesla family, so the two moved far away where they couldn't reach them.

After Sheila enrolled him in the biggest sword dojo of their city, he quit 3 days after because he beat his master.After that, he started participating in different competitions, but he hardly lost. Due to this, he received the name of "The Demon Sword Saint" and was recommended to the Demon King Academy. During this time, his adoptive mother began to suffer from spirit disease and was admitted at the Lognorth Magic Clinic. While visiting her one day, Lay told her about Anos, the first person who was able to make him feel defeated.


  • Immense Magic Power: According to Anos, Lay has an immense amount of magical power due to the fact that he was able to perceive Anos' magic power and remain unafraid in spite of it.[2] Lay was able to continuously supply the Fan Union with his magic to create a giant golem through the use of <Gwyneth>, which he was able maintain indefinitely until the Fan Union was defeated.[3]
  • Immense Physical Strength: Lay has an incredible amount of physical strength compared to other demons. Though it is stated that his physical strength is inferior to that of Anos.
  • Immense Speed: Lay's movements are so fast that Anos stated that he could barely track his movements with his magic eyes.[4] He was able to slash at Anos' cheek with such speed that it couldn't be seen by looking, as he and Anos moved so fast that people couldn't see their match. Lay was able to slash the necks of two Elder Demon Emperors before they even noticed him.[5]
  • Master Swordsmanship: Lay's swordsmanship skills is what made him recognized as a prodigy of the highest order. He can skillfully wield any sword, even holy swords which can't normally be touched by demons. He has demonstrated the ability to pick up multiple demon swords despite them only being able to be wielded if they accept their owner.[6]
    • Enhanced Precision: In his fight against Ydol, Lay controlled his power, angle and aim to a hairsbreadth in order to hit the exact same spot in Ydol's magic sword, destroying it. Lay also demonstrated the ability to deflect Ydol's sword strikes just by using the pressure of his own sword strikes.[7]
    • Growth & Skill Absorption: According to Anos, Lay's swordsmanship skill grows rapidly during battle, as he was to rapidly improve his technique during their clash, such as neutralizing the shockwaves of Anos's blows and adapt mid-battle.[4] He also showed the ability to assimilate the sword techniques of other swordsmen while fighting against them.[8]
  • Resurrection: After his remaining sources returned to him, he regained the ability to resurrect. Due to having seven sources, he can resurrect himself and/or the other 6 sources as long as one remains.

Weapons and Equipment

See: Equipment


  • Initio: A demon sword that can cut through magic formations. While Initio is stated to be a good demon sword, it was stated that it wasn't very powerful by itself, as while it can slash through magic formations, it doesn't mean it can negate all magic, with it being dependant on the user's ability with the sword as it will become a mediocre sword in the hands of a average user. In Lay's hands, it becomes a fearsome demon sword that can defeat both offensive and defensive magic due to Lay's sword skill.[9] Lay demonstrated the ability to lend Initio to Misa and make her the wielder by subjugating the sword and connecting them via <Gyze>.[10] It was later destroyed during his duel with Anos.


  • Unique Sword <Sigshesta>: A demon sword that can change shape as one wishes, but it can't cut anything if one doesn't concentrate one's mind on it. <Sigshesta> is the demon sword that Shin preferred using 2,000 years ago.[9] Lay obtained it after the Magic Sword Tournament, as Anos had bestowed it upon him due to his Initio being broken. Lay was able to master it short during the inter-academy exchange.[11]


  • Spirit God Human Sword <Evansmana>: Among the 88 holy swords, it is the one that reigns at the top. It is a legendary sword created to destroy Demon King Anos. Even the destined destiny can be cut off.
    • Mystery 1 <Sever Fate>: Creates a sword beam that releases countless sword strikes that sever the fate of the person/object being slashed.


  • When introduced, Lay mentioned that he was bad with magic and that's why he mastered the sword.
    • It was later revealed that Lay could use magic quite well, but was pretending to be bad with magic so he could hide his holy power, which would give out his real identity.
  • Lay is stated to be a good liar, as he was able to decieve Anos about his true identity for a long time until the latter notice him knowing about the Azeshion seashell neckleaces, which he shouldn't have been able to do if he didn't rememer his past, thus giving Anos a hint to his real identity..


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