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Laos Jilfor (ラオス・ジルフォー, Raosu Jirufō) is the Hero Academy's Rank 4 and a student from the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon".


Laos is a tall and extremely burly person with a large physique, red eyes, and a scar on his right cheek. His hair is red on the top and black on the sides, and has a short ponytail. He is usually seen wearing the red uniform of the Hero Academy.


Laos is straightforward, temperamental, and also a bit of a battle-maniac. He speaks bluntly and impolitely. Laos was originally arrogant and narrow-minded until being "educated" by Anos and then Sasha during the student exchange, changing Laos to become aware of the vastness of the world beyond his school.


Lao Jilfor was selected into the "Jerga Kanon" class and changed his name to Laos Kanon Jilfor. With his strong physique and combative nature, Laos favored the position of "Cavalier" within his group.


Hero Academy Arc

When Anos and Sasha talked to Eleonore Bianca about the correct history of 2,000 years ago, Ledriano and Laos appeared to refute their statements. They introduced themselves as reincarnations of the Hero Kanon, but Anos shot them down very quickly and called them fakes. This angered Laos and he attacked Anos, but he was knocked down very easily with the blink of Anos' eyes. Ledriano apologized in Laos' stead to prevent the fight from escalating further, but more importantly to hide their real strength, and they watch as Anos leaves with Sasha.

Selection Judgment Arc


  • High Magic Power: Laos possesses prodigal human talent in fire attribute holy magic to the level of normally wearing it as a flame armor during combat.
  • Superhuman Physical Strength: Laos is very strong physically for a teenager of his age. He applies this strength during close-combat.


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Weapons and Equipment

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Ablaze Holy Flame Sword <Garewford>: The hottest and most holy sword out of 88 holy swords. The magic power of this holy sword even said to be the flame that creates the sun. It enhances the flame magic of the user.


Sasha Necron

The two of them fought during the inter-academy exchange, as Sasha mocked Laos, much to his anger. While it appeared he gained an upper hand in their duel through the use of <Birdesd>, Sasha managed to turn the tables when she revealed that she was able to poison his stolen school badge that he was using to receive holy water from. She incapacited him with her Magic Eyes of Destruction, as he ended up in the hospital after their match.

Emilia Ludowell



  • He was known in Hero Academy as the Destructive Knight of the Holy Flame (聖炎の破壊騎士).[1]
  • When Laos previously held the Kanon name, he believed that he was the reincarnation of the third source of the Hero Kanon.


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