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Krut Ludowell (クルト・ルードウェル, Kuruto Rūdoweru) is the champion of the previous Magic Sword Tournament and a member of the Lognorth Magic Sword Association, a famous group amongst the royal factions.


Krut is described as a long-haired man with delicate features. He has lilac hair and purple eyes,


As with the other royals, Krut appears to have the same level of arrogance towards mixed-blood demons.


300 years ago, Krut defeated Madra Shenson and won the Magic Sword Tournament. During the entire tournament, he didn't receive a single wound.


After waiting patiently for Anos Voldigoad to show up, Krut praised him for not running away. When the battle began, he immediately used his secret technique Water Fang Linked Demon Thrust, but Anos dodged it as if nothing. Krut then became surprised when Anos blocked his magic sword with an ordinary sword, forcing him to put more power into Eishias to no avail. He later tried to use his ultimate secret technique, but he fell flat in his face as Eishias is broken into many pieces. Anos tells him that he casually walked over and slashed him many times. With the destruction of his sword, Krut lost the tournament.


  • Swordsmanship: Accordingly to Anos, Krut is probably better than Gaios Anzem.

Weapons and Equipment

See: Equipment

  • Water Demon Sword <Eishias>: A water sword without a fixed shape, sharp and cannot be destroyed by any demon sword. Its signature move is Water Fang Linked Demon Thrust, where the Water Demon Sword unfreezes and melts back into liquid, and launches at the user's Opponent.


Elio Ludowell 

His father, and one of the Demon Lords. When last minute rules were implanted to prevent Anos from empowering his ordinary iron sword, Krut immediately thought of his father.[1]

Emilia Ludowell 

It's unknown what Krut thinks of her, but she seems to admire her brother very much. When he lost against Anos, Emilia took it upon herself to get Anos disqualified for what she sees as sullying her brother's nobility. And she was willing to go as far as to hurt her own students and Anos' mom.

Anos Voldigoad

Krut initially looked down at Anos for being a mixed-blood demon and for bringing an ordinary sword, but becomes dumbfounded when Anos is able to keep up with him and even overwhelm him.




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