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  • Source: The core of one's existence hidden within every living being. Superior magic users can store their memories in their source and reincarnate with knowledge of their past life. When no physical body remains, resurrection is also possible as long as the source is unharmed.
  • Reincarnation: Using the source magic Syrica, to be reborn as another creature while maintaining its own source. It takes a great deal of proficiency and some conditions to fully inherit the memory and power of the previous life.
  • Reincarnate: To be reborn as another creature using the source magic Syrica. If it is used by a person who is not good at source magic, neither power nor memory can be completely taken over. Also, in some cases, the person may not be aware until the memory is awakened.
  • Order: The various laws that make up the world, or the power of the gods that keep these laws normal. There are various orders such as “time”, “creation”, and “destruction”, and the same number of gods control them.
  • Tear Flower: A flower that received the tears of the Great Mother Spirit. If it bears fruit without dying, a rumor and tradition that exists somewhere in the world become a new spirit. The great spirit itself does not know what kind of spirit is born.
  • Sword's Secret: A mystery that wakes up the hidden power by acting on the source of the demon sword and holy sword. There are various "secrets" depending on the sword, but their power only appears when they are truly united with the sword.
  • Selection Judgment: A ritual of choosing a person who will act as a "lost order" when the gods perish for some reason. Several gods select candidates for each, fight, and compete to become the "substitute".
  • Heaven Pillars Support Sword: Thick bedrock that covers the underground world — a pillar has the order to support the canopy. An important pillar that literally supports the bottom of the earth, where there are several of the same things, and if even one is lost, the canopy will fall.
  • Dragon Nucleus: When a dragon eats multiple sources and gives birth as a new life child dragon, it is a special source centered on the carriage. Due to its characteristics, the dragons seek dragon nucleus, and the person born as a dragon nucleus bears the fate of being targeted by the dragon.
  • Eight Gods' Selected: Those whom a God chose and faced a selection court. Each has a special "Allied Bead" and can increased their power through a contract with a god. In total, as the name implies, 8 people should be selected.
  • Black Sky: A space filled with darkness and starlight far above the earth, above the clouds and the sky. It is a place into which is impossible for beings from earth to enter, where soars the "Gates of God's Realm" which leading to the azure skies of the gods.
  • Gates of God's Realm: A gate leading to the azure skies of the gods, located in the black sky. In the past the gods descent on earth through it, but now it's no longer in use since Anos built the Demon King Castle Delsgade over it.


  • The Mythical Age: The era of war and chaos that occurred two thousand years ago, before Anos's reincarnation. Demons, humans, spirits, and gods lived in a world of constant conflict, but the carnage between demons and humans was particularly brutal.
  • The Magical Age: The era of peace that followed the Mythical Age. Contrary to its name, magic technology has degraded dramatically since the prior era. Many higher grade spell formulae have been forgotten, with some spells being entirely lost to time.


  • The Seven Demon Elders: The seven demons Anos created from his own blood two thousand years ago, who are now leaders of demonkind. Existences that were created from magic and not domination, as the precursors to a body of his own blood that Anos could reincarnate into.
  • Hero: Among the human warriors, those who are particularly talented and have been selected as holy swords. Hero Kanon was one of them, and there were several other heroes 2,000 years ago.
  • Hero Kanon: A legendary hero with seven sources, who repeatedly fought fiercely with the Demon King of Tyranny 2,000 years ago. However, sometime after Anos' reincarnation, he disappeared.
  • Spirit: Existence that various traditions and anecdotes rooted in the world have formed as living things. Its power is stronger and more faithful to it as the underlying tradition spreads. It has a true form and a fictitious appearance.
  • Four Evil Kings: The four demons in Dilhaide who were proud of the power behind Anos in the mythical age. Each of them reigned as "Blaze Death King, "Netherworld King", Curse King", and "Scarlet Monument King".
  • Avos Dilhevia: The False Demon King imprinted on people's memory during the 2,000 years' time until Anos' reincarnation was completed. Its true identity is Lay = Hero Kanon, but its role should have ended――?
  • Gods: The race that controls the world. Each person has some kind of "order" as their authority and is extremely powerful. Most of them are devoid of emotions, but among them there are exceptions - the gods possessing a heart.
  • Dragon: A phantom ancient creature that was almost extinct 2,000 years ago. It is said that those who are eaten by the dragons will be digested without leaving even their sources.
  • Dragon Child: Among the Dragonewt, especially those of the first generation who was born directly from the dragon. The true identity is the sources of those who were eaten by the dragon bundled together and born as a new life.
  • Dragonewt: A different race that lives in the underground world and seems to be close to humans and demons, and it is said that it has dragons as its ancestor. Among them, those born directly from dragons - the generations are called "Child Dragons" and have greater power than other dragons.
  • God of Absurdity Genudunub: The “disobedient god” is said to have once rebelled against the order of the gods. In Giordal, her name is repelled, although she was a god, she was not a target for faith. The Dragonewts who saw Misha and Sasha combined, said that she was the God of Absurdityーー
  • Sorcerer King: The nickname of a powerful demon, known in the mythical age, standing on a par with the Four Evil Kings. He ruled the lands before Anos made Midhaze his stronghold.
  • Spirit of Black Tea Tilmunk: A cup-shaped spirit that turns into black tea if you pour boiling water into it. When you are nervous, this tea has a relaxing aroma, when you are hostile or doubtful it is sweet, and when you are calm it tastes the best - it has taste of wonderful blend of sour with sweet and tangy flavors.


  • Beno Ieven: A greater magic spell that the Demon King of Tyranny activated with the help of the Hero, Goddess of Creation, and Great Spirit. This was the spell that separated the world into its respective species, allowing for the two thousand years of peace since.


  • Demon Sword: A type of magical tool that is superior in strength and power to a sword and has special effects. The sword itself has its own will and can be drawn out only by a person who finds it suitable for the bearer.
  • Holy Sword: A type of magic tool that has the same magic power as a Demon Sword and selects the owner. Created by the power of gods and spirits, it exerts tremendous effects on demons.
  • Spirit God Human Sword <Evansmana>: The holy sword of the Hero Kanon, which was trained by a master craftsman, had a spirit dwelled, and was blessed by the gods. It was created in order to destroy the Demon King of Tyranny, and it is said it will cut off even fate.
  • Reason Destroying Sword: The inscription is Venuzdonoa. The greatest and strongest trump card of the Demon King, which reduces the logic that composes this world. Even 2,000 years ago, it was rarely taken out, and everyone who saw the sword must have been destroyed...?
  • Allied Beads: God's tools that have been used in rituals called "Justice of Vocation" since ancient times. By using this, it is possible to summon gods and dragons, form a pact, and borrow their power. In addition to the "Selection Allied Beads" used in the Selection Judgment, there seem to be beads that can be used by people other than the selector.
  • Anos Stick: A root stick sold in the capital Zechenburg during a short trip to Aharthern. This is a genuine wooden stick, not forged by a famous master, does not have any special magical power and has not received the blessing of God.
  • Creation Stars Erial: The stars in which the memories of Anos are sealed, left by the goddess of the creation, Militia. There are five of them in total and it is believed that they are hidden in the ruins of cities. Why Militia holds the key to Anos' memories is unknown.


  • Royal Capital Gairadite: The capital of the human world, located at the center of the human continent, Azeshion. 2,000 years ago, the headquarters of the Demon King Suppression Army centered around the hero Kanon was located. It was also a military city that was filled with various anti-magic circles and weapons in case of a surprise attack.
  • Great Spirit Forest Aharthern: The world where the spirits live. Its whereabouts change over time and can only be found by following rumors of the Great Spirit Forest.
  • Demon King Castle Delsgade: The castle of the demon king in the mythical age. The entire castle becomes a three-dimensional magic formation, forming the Principle Destroying Sword. The current Demon King Academy was opened using the Demon King Castle. In truth, it is the power of, once overthrown by Anos, the goddess of destruction, sealed in the form of the castle.
  • Underground World: A huge cavern deep underground beneath Dilhaide and Azeshion. Anos also does not know its existence, and there is a country where people called "Dragonewt" live.
  • God Dragon Country Giordal: One of the 3 great countries exist in the underground world. It is governed by the Order of Giordal with the Pope at the top and believes in God, <Almighty Brilliance> Eques. It is a country where Dragonewts live, but the public order is not bad because it is acceptable to demons and humans.
  • Holy City Gaelahesta: Holy city that does not belong to any of the 3 underground world great countries. In the center of the city, which is spread out in a circular shape, is where the Gods' Age Science Temple, Everastoanzetta, located. The War-Free Covenant prohibits any conflicts except within the castle of Everastoanzetta.
  • Dragon King's Country Agaha: One of the three great powers that exist in the underground world. A land of knights who are prophets and ruled by the Sword Emperor. Although they believe in Almighty Sparkle as well as Giordal, God is believed to reside in each person, and they are ideologically opposed due to differences in their beings.
  • Dragon Overlord's Country Gadeisiola: One of the three major powers that exist in the underground world. A mysterious country ruled by the Victory King. It is said that all faith must be abandoned in order to enter, and a person who once entered the country is never allowed to leave the country again.
  • Azeshion: A continent where humans live far from the demon country of Dilhaide. It is a confederation of many states forming the allied nations, one of which is the royal capital of Gairadite.
  • Inzuel: A country of ruins and ancient castles located in the west of Azeshion. Once it was a major nation among whose subordinates there were many outstanding people in the use of magic.
  • Gods' Age Science Temple Everastoanzetta: A sacred castle in the holy city Gaelaheste, which, according to the Dragonewts, is a gift from the gods. There are many monuments inside it, which diligently deciphered day after day by the temple's students.


  • Demon King Academy Delsgade: A school founded with the intention of raising demons of high status to become the next generation of demon lords. However, with the approach of the Demon King's reincarnation, it has also taken on the role of selecting superior demons worthy of becoming a vessel. The building is the same as the former Demon King Castle Delsgade.
  • The Demon King's Descendants: Demons who inherit the blood of the Demon King of Tyranny. Only descendants of the Demon King may enrol at the Demon King Academy. Amongst them are "royal" families who procreate only through intermarriage, who are of higher status than mixed-race demons.
  • Royalty and Unitary: In contrast to the Royalty, which is as thin as a clan that inherits the blood of the Demon King of Tyranny purely, the Unitary is that all demons are equal regardless of blood. The real power of the current Demon World <Dilhaide> is held by the Royalty.
  • Anos Fan Union: A group consisting of those who follow Anos as the Demon King of Tyranny. This is a tentative appearance, and its entity is a subordinate organization of the "Unitary", which is a group of students in white clothes who are dissatisfied with the current situation.
  • Hero Academy: A school for training heroes builds in Gairadite. It is said that the reason why the hero is still brought up in the peaceful "Magical Age" is to bring up the human resources to develop the country.
  • Phantom Knights: A battle group belonging to Gadeisiola. They are not dragonewts but demons, and many heroes from the Mythical Age. It is said that they were originally active on the ground, but――?
  • Phantom Knights Order: A battle group belonging to Gadeisiola, but during the Mythical Age, operating on the surface. The members of the group, like "ghosts", threw away all obstacles and devoted their lives to one single goal.