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My name is Kasim, and two thousand years ago, I was a hero in the Gairadite Demon King Subjugation Army.
~ Kasim to Emilia

Kasim (カシム Kasim?), commonly known as Hero Kasim (勇者カシム Yūsha Kasim?), was a human hero from the Mythical Age. After his death, he reincarnated as dragonewt in the Underground World and became one of the Eight Gods' Selected, with the title of Corrector (調整者 Chōsei-sha?).


Kasim was a well built man with ash blonde hair and green eyes. He wore armor and carries a sword on his waist.


Originally, Kasim was a brave and courageous person whom many considered a hero. He said that he would renounce his feelings and greed for the sake of defeating the Demon King and becoming a true hero, bringing peace to the world. However, Kasim's personality would gradually change when the legendary sword Evansmana chose Kanon instead of him, growing jealous towards the former and starting to sabotage him. Kasim would begin to try to undermine the heroes and spread stories about how a weakling cannot become a hero and even sow discord into the Demon King Suppression Army at the height of the Great War.

Despite his boasting about his superiority to Kanon, he has no problem in exploiting whatever he can to make himself stronger, such as his use of the power of the gods, while at the same time criticizing and demeaning Kanon for supposedly not relying on his own power alone and relying on others. He is also shown to be a coward at heart, as he tried to use Syrica to reincarnate in order to escape the consequences of his actions, leaving a lump on Kanon's heart; and again when Anos cornered him and started torturing him during a nightmare-induced simulation that Anos created, where Kasim was chosen by Evansmana and led the humans against Anos.


Like many people at the time, Kasim enlisted in the Great War in order to fight against the demons who were threatening humanity, soon rising throughout the ranks and becoming a hero. He demonstrated great talent at swordsmanship and hero magic, and many considered him as the natural choice to lead the Demon King Subjugation Army against the Demon King of Tyranny. However, despite his abilities, he couldn't wield Evansmana, which instead picked his fellow student, Kanon, as its wielder and made him the new leader of the Demon King Subjugation Army.

As a result, Kasim grew jealous of Kanon's fame and achievements and undermined him at various opportunities. Even when Kanon and Jerga discovered Kasim's actions, to which he confessed to and then fled, he continued to tarnish the reputation of the heroes wherever he went. Eventually, the two cornered him and tried to stop him, but they engaged in a fight where Jerga seemingly destroyed him. However, Kasim reincarnated and was eventually reborn as a Dragonewt in the Underground World.


  • Immense Magic Power: Kasim is a powerful human due to being a hero who was stated to have great mastery over magic, being superior to Kanon early on and being considered stronger then him, although both were inferior to the likes of their mentor Jerga early on, who supposedly destroyed Kasim for his betrayal. After his reincarnation as a dragonewt, his magical power further increased. He could further amplify his power by possessing the power of the Heavenly Gate God Catenamira, which would greatly increase the amount of magic power he had.
  • Immense Physical Strength: As a dragonewt, Kasim has a great degree of physical strength. He can further enhance his physical abilities via Asc, as he demonstrated the ability to briefly overwhelm Lay in a blade-lock and throw him aside.
  • Master Swordsman: Kasim is a master swordsman, as he was stated to be a superior swordsman to Kanon when they were younger. He demonstrated his prowess by easily overwhelming Ledriano and holding his own against Lay, who is Kanon's reincarnation. However, Lay soon easily overwhelmed him, demonstrating his own growth and told him that Shin was a much tougher opponent then him.


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  • It was stated that Kasim was the person who was meant to lead the Demon King Subjugation Army due to his superior swordsmanship and command over holy magic but was passed over in favor of Kanon due to his inability to wield Evansmana.


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