Jerga (ジェルガ, Jeruga) is the general of the Gairadite Demon King Subjugation Army and the King of Gairadite 2,000 years ago.



Jerga has an intense and burning hatred towards demons. The hatred is all-consuming and blinding. He claims that his hatred is that of all the humans, however, he has no problem killing multiple humans if it means getting his revenge.


Jerga was the teacher of Kanon. Jerga held a strong grudge against demons after the death of his wife and child. In one incident, the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigoad, came to Azeshion to advocate peace with Kanon, but Jerga interrupted their conversation and attacked Anos, only to get gravely injured.

Even after the wall was made and the Demon King died, Jerga's hatred hadn't changed. He believed that the battle would not end until the Demon King, as ell. So he set up the Hero Academy to pass his resentment to his descendants. Kanon was strictly against the academy and its purpose, wanting peace with the demons. The tensions between the two almost resulted in a civil war between the humans, which each side having many allies. However, Jerga waited for Kanon to drop his guard, and killed him, and in doing so, made sure that his hatred could be passed on. He altered the written history to make sure demons were viewed as cruel and evil.

But he was afraid that people would still forget their hatred of demons. So, at the cost of his life, he transformed his root into two forms of magic. One is the magic Sanctuary <Asc> and the other one is the magic Root Womb <Eleonore>. He managed to fuse his own root into <Ac>, resulting in anyone who uses it sharing his feelings of hatred and resentment towards demons.


After Deigo is defeated and abandoned by his army, he casts <Jerga>, allowing Jerga to resurrect into his body. Lay attempts to kill him, but he explains that, as his body is made of holy magic, he can't be killed by <Evansmana>. Jerga then attempts to detonate all 10,000 of the Zeshia's with <Gavuel>, but he is stopped by the fused Sasha and Misha. He waits until they run out of magical energy before trying again, only to be stopped by Anos who cast <Rivide> to stop Zeshia's time. Anos quickly destroys Jerga's origin with <Bebbzud>, but Jerga immediately reforms. Jerga then uses <Asuk> and <Jerga> to forcibly drain the hope of the subjugation force to strengthen himself. After absorbing enough power, Jerga transforms into a huge man in a suit of armor wielding a holy sword. He attempts to kill the group but is distracted by Misa's <Fuska>. Jerga injures Anos, damaging his origin, but Anos immediately recovers, having healed his origin with <Agronemut>. Jerga attack Anos again, letting it slip that he knows about Venuzdonoa.

The fight is interrupted by Lay, having gotten all 7 of his origins back. The fight continues. Lay cuts off Jerga's arm with Evansmana, shocking him, and Anos reveals that he summoned the castle Delzogade to the battlefield. Anos taunts Jerga. The living magic is then cut down by Anos with Venuzdonoa and Lay with Evansmana, losing his power. Anos then explains to him that while his hatred went into <Asc>, his desire for peace went into Eleonore, leaving him in emotional conflict. Anos tells Jerga that he remembers killing his family and used <silica> to reincarnate them. kills Jerga with Venzudonoa, using <Silica> on him as well.



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Jerga bet the future of humanity on Kanon, believing him to be the only one capable of defeating the Demon King of Tyranny.

Anos Voldigoad

Jerga utterly despises the demon race, especially the Demon King of Tyranny Anos Voldigoad, whom he blames for the death of his wife and child. Anos, in return, replies that Jerga wasn't the only one that experienced tragedy, as Anos was born from his mother's corpse after she was killed by humans.





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