Lay Glanzudlii (レイ・グランズドリィ, Rei Guranzudori) is a member of the Generation of Chaos, commonly known as "The Demon Sword Saint" and a transfer student at Demon King Academy.

He is the reincarnated Hero Kanon.



Lay is the transfer student with a dignified personality, even though he is called "The Demon Sword Saint". He can use almost anything he calls a sword.


Lay Glanzudlii was born into Yesla family. He wasn't able to inherit the magic power from his parents, after that he was branded a failure and cast out. When Ray was 5 years old and all his family expected for him to die, a half-demon-half-spirit woman named Sheila took him to her home where she started to take care of him and became his adoptive mother.

After Sheila enrolled him in the biggest sword dojo of their city he quit after 3 days because he beat his master.

He started participating in different competitions but he hardly lost due to that he received the name of The Demon Sword Saint and was recommended to the Demon King Academy.

In this time his adoptive mother began to suffer from spirit disease.

He keeps visiting her at the hospital and one day he tells her that she has to meet Anos as he was defeated by him.


2,000 years ago, General Jerga, Kanon's teacher, had a deep hatred towards the demons. After Demon King Anos's death, he wanted to set up the Hero Academy to pass his resentment to his descendants. Only Kanon thought that this idea was stupid. He was against the foundation of the Hero Academy until the end. He continued to proclaim that the Demon King of Tyranny wanted peace and that he protected the demons because of his hatred for war, which was true for humans too. He claimed that the Demon King threw away his life to make the wall. However, not many people believed in his claims, even though Kanon was the Hero. They might think that Kanon was kind to the demons, so he wanted to give the reincarnated Demon King of Tyranny a chance to change his mind.

Kanon created the fictional demon king, Avos Dilhevia, for humans' revenge. He then talked and sometimes fought with the demons. Since the demons admired Anos, they understood him better than humans. In the end, everyone believed his words, and decided to forget Anos Voldigoad.

As expected, Anos's confidant, including Shin Reglia, can not forget his name. They reincarnated and moved away from Dilhaide. Even the mighty demons who were in conflict with him before the war promised that they would be quiet until he came back and everything was over.

Kanon fused his six roots with the Seven Elder Demon Emperors. It was their consent to erase everything. If Anos come in contact with the Seven Elder Demon Emperors 2000 years later, he may notice the fusion. The Seven Elder Demon Emperor cannot lie to him, so they hoped to have their memory erased.

General Jerga abandoned his life and entrusted his feelings with resentment, hatred, and revenge against the demons in the magic <Sanctuary Asuk>. Kanon strongly opposed the magicalization of General Jerga. Although few in number, Kanon has some supporters. Perhaps General Jerga thought it could be a mess. Many people want their children and grandchildren to live without hatred. There was a gradual increase in the number of people, mainly those people, who agreed with Kanon. But in the end, they were on the side of General Jerga. With a gap, they killed Kanon.

With the remaining root left, Kanon reincarnated over and over again and gradually gained a body with deep blood from the demons. He became a pure-blooded demon.

2,000 years later, Lay used the Spirit God Human Sword to cut off the fate that Anos reincarnated as the Demon King of Tyranny.

After the school exchange with the Hero Academy, Lay planned to start a war between humans and the Demon King again, but this time, Lay appears as the reincarnated Demon King. Humans' hatred does not disappear, he believed that the struggle continues until either the Demon King of Tyranny or the human is destroyed. Therefore, he decided to be killed by humans, as the Demon King of Tyranny, Avos Dilhevia.


Weapons and Equipment

Initio: A demon sword that can cut through magic formations.

Unique Sword <Sigshesta>: A demon sword that can change as you wish, but it can't cut anything if you don't concentrate your mind on it. <Sigshesta> is the demon sword that Shin preferred using 2000 years ago.

Spirit God Human Sword <Evansmana>: Among the 88 holy swords, its the one that reigns at the top. It is a legendary sword brought to destroy Demon King Anos. Even the destined destiny can be cut off.


Anos Voldigoad

Misa Ilioroagu

Shelia Glanzudlii





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