Laos Jilfor (ラオス・ジルフォー, Raosu Jirufō) is the Hero Academy's Rank 4 and a student from the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon".


Laos is a muscular person with a large physique, red eyes, and a scar on his right cheek. His hair is red on the top and black on the sides, and he is seen wearing the uniform of the Hero Academy.




Hero Academy Arc

When Anos and Sasha talked to Eleonore Bianca about the correct history of 2,000 years ago, Ledriano and Laos appeared to refute their statements. They introduced themselves as reincarnations of the Hero Kanon, but Anos shot them down very quickly and called them fakes. This angered Laos and he attacked Anos, but he was knocked down very easily with the blink of Anos' eyes. Ledriano apologized in Laos' stead to prevent the fight from escalating further, but more importantly to hide their real strength, and they watch as Anos leaves with Sasha.


Weapons and Equipment

Ablaze Holy Flame Sword <Garewford>: The hottest and most holy sword out of 88 holy swords. The magic power of this holy sword even said to be the flame that creates the sun.

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